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What Now?

With the recent death of Black Hand Kingpin/Supervisor Tommy Karate, many people may be wondering what is in store for the people of the American Mafia. Sources in the FBI and DEA state that Tommy was killed in Rhode Island where he was trying to set up a drug distribution network focusing on heroin, cocaine and marijuana. They say Tommy and his bodyguards met unknown distributors in a local deli to negotiate a deal when eye witnesses say they saw a group of men in black masks run into the deli with AK-47s and open fire on the group. Tommy Karate was hit five times, four bullets went through his chest and one went through his left eye. The dealer he met managed to escape with his life, but he was critically wounded from multiple gunshot wounds. His whereabouts are currently unknown and police are searching for any clues that might lead to his apprehension. Tommy’s crew of bodyguards were also killed during the assassination and according to witness reports, they were caught so off guard none of them were able to even get off a shot.

Many sources have theorized a local drug gang hatched the assassination plot to target the drug dealer and that Tommy just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught in the crossfire. There are, however, several other sources who suggest the hit was a carefully orchestrated operation that was carried out by members of the Barzini Crime Empire or even possibly rival members within the Tommy’s own Morello Family who were looking to wrestle control of the organization’s leadership and drug trade. Whispers have also been heard suggesting members of the League of Shadows or Black Hand might not have wanted Tommy expanding into Rhode Island and chose to send a message to the rest of the underworld that Rhode Island is off limits. With so many conflicting theories about the reasons for Tommy’s murder, fears of a new war popping up to fill the vacuum left by Tommy’s death is a real possibility. It has been suggested that a war may occur not only to claim leadership of the Morello Family but also their massive drug empire.

As of press time it is unknown if any blood relatives of Tommy’s will be stepping in to claim the Morello throne nor is it known who has assumed the vacant leadership position. Tommy had no known blood relatives in the United States, so it is assumed there will be no challenge for control of the criminal organization by a member of his family. The AM Times is currently trying to find answers from our Underworld sources, but up until now all those who have been approached have remained tightlipped. Tommy’s death also appears to have left the newly reformed Black Hand without an official leader and our attempts to determine who will fill that role has also been met with deafening silence. Speculation is that relative newcomer Jackal has taken the reigns of the Black Hand, however considering the complete lack of information surrounding the subject it appears some of the most powerful mobsters in the country may be involved with the whole situation. The only explanation for a complete lack of cooperation by our sources in the Underworld is that there exists a true fear of death should it become known that information was spilled, and only those at the pinnacle of the American Mafia possess the clout to instill that kind of fear.  We will keep you posted should any new developments emerge, until then we can only offer theories.

As always wish you all stay safe out there, especially with a possible drug war right around the corner! We’d also like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and again hope you all stay safe! Until next time, keep your heads low and activity high.

Rise of the Manu Niura

With the constant changing environment in the American Mafia, it seems a new force has risen from the ashes of the most recent warring. They are rumored to call themselves “The Black Hand” or in Sicilian, “Manu Niura.” The group had long been believed to be defunct, but it seems the group is reemerging with it’s original members or perhaps as a collective of groups of mobsters who had long been in hiding out of fear for their lives. Rumors coming out of the underworld seem to portray the current atmosphere within the American Mafia as the perfect storm for the reemergence of this group who are known to specialize in extortion and sporadic murders.

While they’d historically been a loosely organized group, the word on the street is The Black Hand has become more organized and is believed to be strengthening. It is purported that Morello Family Boss Tommy Karate is the group’s current spokesman and leader. It is unknown if Tommy is the true power or if he is just a figurehead and front man for a more powerful mobster or mobsters. Whispers suggest that The Black Hand falls under the immediate influence of the Bad Company Regime which is currently controlled by infamous mobster of many names Negan aka Chapo Guzman aka The Joker. According to our underworld sources, Negan has been waging an all out war with the Barzini Empire and its allies and as a result of a few small territorial gains, outfits associated with Negan have begun to act more brazen in the face of struggle.

As a method of recruiting, Tommy has sent several of his own men out as ambassadors of sorts to the other American Mafia families in an attempt to gain support and possibly even join The Black Hand. Tommy is promoting these alliances as a way to help bring order to the American Mafia, but as history has taught us, where there may be order one day, the next day can bring chaos. As of press time it is unknown if any families have accepted the invitation to join The Black Hand, however we do know many citizens are curious how this group will fair in the days to come. Will they rise quickly? Will they fail in their quest? No one is certain as of this moment, but with Thanksgiving coming around the corner we are hoping that mobsters will be able to enjoy a peaceful holiday with their loved ones and that peace will ring in the New Year.

With that said, we wish you all a very Happy and Health Thanksgiving and who knows, maybe a few turkeys will “fall off a truck” and land on your dinner plates! We hope you all enjoy your holiday

Morello Family Expansion

Thomas “Tommy Karate” Morello is a known Australian crime boss, believed to have links to the Calabrian clans operating in Italy. He’s known as a top narcotics man with links to Colombian drug cartels and is rumored that he and his crime family dominate the cocaine market in Australia. This lucrative business is reportedly making him millions due to the high price of cocaine, but with the heat from both local and the Australian Federal Police increasing, he’s decided to move his operations to the United States.

Rumor is that he arrived in New York City within the last few weeks and is using his connections to bosses in America to set up a new base for his own Crime Family that was reportedly set up with a handful of loyal men he brought with him from back home. Though he portrays himself to be a legitimate businessman with interests in construction, trucking, shipping, as well as owning multiple restaurants and grocery stores, the Feds in New York and back in Australia believe these businesses are all fronts set up to provide him with a method of showing a legal means of income as well as to launder his money and transport his drugs easily across the globe.

One of his men, Frank LoCascio, has been seen roaming the predominantly Italian neighborhoods of New York, such as Howard Beach in Queens as well as Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, attempting to recruit men for the Family. With things at the moment seeming relatively calm in the streets of the American Mafia, newer Families are starting to appear and are hoping to carve out a piece of the pie and possibly become one of the top dogs on their own! We will keep you all updated as things continue to progress and will be there to keep you informed on the latest breaking news as it happens!

Santo’s Return?

Word has been spreading around lately that Santo Trafficante Jr may be coming back to the streets of Florida! Many of the old time members may remember good and bad things about the infamous mobster. With times changing in the country it may be a surprise to some that Santo makes a return.

Though some may not be familiar with the Mafioso’s name, his contribution to the American Mafia has certainly been more significant than you might believe. Santo was the man who introduced infamous mobster LeftyTwoGunz to the underworld and acted as a mentor of sorts to Lefty during his first few months in the American Mafia. Not only was he a onetime mentor to one of the most powerful mobsters in the history of AM he also was well known for his abilities as a mediator having been responsible for initiating some of the most significant peace talks of his time, including some that most thought impossible.

We asked the originally Tampa based mob boss what brought him back, and he had this to say, “I’ve been gone for a LONG time now cause of old grudges and many other reasons, but recently I heard about all the fireworks going on in the country, and I wanted to come back to see if I could help fix the problems for the good of the American Mafia. I’m coming back from my long retirement not looking for fame or glory; I simply decided to come back to help the people of American Mafia in any way I can and hopefully help AM thrive again.”

We also asked Santo if he has any plans for the state of Florida being that he can trace his roots back to the Sunshine State and it had been his main focus and favorite place to relax. Santo replied to our inquiry by saying, “Who knows, maybe I’ll go back home and try to set up shop back there again, but we shall see!”

We appreciated the rare opportunity to speak with one of the nation’s active mobsters and want to thank Santo Trafficante for the interview. At the conclusion of our meeting he carefully shook our hands, put on his fedora and his overcoat and walked outside to his Cadillac and was driven off by an unknown bodyguard. Who knows what will happen next with Santo Trafficante back on the streets of Tampa but we will keep you updated! Until next time folks, stay safe out there!

CrackHead Found Dead In Spring Hill

Today September 7th in spring hill Florida a local crackhead known as Jagodic10 was found dead in a abandoned house. Police say he could of been used as a testing tool for criminals as forensic tests show a number of bullets where shot into him including one bullet unknown to any gun known that could be a new military weapon.

It is believed he might of been lured into the abandoned house and shot in the head point blank range. Forensics also show he could of been killed between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. The individual was known to be crack cocaine user and most likely was getting his cocaine from dangerous criminals.

Captain Luis from the spring hill police explained that the victim knew the people and was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the suspects took a opportunity to carry out the crime unfortunately he died in a viscous and terrible way.
Residents heard gunshots in the area at the around 8.50pm and it lasted for a while who ever carried out the killing was enjoying themselves. Crime like this is not unheard of in AM it’s like a hobby for these people.

Our reporter tried to talk to local residents but no luck we also tried to contact underworld figures to see if they had any info on this crime we where lucky but did not want his name used but he gave us this statement

“Who the hell cares it was a crackhead that no one f?!!ing cares about even the police won’t bother investigating that shit it’s a waste of there time bet the police are happy one more nuisance is off the streets.”

LOS “Black Out” Ends Quickly: True Colors Yellow?


Late breaking news!! The syndicate known as the League of Shadows has reportedly fled the country in fear of retaliation from the Barzini Empire and Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz. Recent travel logs show that every high ranking member of the self proclaimed “silent assassins” have fled to various islands around the globe and are reportedly now retired. The exodus of The League apparently came about after feared Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz nearly killed League of Shadows leader Chapo “The Joker” Guzman and also called out the rest of the clan to face him like men instead of running and hiding. The Joker is reportedly recuperating in an undisclosed location on a deserted tropical island in order to stay off the grid, and to date, the rest of LOS have not stepped up to Lefty’s challenge. Underworld sources report that after word spread about Joker’s near death the rest of The League quickly followed Joker’s lead and ran rather than fight. Several members were unable to make it out of the country however. FadeFrenzy, a reputed League of Shadows Captain, was gunned down in broad daylight in the street of Oklahoma. Police sources report that they have no solid suspects, but it is believed Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz or new Barzini Empire Captain Bigshow were the ones who pulled the trigger. With no witnesses willing to come forward the case has turned cold. With this kind of violence spilling on to the streets it was feared a major gang war was on the horizon, but with reports of no LOS members in the United States it appears that the two year Barzini stranglehold on the underworld rackets will continue. Sources close to high ranking LOS members say that LOS is merely regrouping and forming a new strategy and will return to fight another day, but with the ENTIRE organization’s retirement, popular opinion is that LOS is actually hiding in fear. Only time will tell if the bitter feud between the Barzini Empire and the LOS clan has finally ended or will once again flare up. Stay tuned to find out!



The over hyped brief territory skirmish that LOS Leader Benny Noodles dubbed the “Black Out,” has come to an abrupt end. As can be seen above, the US is once again bearing the Barzini Green that has been a familiar sight for the last couple years. Reports state that upon Benny’s return to the States, he met with the ruling panel of the Barzini Empire (LeftyTwoGunz, Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Gunnz Lucchese, Mr Texas and Lazarus Barzini) and made peace with the feared Mafiosi and both parties agreed to drop old feuds and focus on the future. The truth of the matter, however, was the peace agreement was simply a ploy and Benny had no intentions of honoring his word. Shortly before New Years Eve, while the majority of the American Mafia was taking time to enjoy their families and the holidays, Benny and his LOS goons launched a sneak attack on the Barzini Empire and briefly managed to claim some Barzini Territory. The unprovoked attack caught many by surprise, however the response was swift with several high ranking LOS members losing their lives in retaliation for the losses suffered by the Barzini Clan. After erroneous reports of the murder of Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese were published in the AM Times, the Barzini Empire responded by targeting infamous underworld figures such as StephenT, Pyrexx and FadeFrenzy. The truth of the matter was Gunnz was indeed severely wounded in a gun fight with Benny Noodles, but managed to cling to life and has reportedly made a full recovery. On the other hand, all three of the aforementioned LOS members were murdered by several Barzini members and the Barzini Organization slowly retook it’s territory back, once again turning the map the familiar green most have come to recognize as the norm.

Some controversy also erupted after the murder of the LOS members. One example being LOS’s attempt to claim StephenT had Benny Noodles kill him to maintain his honor. The AM Times has since discovered security camera footage of Stephen’s murder and it appears to show infamous Barzini Empire Underboss and Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese shooting Stephen three times in the back of the head. The footage is not clear enough for Police to make an arrest, however it does indeed seem to prove Gunnz killed Stephen, rather than the propaganda story that Benny had done it. The three LOS mobsters were all declared dead by ER doctors but the LOS financial machine managed to bring in well known specialists who were able to successfully revive the three mobsters. Pyrexx quickly left the country before he could be killed again and StephenT was forced to leave the country after a major skeleton in his closet became public forcing the American Mafia to expel him permanently. FadeFrenzy wasn’t as lucky as far as staying alive goes, after first being killed by Barzini Empire Capo Bigshow and then being revived, Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz managed to catch up with FadeFrenzy in Oklahoma and killed him in a hail of bullets. Lefty also managed to find The Joker’s hideout in Colorado and had shot him multiple times, however The Joker managed to barely escape just before Lefty would have killed him. These events snowballed into the rest of LOS running for the hills making many wonder if there colors should actually be yellow rather than black.

Since the departure of the entire LOS Organization the American Mafia has been relatively calm and quiet, eerily quiet, and this reporter believes that it’s only a matter of time before another war flares up. Who will be the instigator? Will it be another round of Barzini vs LOS? Could famed Corleone Legend Michael Corleone return to attempt to reclaim his throne like some underworld rumors have stated? Will there be another holiday massacre, perhaps on Easter? Only time will tell what will happen, so stay tuned and until then keep your heads low and your activity high. Stay safe out there!

AML Gunned Down!

Greetings American Mafia. We are reporting some recent events that have happened lately. Mr Benny Noodles one of the infamous contract killers and leaders of the league of shadows has murdered an American Mafia Legend in cold blood!

Gunnz_Lucchese was gunned down early one morning on January 10th, 2016. It was about 2:00am as Gunnz was exiting a strip club in Brooklyn, New York. The legend made his way to his bulletproof limousine, staggering as he tried to shake off the alcohol.

He entered his limousine and motioned the driver to take him home. As the alcohol kicked in Gunnz began to fade away in a deep sleep.

The limousine made its way down a dark ally and slowly came to a stop.

The driver locked the doors. Gunnz who was startled when the doors locked quickly opened his eyes. He seen Mr Benny sitting across from him in the limousine.

Benny had his 45 pointed at Gunnz before he had awoke. As Gunnz opened his eyes Benny fired three shots hitting his target in the chest, neck and head. Benny had the limousine loaded up into a tractor trailer and Gunnz was never seen again.

The Kingpin of The Lucchese Crime Empire was pronounced dead after an extensive search for his body was conducted and came up with no leads. Mr. B also killed a few low ranked Lucchese members basically wiping them out completely.

Afterwards Benny had taken his wife Tatiana Noodles on a vacation to the Virgin Islands. The two spent 30 days in paradise watching the ocean.


Show Down In American Samoa 


The National Crime Syndicate Boss StephenT who was thought to have been dead made his return to the scene on January 14th, 2016. Benny had set it up so that the Kingpin/Supervisor of The Yakuza could take a little trip to pay YungLean a visit in American Samoa.

The American Mafia Chairmen sat next to a pool at a hotel. He was sunbathing his pale white butt cheeks before the sun went down. StephenT made his way from the airport to the hotel. He walked right up to the chairmen. The two had agreed to a duel.

YungLean was surprised to see the man he was just talking over the phone with was right in front of him. Starring his target down StephenT quickly pulled his weapon and fired several bullets into his target, leaving him facedown and motionless.

StephenT not wanting YungLeans buns to burn kicked him into the pool, cooling them butt cheeks. It was between 7:30pm and 8:00pm when YungLean was murdered. StephenT denied him his last meal as he killed him just before he could have dinner.

StephenT made a phone call to Mr Benny and The Joker letting them both know the job had been successful. Not wanting to waste his trip StephenT made the most of it as he went surfing and went sight seeing around American Samoa.


The League Strikes Again!


The League strikes again as FadeFrenzy a National Crime Syndicate Boss attacks The Barzini Crime Empire. FadeFrenzy arranged a meeting with Mr. Benny. He was ordered to visit the states to kill some low ranked members of the Barzini. The main target was Barzini’s Federal Boss Xylophone-Barzini.

After the meeting Fade left Benny’s compound in a good mood. He got the authorization he needed. Fade found out that Xylophone-Barzini was in Maine. He quickly paid Xylo a visit and after gunning his target down he drove off on his Kawasaki motorcycle laughing. Fade drove all over the United States killing about ten low ranked mobsters of the Barzini Empire total.

Fade was stopped in his tracks when he was shot by a Barzini National Crime Syndicate Boss by the name of bigshow. A new face on the scene he has been operating the Barzini Delta Force for awhile. After Fade fired on the man he fired back, striking Fade with a bullet or two. Fade fell off his motorcycle and laid on the pavement motionless after a violent crash into a parked car.

Bigshow left immediately witnesses said to police. Fade was seen by witnesses fleeing and was no where to be found when law enforcement and medics arrived. An extensive manhunt for Fade and bigshow was issued by the FBI. Anyone who has any info or details leading to an arrest is urged to come forward.

Until next time American Mafia.

Be safe out there.



Twas The Night Before…

Twas the night before Christmas and a man by the name of Fade was getting ready for his holiday season as he randomly went on a killing spree one day catching the majority of American Mafia by surprise. Attacking any and all mafiosi he happened to run across. He didn’t discriminate as multiple gangsters from all the top empires, Barzini, Lucchese, and Noodles had fallen victim to this random massacre.


Everyone was doing the holiday thing and nobody who could handle this event seemed to be present. LeftyTwoGunz was away handling things so he called the two men he could count on to take care of this situation. Benny Noodles and Ric received a call from Lefty and they quickly got to work. Searching into the next morning which was Christmas Eve.


Mr Benny still on the hunt arrived in Los Angeles, California that morning following a lead that his target Fade would be there. As Benny headed towards his destination he received a text message updating him of Fades location. He pulled into the harbor and searched for warehouse 18. He eventually found it and noticed two box trucks parked at the loading dock. There was two all black sedans parked on the side and a man smoking a cigarette.


Benny sat in his car scoping out the warehouse. All appeared clear. Once the man smoking jumped in his car and left Benny exited the vehicle and made his way to the side door of the warehouse. Once inside he made his way up the flight of stairs to his immediate left. Down the hall he slowly walked with his gun in hand. With the silencer attached Benny wanted to be quick so he could make his 12 o’clock lunch appointment with Mrs Tatiana Noodles. If he missed this lunch then it would be the couch or the dog house for Benny.


A door opened and out walked two men. Benny quickly jumped into a storage closet and stayed quiet as the two men walked by. They was headed to the vending machines. With lunch quickly approaching and Fades two body guards distracted Benny jumped into action. Kicking in the door Benny emptied his clip. Fade with his quick reaction time pulled a gun and fired back. The 45 caliber rounds hit fade in his chest pushing him back into his chair, and rolling across the floor. The chair continued to roll until he smashed through the window and fell two stories onto the concrete. Benny loomed down to make sure the job was done. He took a quick picture with his phone and sent it to Lefty.


Benny made his way back to Maryland just in time for lunch. With nearly two mins to spare he arrived cool as a cucumber. Tatiana smiled and kissed her husband as he seated himself. How was your day love? Benny replied “Smashing”

American Mafia Trivia Contest

Hello Everyone!

The American Mafia is proud to present its first annual American Mafia Trivia Contest (AMTC)

This is a Q&A type of activity for all players to participate in. You can earn game money, items and points as a reward for answering questions correctly. The rewards will be specified on top of each trivia quiz.

The American Mafia Trivia Game will be a weekly event lasting all week long. After 7 days a new set of questions will be posted, allowing players to earn rewards.

You can only participate in this activity once a week.

Make sure you are logged in the game first, then submit your responses once per week.

Do you think you know everything about the Mafia? Let’s see if you really do.


Legends Reunite

It’s November 25th, also known as Thanksgiving, as everyone sits down to a superb holiday meal it seems all anyone can talk about is the recent murders that had taken place on the streets of American Mafia. MrDeath & Scarface attacked known members and affiliates of the Barzini & Lucchese Crime Empires. Many low ranked gangsters died along with a handful of high ranked lieutenants. Rest in peace to all those who have lost their lives; they have been lost but not forgotten


The subject of the gossip soon changed when a familiar face appeared. Spotted on the downtown streets of Baltimore, Maryland was the notorious Benny Noodles. Word of this had got back to LeftyTwoGunz, the Boss of the Barzini Empire and current de facto Kingpin of AM. The last time these two had seen each other it wasn’t very pleasant.


After hearing this information, Lefty called Gunnz Lucchese, the Boss of the Lucchese Empire, and asked him to go find Benny and let him know he wanted to speak with him. Without hesitation Gunnz boarded a plane and headed to Maryland. When Gunnz arrived at the airport in Maryland he had an all black Land Rover there waiting for him. Gunnz then set out on his mission to track down the elusive Benny Noodles.


Benny was getting himself reacclimated with life in the American Mafia and was parked out front of a night club that he used to own and frequently visit on the weekends. The Cancun Cantina was one of the best night clubs in Maryland, and Benny was meeting with some old associates who were filling him in on what had happened in his absence. Benny was sitting on the hood of his Lexus IS 300 smoking a cigarette listening to what his associates were saying when he noticed an all black Land Rover slowly creeping up the street. As the vehicle got closer Benny stood up, flicked his cigarette, and placed his hand on his pistol. Benny’s life flashed before his eyes and time slowed down as he prepared for a shootout. The associates who had just been with Benny were suddenly nowhere in sight, but Benny stood his ground ready to fight it out if necessary. The Land Rover stopped and the window rolled down. Benny held his breath and grabbed his gun tighter, ready to fire at even the most remote sign of a threat.


As Gunnz rolled his window down he looked in Benny’s direction. The two men locked eyes as time seemed to stand still. Gunnz then motioned Benny to get in the vehicle. Benny was a little hesitant at first but remembered the American Mafia Commandments which said when you’re called upon you come, so he reluctantly got in the car with Gunnz. Benny thought to himself that this could be his last ride but despite all that he decided he would see what this was all about and left with Gunnz. “Lefty would like to see and speak with you,” said Gunnz. “He is in New York and asked me to come find you. If you want we can go see him now” Gunnz continued. Benny nodded in agreement not knowing what to expect when he would be face to face with Lefty for the first time in months.


The all black Land Rover headed to the BWI Airport where Benny & Gunnz then boarded a private jet. Before Benny could fall asleep they arrived at their destination. The two men jumped in the white limousine that was parked at the gate waiting for their arrival. As they headed to see the Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz, Benny couldn’t help but think that this was all a set up. Convinced that this was the end of the line Benny checked his gun and made sure that he had a full clip and decided that he would go out fighting if this indeed was the end.


Eventually the limousine came to a complete stop, the door opened and Benny and Gunnz got out in front of what Benny recognized to be one of Lefty’s offices. Gunnz escorted Benny to Lefty’s office. The door opened and in walked the two men. “Benny! What a surprise!” Lefty said sarcastically as he sat on his desk smoking a cigar. “I have been expecting you. It’s been far too long since the day we last saw one another. Come have a seat I’d like to have a word with you.”


Gunnz stood behind Benny as he sat down. “So when are you going to signal Gunnz to put one in the back of my head?” Benny questioned incredulously. Lefty and Gunnz both laughed. “Nah man, that’s not why you are here,” Lefty replied. He continued, “You are here because I wish to put an end to the beef between us. I cannot really remember why we even started fighting but I’d like to put it behind us and move on.” Benny quickly replied, “ I was accused of stealing money from the high council.” Pausing to puff his cigarette, Benny continued, “I claimed that I was innocent, that it was a huge misunderstanding but no one trusted or believed me.” Lefty offered Benny a cigar to calm him down. “The past is the past my friend, so let’s leave it there. I’m sorry how things went down, but we’ve been through way too much and made too much history to allow petty stuff to keep us from making this Thing of Ours great again.” Lefty took a moment to gauge Benny’s reaction to what he said, then he continued. “To prove to you that I’m serious I want to offer a truce. I’ve talked to the other Bosses and we have decided to hold a meeting if you are willing to accept this offer.”  Lefty had already arranged a meeting with all the other Empire Bosses knowing Benny would most likely accept the truce.


Lefty, Benny, and Gunnz walked into a huge room with a gigantic table. The heads of all the other Empires were already seated waiting for the three men to arrive. Ricardo Barzini, Lazarus Barzini, and Mr Texas were talking amongst themselves as the three men entered the room and took their seats. Lefty quickly got down to business, “We are gathered here today to welcome back a true legend.” All the men raised their glasses for a toast. “Here’s to Benny and the Noodles Crime Empire,” Lefty said leading the other Bosses in a toast. “We hope this new alliance between Barzini, Lucchese, and Noodles lasts forever. Long live ‘The Order’” continued Lefty. All the men cheered and emptied their glasses. Benny went around the room shaking hands with each Empire Boss. Benny then took the stage announcing his gratitude and allegiance to the congregation.


The meeting came to a close and all the Bosses eventually returned home to inform their respective Empires of the news. Benny returned to Maryland where he began the rebuilding process. The Noodles Empire is now currently ruling Maryland and New Jersey, and it seems a new “Order” has begun in the American Mafia.

Infamous Leader of League of Shadows Murdered

The name is known by nearly every underworld figure. Almost every Mafioso has had a run in with him at some point in their career. This infamous mobster has finally met his maker and the AM Times has the scoop on how it happened.

It was June 14th, 2015 and Chapo Guzman had just arrived back in the United States from a long vacation several days earlier. He had been trying to get a few things in line while at the same time keeping an eye his backside the entire time. Chapo knew that there would be multiple people gunning for him and his plan was to get them before they could get him. Reports had surfaced of seeing Chapo at the League of Shadows old headquarters in New York and Oklahoma, but no hard evidence had surfaced that he had truly been there. It is believed that Chapo moved stealthily in the night hours so as to avoid detection by his enemies. The Bosses of The Outfit, the ruling faction of the American Mafia, had also learned of Chapo’s arrival back in the US and had dispatched several scouts to see if they could find him. The Outfit, made up of the Bosses of the Barzini, Famiglia, Lucchese and Moretti Empires, wanted to make sure they got Chapo this time while they had the chance.

In the Barzini Headquarters in New York, Barzini Empire boss LeftyTwoGunz called a meeting of The Outfit. Famiglia Empire Boss Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese and Moretti Empire Boss Moretti SA2 were all summoned to Lefty’s headquarters. One by one they showed up in their armored limousines and made their way inside Lefty’s social club. When they were all finally there they began to strategize about how they were going to get Chapo.

“Well guys, we knew he was going to come back eventually, now how are we going to get him?” Lefty asked the group. “Has anyone seen if he’d be willing to accept a peace agreement?” Moretti SA asked. “Get the **** outta here with a peace agreement, this man has killed way too many of our guys to just let it go.” Gunnz replied incredulously. “I agree, we carnt be letting him roam around the country thinking we’re just gonna sit back and let him kill our guys,” Ric added. With that all four bosses began to discuss plans on getting rid of Chapo Guzman for good. Multiple plans were discussed and when they finally reached a consensus on a plan Lefty concluded by saying, “when the time comes, I want to be the one to pull the trigger.” The other Outfit Bosses shook their head in understanding. They all clinked their classes to cheers the agreement and then each quickly left to put the plan in motion.

Meanwhile in Nebraska, Chapo was hiding out in an abandoned warehouse that he converted into a compound/hideout. He didn’t want to take any chances of running into anyone from the Outfit Families so he chose to go to a secluded state in a rural area of the state to gather his thoughts and ready himself for the eventual battle that lay ahead. It was a bit odd that no other member of the League of Shadows had come back to the United States with Chapo and all the remaining members are still believed to be hiding out in foreign countries in fear for their lives. Even the once feared Benny Noodles refused to come to the aid of Chapo, yet Chapo decided he was going to make his move regardless.

Chapo left the compound briefly to go into town to get some food and supplies to hold him over for a few days until he was ready to make his move. While in town it just so happened that Lucchese Street Boss Ghost “Barzini” Lucchese was in town making his monthly collections. When he spotted Chapo he immediately ducked out of view so Chapo would not spot him and then quickly called his Boss Gunnz. “Yo! You’re never gonna believe who I’m looking at!” Ghost said excitedly to Gunnz. “Keep tabs on him, I’m gonna get Ric and Lefty and we’ll be there ASAP,” Gunnz replied.

Gunnz then called up Ric and Lefty and the three men made their way to Nebraska to get rid of Chapo Guzman once and for all. It seems the planning they had done earlier that morning was for naught since Chapo just so happened to fall into their laps. What a stroke of luck! A few hours after getting the call from Ghost, the three Bosses, Gunnz, Ric and Lefty, all arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska and hopped in the SUV that Ghost had waiting for them. As soon as they jumped in the SUV Gunnz called Ghost to find out where he was. Ghost told Gunnz that he had followed Chapo back to a secluded warehouse in the middle of nowhere and that he was parked about a half a mile down the road staking the place out to make sure no one came in or out. Gunnz relayed the message to Ric and Lefty and they began speeding in the direction that Ghost told them.

When they arrived at the compound about a half hour later they found Ghost already suited up and ready to fight his way into the compound. Lefty then reminded the three men that he wanted to be the one to kill Chapo. “There’s no way we’re letting you go up there alone though boss,” Ric replied to Lefty. “We ride together, we die together, WeDemBoyz,” Gunnz added. Lefty smiled at Gunnz’s remark and nodded approvingly at the plan for all four men to enter the compound together. Once they were locked and loaded they all hopped into the SUV and drove the half mile up to the front of the old warehouse and readied themselves for a crazy fight.

As soon as they opened the doors to the car, they were immediately forced to find cover behind some old oil drums to avoid the bullets that Chapo was now firing at them from an opened window at the top of the compound. “HAHAHA you dumba**es! I saw you guys coming for miles! You think you can get me that easy?!” Chapo yelled out at the four men. Lefty, Gunnz, Ric and Ghost all laughed at how quickly the situation deteriorated and they knew that they weren’t going to have an easy fight on their hands. Lefty motioned for them all to make their way towards the open door that lead into the warehouse and on the count of three they made a dash for the door. Dirt puffed up around them as bullets hit the ground all around them as they made their way towards the door. Ghost took a bullet in the foot but was able to continue running on adrenaline alone.

When they made it to the door, Lefty told Ghost to stay put and keep watch on the door and the outside area to make sure Chapo didn’t try to escape. The other three would slowly make their way inside to find Chapo and finish the Job. When they got inside the warehouse the found a big empty room with a cot in the corner and a metal staircase that lead up to what appeared to be an old office that had been converted into a safe room. In this room they could see the silhouette of Chapo and his machine gun coming towards the door. They quickly took cover as Chapo opened the door and began firing at them. When Chapo stopped to reload Lefty popped out from behind the beam he was using for cover and fired several shots at Chapo with his AK-47, one of which hit it’s mark and caused Chapo to momentarily lose his grip on his gun. As he dropped the gun Gunnz and Ric also opened fire on Chapo with their Desert Eagles but were not able to connect with their target. Chapo was able to grab his gun and quickly duck back into the room.

Lefty then told Gunnz and Ric to cover him from the ground as he made his way up the staircase to get Chapo. Gunnz and Ric did as they were told and kept their guns trained on the office door ready to fire the moment they saw Chapo. Lefty quickly made his way up the stairs and as he got closer to the door to the office he slowed his pace down to a crawl. He knew Chapo was a dangerous man and was willing to take his time to make sure he got his man without suffering any injuries. Lefty finally made it to the door of the office and he could hear Chapo banging on his gun and cursing. “Son of b****!!” Chapo yelled out as he was trying to get his gun back in working order. Unbeknownst to Lefty Ric and Gunnz, Ric and Gunnz had hit Chapo’s gun with several shots and it had rendered his machine gun inoperable. Lefty quickly made his way into the room and before Chapo realized what was happening Lefty fired two shots hitting Chapo in both arms, making it impossible for Chapo to continue fighting. Chapo began to laugh as he realized his fate. “You think I didn’t know this was coming? You think there wasn’t a plan in all this?” He began to yell at Lefty. Not wanting to hear anymore lies and bullsh** Lefty fired one more shot at the center of Chapo’s head. The bullet pierced his forehead and exploded out of the back of Chapo’s head. “Yeah Chappy, did you plan that?” Lefty said after he killed Chapo. Wanting to make sure that he was dead Lefty fired another shot into the center of Chapo’s chest and then called Gunnz and Ric up for them to see Chapo’s body.

As Ric and Gunnz got into the room, both men emptied their clips into Chapo’s body as well. By now Chapo was long dead but each man wanted the satisfaction of shooting him. So many bullets had hit Chapo in such a short period that he was no longer recognizable. Before they left the warehouse, Lefty made his way over to Chapo’s body. He spit on the corpse and then proceeded to urinate on what was left of the body as well. This action caused Ric and Gunnz to break out in laughter. When Lefty was finished relieving himself the three men made their way back down the stairs to where Ghost was waiting for them. “You get him?” Ghost asked. “Yea and I think he’s pissed,” Ric answered as Lefty and Gunnz both began to crack up at the pun. They helped Ghost to his feet and made their way back to the SUV. As they climbed in Gunnz quickly called Moretti SA to let her know that Chapo had been taken care of and where the body was if any of her men wanted to come relieve themselves. SA chuckled at Gunnz’s statement and then congratulated the men on a job well done. Gunnz then hung up the phone and closed the door to the SUV. “Now what?” he asked looking at the other three men. “Now we enjoy the peace while it lasts,” Lefty replied. “Amen to that,” Ric added, and with that the men left the warehouse and made their way back to the airport to head home.

After many months of warring between The Outfit and the League of Shadows, the League’s boss was finally dead. There was no question about it Chapo Guzman was no more. Since the death of Chapo Guzman a relative peace has returned to the American Mafia. Notable Mafioso have returned to get back into the business and things seem to be on the up and up. Only time will tell how long this will last. Until next time, keep your heads low and activity high. Stay safe out there.


The offices of the AM Times had been destroyed a couple months ago by a bomb that was believed to be planted by underworld figures. It seems the Times had been getting too close to certain big names in the underworld and they wanted to send a message to try and scare our reporters from reporting on underworld news. Well, with a new reinforced office building we are back and even more energized to bring you the most up to date American Mafia news! We will be publishing several stories that happened while our offices were being rebuilt. The following story is one that you may have missed.