The Day It Came Together – Vito’s Last Stand

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Buggz Hotel, Early Afternoon.

Sometime between August 11th and August 21st

It is often recalled that the moment where a Regime Leader, a boss of all bosses calls for the heads of all the major families that he is powerful, he is the one with the biggest gun, the one who could deal without blinking. Yet when Leo Spaceman did not, he was not that, he was simply, A Boss. Not The Boss, yet they came to him and they regarded him with some respect. It was like the calling of the Five Families, all of them came together as he sat in his chair, his advisor, Vincent Valentine standing behind him with Taiga sitting at his side.

From Rhode Island came the Lucchese Crime Family, Gunnz Luchesse sat there watching the other men with a modicum amount of respect and Spacey knew that was the best he could from the man, they had barely known each other. Regardless if he had been a relative of Jigzz Barzini, once the Street Boss and a Head Capo with the main Barzini Empire.

From New York came Murder Inc, Royce Gambino was a man of power and it was no doubt that a majority of the room knew the other. It was very clear that this was going to be a completely different kind of society, Royce seemed to have mellowed his age, yet he still had the same calm look on his face and you would think, he was not a killer. Simply a regular businessman, yet the look in his eyes, the age in them, it was clear that he had worked hard to get where he was.

From Illinois came La Stidda, Diabolik had heeded the call and decided to come in support of his friend, yet it was a rumor that he would drop his banner and decide work under Spacey as a Chairman. It was not decided yet but from the rumors of the Underworld, it seemed to be true and it was very clear that he was feeling a bit weary with all these men from all the cities coming forward.

A Maryland mobster had come in to represent Shadow, better known as Benny Noodles. It was okay with Spacey as he knew Benny and would be ready for the man to return to the honored society eventually and maybe that day would bring about a lasting peace between all the factions.

“You know why I called you here, all of us, every single one of us has felt the annoyance and somewhat powerful shove from the man calling himself Vito Corleone. We knew him as Bonnie at one point, a rogue who decided to become a once in a lifetime delusional bastard. Here we have seen his sheer fuckery, we have seen him have chance after chance, he fucked it up more times than Jiggz Barzini did once upon a time.”

Royce and Gunnz, along with Spacey shared a brief chuckle while the rest of the parties involved simply waited for him to continue as they knew that this was not a laughing matter but simply a brief pause to go into his reasoning behind calling them all here.

“We know that he has killed some of your best associates, we know that he has done heinous things to the pillars of the American Mafia. That is no longer going to be acceptable, Vito Corleone and his bloodline are no longer welcome to our society. They are going to be driven out for the damage and the violence that it has wrought on us over the years.”

To say that some of the parties here at the moment were surprised would be wrong, some of them were smiling that finally, someone did it, that they were truly and ready to drive Vito out. Chance after chance and he continued to be a nuisance, it was time that his actions had consequences.

“From this day forward, Vito Corleone, his associates, and allies, along with businesses will be ripped from the soil of our society. Wherever he may be hiding out, he will be killed and he will be given the worst punishment that the American Mafia can think of.”

He raised his glass in cheers to all of them, thanking many of them for coming out here today. It was the truth of the matter. It was finally time, Vito would no longer be welcomed onto these streets.