The Union – The States

Michael’s Cafe, New York

“What you’re offering me is not a way of business that I would wish to move forward with. It would never be something that I could approach and do after everything that I have set up that is to come in the future. I was a made guy out of a nowhere town, I hail from Nevada and it is my place of birth, so no. I will not be leaving under any circumstances, I can tell you that, for free.”

Khaos sipped his mug of coffee, leaning back as he knew that Liliana Pavanno was a lawyer and a higher-up in the Sicilian Mob. She was someone that everyone answered to as Capo Di Tutti Capi. Of course, in the states, it would not be recognized and he would be damned if it was going to be happening here with him.

“My brother Salvatore never heard of you, it almost seemed like you were in two different places. So when we hear that someone has taken our interest in America and has risen up from many names, being known as a man of peace. It takes me by surprise that you had Vincent Valentine kill the DeMeo’s, it has me taken by surprise when Royce Gambino, hitman, and leader of Murder Inc, is your Enforcer and close personal advisor in your regime. You seemingly resemble that of Al Zapponi when he had Royce as an Enforcer of his will, the change.”

Khaos hummed, he had read over former journals from his bloodline and he knew that when things came down to it, Royce Gambino was a man who played many roles in destroying and bringing down a number of empires with his strategy and ‘dread’ alone. He was a feared man.

“Your brother is a man that lacks my way of remaining under the radar, while he was playing resident loudmouth. I played a game of observance and what I saw was horrendous, it was very much different then and when a sudden illness struck the land. Killing a good dozen and many associates of our life, I had to step in, I came back and rose up in the name of Khaos. Soon after, I was shot by Vito Corleone as you know. Here I am now, a powerful Godfather and leader of the new world. I think I did well.”

Humming to herself, she knew that catching Khaos is one of these true moments was something that she didn’t really expect. With a cautious hum, she didn’t do anything for a single moment, she just watched him and they both knew that this wasn’t going to be a peaceful time. a moment where all the businesses and organizations could come together. Form into one peaceful regime, no, it was time for an action plan, it just depended on who would launch first.

“Well, I see that this was a moment wasted Khaos. It seems that we could not agree…”