Dark Ages Of A.M. (Pandemic Pandemonium)

Millions of people lost their lives this year and last year in what’s being called the worst pandemic in ages. From September 15th, 2020 to March 20th, 2022 there were no news articles or any events recorded in the history books. This period in the AM timeline is known as “The Dark Ages” of AM. This is a mysterious era of the American Mafia due to so many things being unknown.

Apparently, the main reason behind the dark ages of AM happening was the Covid-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) originated in China and found its way to the United States. Americans fell victim to this silent killer by the millions. The government decided to do mask & vaccine mandates, requiring everyone to get vaccinated and have masks on.

The economy almost shut down because everyone had to stay inside all of last year. This caused major mental and physical health issues for many people, especially those with mental illnesses. The crime rate skyrocketed as well as the murder rate. The murder rate quadrupled between last year and this year. Unemployment is at its highest level ever since the mandates caused many to quit or get fired.

The pandemic was the main reason behind the cause of the dark ages of AM. The Covid 19 pandemic caused millions of deaths worldwide and was something the world will never forget. Shortly after the virus struck is when the world plunged into total darkness. Mafia figures decided to use this time to strike. They killed many reporters and journalists in the media business which caused the media to shut down due to lack of employees. The mafia covered up the killings and made the deaths look like they was covid related. Nobody knew anything different, eventually there was no news or anything on television due to everyone getting sick, getting fired, or quitting their jobs. There was only a radio broadcast station the government used to speak to the nation.

Things begun to change for the better about three quarters of the way through the pandemic in what’s called, the endemic stages. People returned to normal living with the recent vaccines and booster shots hitting the streets. Immunity had risen tremendously over the course of a year. Such a short period of time told scientists that it would take no time to build antibodies to the virus and all various versions of that virus where the virus went through a mutation and formed a more dangerous version of the virus. As the mutations happen the virus has begun to weaken and fizzle out. This gives us all hope as we can finally kiss the virus goodbye and get back to life as we know it.

The A.M. News Corporation 🌐 was founded by Mr. Benny Noodles & Tony Tusco mostly. Before he was founder of the AM News Corp. Benny was once a reputed crime lord of AM. He ruled AM multiple times. He was a contract killer before all of that. He went on to do great and honorable things.

Benny retired from the life and decided to join politics. He became Chairmen of the Republican National Committee aka “Republican Party” and won the presidential election of 2020. He won a second term and eventually after he was done serving as the president of the United States he decided to finally relax, enjoy his retirement, and retire for good.

After a year of being retired Mr. Benny had gotten sick. He had loved reading the paper, he looked forward to the weekly AM Times. It was halfway through the pandemic when the news paper stopped coming. Mr. Benny had eventually contracted the virus. Unfortunately by this time the world had fallen into darkness. Benny decided before he died that he would add more to his legacy by getting his oldest son Benny Jr., to help him with his last project. Benny Jr. knew the perfect man for the job, his childhood friend Tony T. Tony agreed to help him and his father build a new media corporation known as the American Mafia news Corporation.

Benny Sr. funded the project and since Tony was in school for journalism and it was his specialty it was only right that T would be the CEO. Benny Sr. originally wanted his son to take the position but his son had other plans. He informed his father that he would be assuming the mantle of his crime empire, the Noodles Crime Family Empire that his father spent a lifetime building and leading. However Benny Jr. wanted to build a legacy of his own and not just follow in his father’s footsteps. So Benny Jr. Informed his father that he would become the leader of the Shadow Administration. He would build this secret society in honor of his father’s legacy.

Benny Sr. warned both men of how dangerous the streets of AM was. Despite them reassuring him everything would be okay Benny Sr. decided to make a phone call to an old friend and partner in crime. He called in a favor from his mentors mentor, the legendary Don Vito Corleone. Vito informed Benny that he would send someone to help him. The very next day a man showed up to the retirement home.

It was a man by the name of Lucky Luciano. He was the man that Vito had sent. Benny Sr. informed lucky about everything that had happened and the current situation that was going on. Benny wasn’t happy about how disorderly AM had become with there being no real true order or hiarchy anymore. The streets just had varmints and trash roaming around them.

Anyone who was somebody had either died or ended up in prison. A few VIPs was still around and was probably the reason folks had been running around crazy with no real direction. Benny wanted someone to bring order to the streets again. He told Lucky about how he had once controlled the streets, not once, not twice, but three different times in his lifetime.

Lucky enjoyed Benny’s stories and learned a few things from the wisdom he bestowed onto him. Lucky decided he would honor the old mans wishes since he was an old school mafioso that he could admire. Lucky wanted to leave a legacy as well so he also decided to do Benny Sr. an extra favor and look out for his son.

Benny passed away on his death bed the next morning. Lucky Luciano and Benny Noodles Jr. made sure to hold a huge funeral service for him in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. The whole city came out for the service. It was a sad but inspiring day, both lucky and Benny Jr. decided to cut things short and get to work. It wasn’t long after Benny’s funeral that his ideas and plans started to come to life.

Despite his death happening during the dark ages, Benny’s son and Lucky would see to it that the first news paper would be a tribute to his life & death. The history books and newspapers are officially back!

Benny Sr. was buried in a huge royal tomb. A statue and monument of him was erected at the inner harbor, in downtown Baltimore City, Maryland, his hometown and birthplace.

He is known for putting Baltimore, Maryland on the map and building the biggest, strongest, and most dangerous criminal organization in the history of Baltimore City, Maryland. He was also the first official ruling Godfather/Kingpin of Maryland. R.I.P. to Mr. Benny Noodles, He is lost, but not forgotten.