The DeMeo Meeting

What happens next?

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Commission Compound, late at night.

Sometime between the 11th of 21st of August

“So…Vince, you wanna tell me what happened?”

He was calm with his Left-Hand, the man that had been beside him for a while now and had become something of a Don in his own right. He was someone that earned that right, taking businesses left right and center. He was at the top of their crew currently, with everyone fighting a war, he and Dite had huddled together and mounted an offensive, it was a stroke of genius.

“My guys, they told me that it was the Pavanno’s, they set you up and so the DeMeo’s believing that they could become a bigger power. A threat to those like Diabolik, Vallo, and maybe, Royce Gambino that taking you out would strengthen the way there. Like one big domino effect…that’s what I was told and how I saw it, brother.”

Turning to his wife, he could see that she nodded the same, they thought it was the Pavanno’s and how Vito who was surprisingly out of The Bahamas was not even available. Someone who said he wished to see change had killed without remorse, it was laughable, he had been a fool and now it was time to change, everyone was going to be called and they were going to discuss the threat of Vito Corleone.

“Listen, Vito Corleone tried to kill me and I think succeeded in killing Ragnar, may he be dining in Valhalla as he wished. In other words, Vito Corleone is a threat to not only us but to any regime that may take over once I am truly done with this society. If that comes to a point, for right now, Vito believes he is in control…that he has something about his sleeve and that is the power of surprise.”

Without even knowing it, Dite had placed her hand on his forearm and he smiled at her as he scratched his stubble. Believing that this was a moment where he needed that comfort of his wife. She was right, he did, currently, he was in a world with bigger sharks than he was right now. Diabolik was someone who was vocal with his dislike of this, he should have listened at that moment.

“Phone our contacts, from here to New York to anywhere. We’ll be finding out where he is, what he is planning, and how we stop him. He is not going to be getting away with this.”

As for the recent conflicts, the battle with DeMeo was going to be cast aside for now. The Union would be dealt with on his terms and they would not be dictating his control over the American Mafia for the next few months.

Sighing, he stood from his seat, moving to get himself a glass of water as he raised it in cheers towards his associates. It was going to be a long day.