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The Vito Betrayal – Day 4

Insanity had done it, he had made the life work for him, of course, not everything was good and fine. He had been dealing with some uptown Vegas punks and they decided to try and rob him, they didn’t get very far, in fact, they had been busted up and thrown onto the street, being left as a reminder of fucking up in his state or even, his home city, Vegas.

After that, he had taken a few calls, dealt with some things, and would meet up with a family head from one of the outside families. Apparently a family friend from Sicily, the Pavanno’s, they were thinking of branching out and getting his blessing, something that was on his mind, they were old-timers but recently, they had fallen on some hard times and wanted to bring their name to mean something again.

He agreed to meet ’em for a dinner meet up at Tony’s Steakhouse, as he stepped out of the car that night, he was immediately fired upon, multiple rounds of an M203, his driver burned rubber and made sure to lose the fucks. Hoping to give his boss some time to get back to the HQ before something really bad happened, yet there was a roadblock…

Multiple gunmen, got out from the alleyways and from behind the roadblock, backing up…the driver was fired upon and his head fell forward, the honk sending out a warning for all civilians to rush and duck to their homes immediately…

Sending a quick prayer to his beloved, Ares/Insanity had stepped out of the car….first bringing out his .44 and killing a few of these rookies, he was not going to make the thing he was some dog, he was not an easy kill for some mustache Pete Bastardo! With a roar, he continued cleaning house until…he well lost all of it and twenty bodies littered the ground…..

“VITO! You fuck, get out here, I know you set this up, come on and greet you Jared Leto Joker!”

And so the mastermind stepped out from the shadows, he didn’t even look like a young Marlon brando…he just looked fucked, his chair messy and unkempt, his eyes wild and somehow focused, yet the intent behind them…it was clear that he was not going to be looking for some peace, he wanted war and Insanity was the first on his list.

One-Shot…Two Shots…Three Shots…and he was still standing, Ares looked down at the holes in his body, the blood pooling and soaking his white shite, almost turning it into a blood-red wine shirt and his eyes soon became focused as a rage-filled him, tackling
Vito to the ground with the intent of murder!

And punches were flown, some landed and others did not, yet all the remained was the blood and roars of the men fighting in the streets before Vito could put Ares out of his misery, the God of War had reached for his piece, almost firing, only to try and reload and that was it……

A squelch and a groan of pain from Ares as he looked up into the eyes of Vito, his would-be murderer, the bastard really was trying this….he was sending a message that he was back…


And like that, darkness swallowed the God of War…

The Vito Betrayal – Day Three

Sometime between August 11th – 21st

“So you called me and I arrive, you tell me that he’s back and yet you went to visit him in The Bahamas or was it Guam? Tell me, Ares, what the fuck were you thinking?”

A glass of bourbon in hand and a sly smile playing at his lips, the Olympian boss had to make sure that he played this right. Royce Gambino was more or less, a man who was recognized for his prowess as the leading the highest killing regime in the American Mafia, Murder Inc, supposedly, murdering over a hundred thousand people, rumour has it that Royce has killed half or more of those targets, bodies yet to be found as well may add to such a tally…

“I don’t know, I gave him a chance, like you, I wanted to see if this man could do what was right for once. He set up his own goddamn crew, He gave me his word, and now it seems like it is headed down a path for fuckery….Tell me, Roy, what am I to do?”

The head of Murder Inc gave him a smirk, shrugging his shoulders as if to say ‘build and let him handle it’ but that didn’t make him any better, Roy, at times was a hard man to get ahold of. He didn’t want to test that reliability when it came down to a bullet in his chest or head, either was bad enough for the young Don.

“You build this country up, I have New York as my territory. Take Nevada, you seem to love it there you fuckin’ pest. Don’t worry, it’ll all be good and if you need help, I’ll be sure to send ya to the best doctors in the country. Make sure that the coma you’ll be in is nothing more than just that.”

Chuckling, Ares raised his glass towards the Murder Inc boss as he had no clue what would be coming for him tomorrow, well…it was surely going to be something as it was the day that Vito would strike out and attack him and ORagnar…

The Vito Betrayal – Day TWO

Sometime between August 11th – 21st

It was established, Vito Corleone was in all words a rogue element and a man out for anarchy. None supported this more and called for his death then Diabolik, a man who, like Ares/Insanity, sought to bring about the renaissance and unlike many of the other advisors of Insanity, he was not someone who was looking to bring Vito in on such a plan, in fact, it was only two days after Vito’s public return to the world that he would find himself in the compound of The Olympians, sitting in the parlor discussing it with Ares, Aphrodite, and Vincent.

“He is a fucking psychopath! HAVE you seen the way he talks Ares!? He is not someone who could talk to a three-year-old, let alone a fucking boss….this cannot happen and I won’t let it, either he dies or we all do! SHIT! Even Ric, you remember him right, don’t you!? You remember the discussions Jiggy had right!? He was there, you read his journal and you want this little rat sitting with us at the table!?”

Ares sat there, he took the abuse as he watched the boss of La Stidda speak with his bodyguards backing him and he knew the man was fearful, pissed, and crazed. Everyone was, Vito had been in a coma for five times, supposedly the doctor’s were not meant to keep trying to get the person back to the land of the living. Yet here they stood, it was surprising, to say the least.

“Bol, listen to me. Vito Corleone is not a threat, I spoke to Royce Gambino…I spoke to Gunnz, I contacted Tropiana. I called in a lot of old favors, he is not getting past us at all! Even if I die brother and my wife here has to stand in my place, the Olympians will not fall. And Vito will not be the one to bring us down, I am rebuilding this society from the ground up and the one thing that is going to stop me is if another regime comes in to kill me itself!”

Ares roared back at the American Mafia Legend, the reports had said that tension was high between the two and the trust with Vito had caused a slight break in their established alliance that had been building steadily within the last few days. Yet here they were now, arguing over life and death with the head of the Olympians opting to keep the terror alive, for now.

The Vito Betrayal – Day ONE

Sometime between August 11th – 21st

Vito Corleone had returned back to the American Mafia via a relative of his and it soon became less of a problem to the then leader, Ares who would soon change his name to Insanity. It was something that no one really expected and it had the ally, Diabolik scrambling ready to fire shots at the ‘Opposition’ and while Insanity had understood the man’s reputation like Royce Gambino had tried to do, he gave the man a chance.

Something that is said to be a dead-on bad choice. It was clear soon enough down the line, Vito wished for anarchy, he wished for the tumbleweed era that had been there before and he wished to rule over the dead. It was something that Insanity knew not, he kept to his businesses and established himself as the next head of this little thing of theirs. He had no time to worry about the pest of a man that had finally gotten out of his coma.

Vito Corleone had soon spoken with the regime head, Insanity. Establishing that he wished to work with him, discuss business, and soon become allies that would bring the American Mafia to a new front, a better front for all parties involved. And Insanity was down for it, raising a glass in cheers to the man and patting him on the back.

“Aphrodite,” The then god of war would call, looking over to his wife and asking her over to introduce the love of his life and woman of his desires to meet their newest ally. She walked over with a calming grace, her eyes meeting Vito and for a moment, she stopped, leaning forward to delicately shake his hand at the time.

She would whisper in her beloved ear and he nodded, smiling all the same as if it was a private thing between lovers. Yet the conversation was not that, Ares kept up the facade and nodded as he would turn to his Warlord, Vincent Valentine, and gesture for him to keep an eye on Vito.

With that, Ares had established himself a great ally on the surface obviously. He kept all his smiles to himself, yet the way Aphrodite clung to him the rest of the night, their hands seemingly itching for their pieces as they kept themselves occupied with speaking with the other guests of the party, it was clear that their trust in the Old Godfather was gone, Vito Corleone was being watched and by all of ‘The Olympians’

The Establishment of the American Mafia Commission?

In recent moments, there has been a slight increase in the meetings between Spaceman and his allied partners, those being men like Diabolik, Geralt, and Royce Gambino, it is suggested that these men might just make up the new regime of the American Mafia. With an apparent head being the medical Director himself, Spaceman. It is not stated that such a group has formed again after years of inactivity and lawlessness in the land of the American Mafia.

Yet the rumors cannot be denied, are Spaceman and Co looking to cement themselves as a new regime in the American Mafia? It is said that his family, known simply as ‘The Commission’ has had a recent growth spurt in membership, especially in the loudmouth known as a Jiren, a man that was served with a cease and desist by the FBI and CIA, telling him to refuse with his actions of badmouthing their hard work.

Others are seen in the form of Jack_Ruby and Frank_Carter, maybe this is something good for the American Mafia to see and use, to make sure that the new world they are building is seen loud and proud. It is not something that can be denied. The growth and desire of power from many of the former mobsters and possibly deceased relatives of former regime heads may have a few heads circling and it is going to be a wondrous time to see if Spaceman, Royce, Diabolik, or anyone else may just react to such news of this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I suggest keeping your heads low and wear a mask you asses! We all need to keep safe during these times, have a drink at your local pub or perhaps, stay at home waiting for your next dose of the AM Times, it will be a full-packed night of things that we have planned to show you here tonight.

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for The AM Times

West Coast, East Coast or …

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the shift, it is usually split, West Coast, and East Coast. The difference is shown and we have seen that in The Outfit, and then we saw it in some other regimes as well. The Bigger fish, the bigger men were supposedly in control of these states, yet something else has happened here. Something….much more central, with the controlling power being the commission, someone would think they would take a few states that they would stick themselves to a few spots only.

Yet that is not the case, they have taken over, quite dominantly as well. They are seen to be taken over and this has been seen in their moves, the ways they move about the board, and how they have now continued to bring in some soldiers from former families. It seems to be a play for something here but nothing has been seen on the streets and with the only conflict being of worthy note is the Corleone-Olympian War, it is said that peace is quite rightly back on their minds.

With the recent leave of Jaskier, Spaceman is seemingly performing well in his duties but now one thing remains, once he has enough members within The Commission it is said that his plans are changing greatly with giving a little more leeway to his chairmen, Wishing them to begin a little family of their own, in their own cities and have something to build off of that.

Spaceman is said to be issuing a new building for The AM Times, being its current Editor In Chief after approaching Shadow’s reps for a meeting about having a new and fresh look for the news company.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is all the time we have today and we hope you find a little hope in the new regime known as ‘The Commission’

Healing and Dealing, rumored reports….

Leo Spaceman or commonly known as Spaceman is said to be the current head of The Commission, there seems to be a lot of conflicting reporters, some stating that Taiga and a ruling panel of Chairmen rule the regime that has taken the American Mafia by storm…especially after the conflict with Vito Corleone who assaulted and led….a somewhat stupid and then some assault on the ideas and rebuild of the American Mafia Commission.

It is said now that Leo is currently in talks with Benny Noodles, Royce Gambino, and Gunnz Lucchese. He is trying to bring each of the heads back to the ways of the American Mafia and trying his best to bring about a new and powerful regime that does it’s best to try and support the new and upcoming mobsters with little problems. It is said that Benny Noodles, wherever he is currently located is thinking on it, according to his representative who was seen outside the offices of Spaceman.

Royce Gambino and Gunnz Lucchese are said to have already discussed such matters with the man himself, he has their support and already they are seeing such fruit return for their labor. Within a few months, it is said that Spaceman has some plans to split up the various states that The Commission has secretly acquired over the last few months.

With the current guidance of Spaceman, it is said that the American Mafia may be on course to a brand new and golden age. Reminiscent of the Michael Corleone era, a bold claim but one that he seems determined to see through, no matter what he may suffer or have to go through to achieve such a powerful collective of soldiers, chairmen, and heads.

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for the AM Times.

Jaskier Steps Down, and Leo Spaceman steps up!

Jaskier is said to have finally stepped down, believing himself unsuited to the position that he was given within The Commission. Already holding such meetings, his beliefs are not unfounded, a bard in the rumored ruling mafia family? That is something that never be expected and yet here we are today ladies and gentlemen.

In his place, Leo Spaceman, going by Spaceman in the Underworld has stepped up as the new ‘Director’ of The Commission and he is ready to lead and it is said that the eccentric man is somewhat…different to the mobsters of today and his position allows him to be someone completely different in the new society that he finds himself thrust in.

His beliefs as a so-called medical professional have him in a position that not many in the medical profession would find themselves in and yet here he is, leading the group known as The Commission and becoming a pseudo ‘Godfather’ and perhaps permanently a figure in the underworld for years to come.

With his position as Director secured, he is said to have the backing of Taiga, Vincent Valentine, and the chairmen. Of course with these many changes, it is said that they have come to expect the revolving door on the position. It is said that bets are already taking place on the next Director of this little group.

I, myself have two million dollars on Spaceman being ousted or found on a street corner begging for some meth in a few months…who am I kidding!? I give him six days at best.

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for the AM Times

Jaskier’s State of Mind

In the recent days, we have seen The Commission go through some changes with the Speed Demon, Zoom. Traveling elsewhere into another…earth it seems and coming out with Geralt of Rivia, the man who would soon come to be known as the new leader of the Hitsquad for The Commission.

Jaskier has stepped back into the states and has held meetings with his chairmen, Vice President, and Commander in Chief. It is said that the hits from Gerard are slowly lighting up but are expecting are bigger hit soon enough.

In other news, associates of Gerard are returning to the world and in big news, it seems that the Pavanno Family, the Sicilian bosses are considering coming to these shores. In new times considering certain things, stating that they had fled elsewhere considering threats on their person.

Jaskier in recent days is said to be announcing something soon, a departure from this way of life. He has seen into the bellies of many men this week. He knows that he cannot continue on with what he has been planning to do and so he is ready to apparently hang up his impressive lute and mind for business.

More in this story soon enough, in other news, his great friend and loyal associate, Doctor Leo Spaceman. A man who does not have the best reputation with the law in any capacity it seems but it is said that he may be the man to handle Gerard and his man.

More on this story later as it develops…

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for AM Times.

Commission-Lucania War

It was the 25th of August when the first shots were fired at Jaskier during a concert he was playing at, and it was revealed, the gunman was Rudolph Lesk, a hitman for the Lucania Family who operated in Sicily, one of the former older factions that disliked this Commission forming under a joke of a man that went by the name Jaskier.

Don Gerard Lucania is said to be leading the family in all matters of importance, including this one. War for the ages, it is said that this is for the honor of the chosen society. That Gerard is already here in the states and setting up his very own states, taking some from Jaskier and giving the people a new life, one that is meant to be shown by the honored society.

It is already said that Jaskier has met with his people and discussed the plans, what is next for them. Perhaps he is to call in an ally in Royce Gambino, perhaps Gunnz Lucchese or another person of renown. Yet this seems like a problem for The Commission to handle alone and only the higher-ups.

Jaskier is already taking a step back from his career as a man of the musical arts and has been taken to his private compound in The Bahamas, managing his empire from far away while having his Chairman, Zoom, keep an eye on things. Zoom, being the old-timer and perhaps the one to appeal to Gerard the most, it seems like this is the best way to do things.

Regarding the attack on Jaskier, people have given conflicting statements. Some stating that Rudolph was Hispanic, caucasian, and some even saying Asian. Yet it seems unclear but what is known is that Lesk is still at large and is considered wanted by the FBI, ATF, And CIA for his threat and known affiliations with various international criminal organizations.

Taiga and Vincent Valentine are the ones leading the war against Gerard Lucania, a man renown for his ways of getting into the heads of his enemies and with this threat inside their borders, just how will these two adjust as their boss comes to terms with what he is now involved in!?

More on this story as it develops!

Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for the Commission-Lucania War!

Jaskier shot at!? Commission responds!

Playing a show in Kentucky is meant to be calm, friendly and somewhat desirable, yet nothing of the sort even happened there. Jaskier, the new leader of the Commission was rushed away from the scene by his security team when shots were fired upon them by someone in the crowd, soon followed was a lockdown of the area and five people injured.

Jaskier was immediately driven off to his backup location, which is currently unknown, he is being flown out of Kentucky and to a safe house somewhere else in the states. It is said that Taiga and Vincent Valentine have both spoke with the political members of Kentucky Society seeing what the problem was and how such a thing could have occurred.

Zoom and The War Council were called in immediately within an instant, their private companies of soldiers and associates were seen driving around Kentucky, taking care of business, securing their pieces of the state and knowing that this was going to be a long night. It seems that the situation is under control for now.

Yet the question remains, who had the balls to take a shot at Jaskier and then leave without a trace? This story will be watched closely, ladies and gentlemen!

But it is already seen, this is an act of war!

– Rodney Grace, Private Reporter and writer of the Jaskier Pieces.

Toss a few points to your Bard?

Jaskier, The Noble Bard is someone that came to our offices today, and with his head held high, he discussed what he wanted for the future of the American Mafia and to the surprise of many others. He donated over fifty billion dollars to the AM Times, believing that now was the time for everyone and he meant EVERYONE to start getting the news. He wished for everyone to read what was coming in the next few weeks.

“I want people to see that we’re not what you paint us to be, we have lives, we have guilt, and sometimes we do things for our loved ones because family and bond demand it. It is not always because of pettiness or simple jealously but this is it, the life we lead, and I have walked it plenty of times.”

Those were the words of the noble bard, he never denied his involvement with the chosen society but he never truly denied it either. It seems as if the man is being a bit playful with us here at AM Times but maybe this is just the nature of the man himself. How he needs to be to protect those around him.

“Listen, I do not want you to paint me as the bad guy because I am not that. I’m someone who holds the hearts of his family and wife in his hands and wants to make sure that I come back home and give them hope in their hearts. Is that criminal, is that something that should be debated and I should be thrown in jail for? No, never.”

He said it clear, he wishes to return home to provide something for his wife and family. It is indeed there and maybe that is all that is. Nothing more, nothing less.

….Or is there more to the bard himself?

– Heather Polstern, Reporter For The AM Times, Writer for Commission and Jaskier involvement pieces.