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Information about the Black Mafia Family

The United States is known to be the home to several Mafia families that have got their strongholds in their own respective region and are considered to be powerful criminal organizations. Among the different Mafia families present here, one such family is the Black Mafia Family, which was known commonly as the BMF. This family was founded in 1980’s. It was in the year 2000 that it derived the short name as ‘BMF’ by which it commonly called and popular.  It is among the crime families which were based in Michigan, Detroit. Its territory of operation included the regions of Florida, California, Tennessee, Georgia, Michigan and Missouri. This family is known to have allies with Campanella Park Piru and the Crips.

Its activities

Black Mafia Family is said to have an estimated 400 members, from which over 150 members had been charged by the law enforcement officials by far. The members of this group are from the African-American ethnic group. This family has been involved actively in different types of criminal activities which included murder, drug trafficking, money laundering cases and much more.

Its establishment

It was Terry and Demetrius, the Flenory Brothers, who had established the Black Mafia Family. According to reports, the brothers had established numerous distribution cells to shave cocaine supplied to the different U.S. cities by 2000. Two hubs were established by the brothers to carry out their varied activities, with one being in Atlanta, Georgia, which was operated by Demetrius. The other hub was in the Californian city of Los Angeles, where Terry operated. It was through the Los Angeles hub that they had made good connections with several Mexican drug cartels.

Other activities

In order to hide their mafia criminal activities and to make their black money to be white, the Flenory brothers in 2000 started a legitimate business. They began with BMF Entertainment, a company for Hip-Hop music. Different types of facilities were offered to plenty of artists through this company. Some of them are Bleu DaVinci, Young Jeezy, etc.

But in 2005, this family saw a decline in its activities, especially with the then Drug Enforcement officials convicting several of its members. Apart from its 150 member indictment, both the brothers had been sentenced to a life imprisonment for thirty years, which automatically saw the doom of the BMF Mafia family and helped United States to get rid of one criminal organization.