DeMeo Escalation

The AM Times: Corleone-Commission War – Day One: DeMeo Escalation – Part II

The Angel Social Club, San Diego, California

“BOSS! BOSS! He’s dead! Those bastard Pavanno’s set him the fuck up! Shit man, I think it was the DeMeo, fuck man! He’s dead!”

Vincent raised his brow and his eyes had the barest of worry in them, if anything, it seemed that he expected some retaliation. Joe DeMeo had been gaining on them in recent weeks, his push into California had been noticed, of course, Diabolik and Ares had a few talks. With Diabolik saying that the two were close with a few of the families in the old country, that a move like that would not be approved on their side of the Mafia, yet in theirs, it was free reign.

“With the boss dead, it goes to Dite to clean this shit up….anyone gotten ahold of her at the compound?”

Vincent’s voice held something that a lot of his men did not know him for, worry. It was Ares that held the worry, surprisingly, out of three of them, he was the reason within the group at a time, sure he had his ambition and plans but he still wished to preserve the American Mafia and bring it up to heights unseen in terms of power and membership, maybe it was possible but this was showing the opposite…

“No, we assume that she and her men have gone into hiding or the DeMeo’s went for her too, in the event of an attack…Ares did say to charter a private jet and head to the Bahamas as quick as possible. Dite would have transferred said funds via federal bank.”

Vincent shook his head, pulling out his piece from under his desk as he slammed it on the table…No, this was not the time for that. Those asses think they could come into their neighborhood!? KILL THEIR BOSS!? And get away with it, laughing as if they struck a nice clean blow at the regime that was trying to rebuild shit? No, this was not the way for them…it was time for a bye-bye for the DeMeo’s….it was over for them.

With a calming smile, Vince decided to gather his best men…a few others would go out, searching for the remaining stragglers in what was undoubtedly a moment where the American Mafia would have to stand on its feet again…..

“It’s time….what information do we have on the DeMeo’s?”

And soon it flowed, they all knew what his plan was and they were on board, in their minds, the DeMeo’s had done the deed and this was something that no one could truly see coming…A war with the clan that had controlled California with an Iron Fist, Diabolik was nowhere to be found either….for once, Vincent did hope the man was safe.

“They own Antonio’s on 5th and Saint, they have a Casino a way’s out of the city but from there, it’s all commercial property. He has a nice little compound in Los Angeles though, he makes sure to visit every now and then, so does his wife. From what I hear, they’re having a little get together with a few of their close associates, nothing big like getting made but a celebration of some kind…that’s all I got though.”

To attack all of their spots at once, it would surely bring a lot of heat onto them, something that would bring them a lot of heat but it would end the DeMeo’s before they even know what was coming their way, with a soft nod, Vincent gave the okay and his moniker of being the ‘Destroyer of the DeMeo Family’ would be earned…..

Little did he know, the plots of one Vito Corleone was just beginning…..