The Union – A Meeting of the Old Country

Unknown Location, late at night.

“We’ve sat by and allowed the man known as Khaos to gather his power and become something out of our control. From the times of the AMFU, Outfit, even the NCS. We had a hand, without them even knowing it and now we have them not following our advice or rules. It is time we change that, from this day forward, the Ruling Panel inside the states is our enemy and a threat to the chosen society and we must stamp it out before it grows out of our control.”

A random Mobster spoke, a cigar rolling between his fingers as he decided that this was going to be the best for all the parties involved. It was time to get out there and begin a reshuffling of their organization, starting with Khaos, Shadow, Royce, and Gunnz. Three of those people were enemies for a long time, only to now come together again!? That was bullshit on all their parts, it was not going to be good enough for them.

“I’ve spoken with Khaos, he’s in charge and does not seem to be a figurehead like former mob bosses for the American Mafia Regime. A council, a ruling panel, a high council, I don’t give a flying fucking rat’s ass what it wants to be called. This is not the chosen society and how we do things, my great-great-grandfather died for this business we call our livelihood. La Cosa Nostra is a secret, the way Khaos is out here in these suits and putting on a show, it isn’t right and one thing I will not support.”

Surprisingly, it was the well-known leader of this faction, Liliana Pavanno, who spoke. Her voice was heard by all the men as she leaned forward, her eyes boring into those he did not wish to listen to the opinion of a woman, one that they would all have to listen to soon enough, It was well known that the Pavanno’s were the toughest and out of every single mobster, were the ones who still kept to the code.

“What Khaos is proposing goes back to the days of the Gotti-Gambino regime, something that I will not allow. We have taken our businesses elsewhere, we have consolidated power within England, Ukraine, Russia, and Asia. We have influences everywhere and yet we have been pushed out by the likes of Benny Noodles, Michael Corleone, Royce Gambino, LeftyTwoGunz, Mickie Fratesi, Al Zapponi, and lastly, Khaos. These men took power by any means, intrigue, brute force, connections, and business. They consolidated that power by having the backing of their subsidiaries and took over the united states without another single body being dropped in their era.”

And no one could deny her words, they had taken and consolidated power elsewhere with plenty of means. They had done business, yet America was now out of their control. Perhaps the other factions were right, it was time…