The Union – Striking Out

The Commission Compound, Nevada

“Find him, now. Khaos doesn’t leave here alive, and find those two traitorous bastards…do you understand LaRocca?

Her right hand nodded and she knew that it was time, Liliana was not going to stand by and allow this to happen. Her Sicilian mob would not be standing traitors and people who tried to push them out, with a snap of her fingers, they stormed the compound, and yet they were not prepared for what awaited them…

Dozens of guards fired at them and they were outnumbered, yet Liliana already knowing that there were plenty more guards around them decided to toss a grenade into the compound and she knew it would have killed a few people. She and her men stormed in, already firing upon the guards who remained, deciding that this battle was worth more than a simple few guards.

“Khaos! We can end this now! Come out and face me like a man or does Taiga have your balls in her purse as they say!?”

She tried goading him, she wanted him to lose it and only got more gunfire from his guards in response. She felt ready to die today but she knew that was not going to be happening, with LaRocca and his guys finding another way in, there would be a time for her to kill the Godfather in another moment. For right now, she wanted him dead….she wanted every single piece of him gone from existence.

And so she did it, she loosed a few more bombs and they would find their mark. It was carnage and yet the man she wanted was not out here, he was hiding inside this dump. Without another word, she motioned for her guys to fan out. Time to end this little farce of a regime, with a grin stretching out upon her lips…..

She shot a few more bullets and she heard the dying groans of the commission guards around her, the way she felt the power seep into her bones was something she would never get tired of. Her brother really needed to get his head out of his ass, ever since he finds out about his….puppy eyed crush of a woman, he had been something of a wreck. She hoped she could find something to give him, this life was it. Fanta or Sona or whatever the heck her name was, she did not need to be something he kept his love for.

She tore herself away from that memory, her brother was safe for right now. He would not be safe from that retaliation if Khaos survived, she stepped through and came upon the meeting room, at gunpoint was her favored LaRocca. His men had been killed as Khaos stood with his .44 in hand and she knew that he would not hesitate to fire that her way. She stood, silent and observing.

“I thought that we had an understanding, Liliana. Your family was once a dear friend to Insanity and Spaceman. They were our allies, yet here I stand and you wished for a fuckin’ war. You have no idea what you’ve done right now, I don’t have the means to even see you as a threat to me. I’m giving you one chance, release your control of the Sicilian Mob, now.”

A smirk twitched at the corners of her lips as soon enough, she herself raised her gun and shot LaRocca herself. He fell dead and before any one of them could even ask a question, she simply shrugged her shoulders.

“I know you Khaos, it’s going to be war and I know what happens next. Death or fleeing the country…let’s see what happens shall we?”

Khaos wasted no time, immediately firing at her as she dove for cover…her men finding her predicament had started covering for her exit. Little did they know that their boss was escaping, forgetting about them and focusing on herself only as she had plans to make…

FUCK! The Commission was going to be a thorn in her side before she could truly make plans to take over and bring the bastard Khaos to die with a bullet in his dome…

Liliana had arrived at her car, she met eyes with Khaos as he watched her from the window. He did not smirk, he simply nodded and that was when she knew…..

This was far from over.