The Union – A Plan

The Republic Social Club, Nevada.

“He didn’t go for it and I have a feeling that he would never go for it, ever. He believes in his world of being the one to bring the American Mafia back from the brink, he wants to save it from itself and what it could possibly become under a tyrannical leader. He doesn’t see himself in that way, he wishes to be someone that he is not. A leader, a Godfather and someone to bring the renaissance into the American Mafia. That is not going to be happening.”

That cruel smirk that lit up her features was something that many of the people surrounding her found cruel, unforgiving and very mean. It was something that most people would run in fear from, Liliana was ready to burn them to the ground if it meant getting rid of her opposition, that was the part that scared them and made her rise up in the form of the Boss of all Bosses.

She could and would take risks, she would desire the loyalty of all her associates if it meant that they would do anything to secure the assured destruction of their enemies. She was the leader that they needed in this time and age, it was not the moment where Barzini’s ruled with an Iron Fist or where Corleone’s rose from the ashes and became a truly dominant force. It was moments like this that reminded people where mobsters got their balls and their word from.

“The Ruling Panel or whatever High Council it is called will be brought in and destroyed. I do not care what it takes but when I say that this business is taking precedence, I mean that and it is not a simple word or a little meaning that takes no bearing on what we, the Sicilian Mob, wish for. The Ruling Panel will be brought down, they will be made to submit because they are not of the noble and true blood that I was brought into this life for, from this day, the Ruling Panel and its allies are our enemies.”

At the bold declaration, everyone looked at her, the way her bodyguards stood at her side. Many of them wished differently, many of them knew that leaving her alone would result in their own deaths at her hands. So they would do what they did best, they would plot and eventually rise up to take this bitch out, cause no way were they going to fight when peace and picking them apart from the inside was an option for all parties involved.

To say that Liliana was surprised when many of them didn’t rise up and leave would have been wrong. She was not, she knew the game and she knew that her name held much weight. She was the granddaughter of ‘Old Man’ Pavanno who governed the commission, she was ready for the threats to her reign as a leader, always.