Corleone Commission War

The Commission Compound: Las Vegas, Nevada – 3:40 am

Sleeping in the joint rooms of her husband and herself, Aphrodite did find herself looking up at the ceiling. He had been gone for an unusual amount of time, he was on business, supposedly. She was worried, her guards were stationed around the place and would inform her of something. Yet all she would hear was the patrolling footsteps of her men walking back and forth around the compound.

And all too soon, her bedside phone rang and she calmly picked up the phone, noticing that it was Ares’ number calling, it was certainly something for her and what she said was terrifying, the pure and psychotic voice that came down the line was something out of a horror movie.

“Well Well! Goddess herself, Dite, it’s nice to hear you breathing again…I guess I’ll be changing that soon, you see, Ares is dead and soon enough, so will the remaining members of your bullshit regime. You think you can topple me!? ME!? I’m VITO BLOODY CORLEONE! I Make the rules and my rule is that you die with your husband this day, have a nice time….”

Aphrodite had little time to respond, Vito hung, leaving little time for her to even realize what he said, yet nothing else was needed as she soon noticed something….her curtains were open….what the fu-

And like a rainstorm, bullets fired upon the newest boss of the Commission, she ducked down, getting down quick enough to notice that her bed was already littered with holes and she found herself clutching at her pistol before crawling across the floor, opening the door and finding the guards, they each had ducked as well, she motioned for them to patrol, gather everything…it was time to evacuate for now.

She knew Vincent was somewhere, the man had been dealing with some business but with it only been them for a while, she would have to wait for some news on Ares, he was someone that was important to her but especially the future of the American Mafia and its control would/could not slip with what was happening here.

“Brutus! Hurry up and get here now!”

She was in a hurry and she knew whoever Vito had sent was not going to be coming back here, the men were on alert and they were on a war footing. Now was not the time for things to be kept on the down-low, now was the time for action.

Soon, her bodyguard rushed through, helping her up and getting her go-bag…The Cars were being pulled around, things like this were not something that had them running, no they understood their roles and it was too protect the new boss. They would think about Ares later, for right now, he was not the man that needed such protection, it was Dite.

“Call Valentine, get him updated, now is not the time for action….get a hold of him quickly, fuck knows what he might be doing right now…we need to make sure he’s protected as well…”

Little did Dite know, the Commander in Chief would begin his own bloodbath for that day, the slow and meaningful tearing down of the DeMeo Organization, the escalation had just begun!