Dark Ages – Legendary Loss Of Life

There has been a huge loss of life! Many high-profile American Mafia legends have been slain. Police have zero leads so far but they merge the public to come forward with any info by contacting crime stoppers.

Word on the street is a man by the name of Lucky Luciano has made his presence known by showing up on the streets of AM. He showed up with the oldest son of the late and great Benny Noodles. With his recent passing, we have had sources come forward with info regarding the AM Underworld. sources said that the word on the street is that luck has come to America to finally establish some order around here.

Lucky Luciano is from the old country and has traveled to America in search of the American dream! His goal is to build a commission that would rule over the underworld. Consisting of the top five strongest faction leaders, the commission will be the governing body of the American Mafia, with the AM Supreme High Council acting as the commission’s high court.

We have to admit this does sound like good news and would explain the recent current events that happened. There was a total of 17 American Mafia Legends slain this last week. It would make sense that a power struggle happened and the winner must have taken control of the underworld. This explains a lot actually and we have to say this has to be the truth behind what’s been going on in the organized crime world.

Top figures and legends such as The Joker, Royce Gambino, Mickie-Fratesi, Gunnz Lucchese, Mr_Diabolik, Boyesey_Barzini, Scarface Camonte, Joey-Ravioli, Al_Zapponi, Mr Crowe, Don_Drew_Reynolds, The-Dubliner, -The-Game-, Taiga, and Little Joe have all perished this week. All we can say is that Mr. lucky has been declared the new ruler of the AM Underworld and has started building his new world order.

Our sources tell us that Lucky Luciano & Benny Noodles Jr. has established the new world order as of March 1st, 2022. They established the American Mafia Supreme High Council, which is the supreme high court of the A.M. Commission. The commission is the governing body of AM, and consists of the top five strongest faction leaders of AM. That means the commission can only have 5 members/commissioners total.

The Commission will supervise the AM Underworld and maintain order. The High Council supervises and advises the AM Commission and consists of at least 7 members/chairmen. The council’s purpose is to make sure that the AM Commission reigns supreme over AM for all eternity. They are guardians in a sense and can help facilitate the transfer of power if, or when it happens between the commissioners and their opposition.

Our sources also detailed a few of the killings to us which pretty much told us who the killer ultimately was. We realized that one man was responsible for all 17 deaths. He was none other than Lucky Luciano. He made the move to establish his rule over AM and cement his legacy. He will forever be remembered as the one who started this thing of ours in this new age/era of AM. All who come after will look back at the man who came before and when they do they will see Mr. Lucky Luciano, the founder of the AM Supreme High Council & A.M. Commission.

Our source told us about the death of Royce Gambino. It was in his family compound in the early morning of February. The killer specialized in stealth so he snuck in past the guards, slowly walked up to Royce’s master bedroom. There lucky stood just a few feet from Royce, watching him sleep. He slowly walked up to him and whispered “gotcha” and he squeezed that 9mm with a silencer so soft his bodyguards had no idea.

Some would say what he accomplished wasn’t thinkable, nobody would ever imagine it could ever be done. Later that morning The bodyguards were shocked to see their boss, their godfather dead, soaked in a puddle of his blood. They immediately got a hold of The Joker and informed him of Royce’s death. He was livid and he vowed to get revenge against lucky. Lucky is always two steps ahead however and was ready for any retaliation as he vowed to take out the Arkham Asylum.

It wasn’t long after that Lucky caught up to The Joker and did him the same way he did his right-hand man Royce Gambino. After putting everyone down Lucky began to build up. After building his new world order he opened the doors to anyone who wanted a piece of the action. The underworld under Luckys regime’s reign looks promising, offering growth and advancement.

Mr. Lucky Luciano welcomes everyone to the new era. He is welcoming any and all Mafia bosses to contact him to apply for a seat at the big table. There are seats available at the commission’s table as well as the high council’s table. Just know that the council only accepts former ruling kingpins of the American Mafia. If you haven’t ruled AM before then you haven’t earned the right to sit at the high council’s table. The commission welcomes the top five strongest faction leaders. Contact Mr. Lucky Luciano if interested.

We can only hope that the killing is over and that no innocent people get hurt. So far there haven’t been any innocent casualties. We can only hope that things remain this way. This has been the AM Times saying to all of our reporters and employees out there in the field, to please be careful, and stay safe. Thank you, America, have a nice day!