The Wrap-Up

The AM Times: Wrap-Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, next time we will have for you the Commission-Corleone War and the after-effects of what it brought, along with how it affected the American Mafia and brought about the Vit Corleone, shoot on sight rule. Currently, it is said that Vito Corleone may have done some good, he may have actually brought something to the community yet, those words are usually said by the crazies in the insane asylums like Joker!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been Heather Polstern with the Vito Betrayal and I hope you come to enjoy this new format and the journals that we have received in a completely new way to establish the events and what led to the formation of the many things we see here today, keep your heads low and we will see you next!

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for the AM Times