The Beginning Of A New Age/Era & The Legacy Of Lucky Luciano

Today is a special day indeed, but for more reasons then just April fool’s. April 1st has been dedicated to the beginning of American Mafias new age/era. The era known as the dark ages is now behind us and just a distant memory. This new era has been referred to as the new authentic age.

The reason behind all this has to do with the fact that the AM Underworld has been completely reset basically. A brand new fresh start for many gangsters to make a name for themselves. Just like many have done long before.

The A.M. underworld was up for grabs during the dark ages. Anyone could rise up and declare themselves the new ruler/guardian of American Mafia. Despite the unfortunate fact that AM had absolutely no order, it seemed as if there was nobody around these days. Nobody to even rise up and assume the thrown/mantle of AM’s Supreme Ruler/Kingpin (Boss Of Bosses).

The community actually thought that the days of the Mafia was finally over. The feds also thought this, so they decided to close the organized crime unit that specializes in taking down the mafia. The AM Underworld was very quiet, a little too quiet. The silence on the streets sounded like peace. The recent slaughter and loss of life was the main reason behind the streets being so quiet and empty.

The silence didn’t last long though as word started to spread that the Mafia was still alive and well. Apparently there was still a handful of mobsters lurking in the shadows.

Mr. Lucky Luciano was one of these shadow mobsters. After he slaughtered all those AM legends he emerged from the shadows to reveal to the world that he was the one responsible. It’s traditional for mobsters to declare themselves the new ruler, with others backing them up and accepting the newest declaration.

Lucky Luciano was born on May 23, 2009, in a small town of the great state of Rhode Island.
He had a decent childhood growing up around many other children like him. Lucky had alot of childhood friends and was liked by many. He had a great relationship with his parents and he admired his father. He dreamed of growing up to be just like his father.

Mr. Lucky loved his parents very much. When he reached the age of 13 he decided to go hang out with his buddies. These friends of his lived just down the street from his house. They was twin brothers who’s parents worked a lot and seemed to never be home.

Everyday after school Lucky would go down to the twins house and hang out. Since their parents was never home they was always unsupervised and it would end up causing them to get into trouble. The twins was known as very bad boys and was always getting into something they shouldn’t of been doing, or getting into.

Lucky’s mother was always home, his father always working. Because of this lucky enjoyed going down the street and hanging with the twins who had no adults telling them what to do. The trio would play and sometimes do things they shouldn’t of been doing.

One day while lucky was down the street his house would fall victim to a home invasion. The culprits broke into the house through an unlocked window. Lucky’s mom was home of course, preparing dinner for her two hungry men. Lucky’s father was at work, working on bringing home the bacon for the family.

The two assailants was armed and considered dangerous. While Lucky’s mother was cooking these two masked men gained access through an unlocked basement window. Since it was unlocked there was no forced entry and therefore no noise. The two men thought nobody was home, so they made their way upstairs.

Bang!…Bang! Bang!…Lucky’s mother slumped over forward, ultimately burning her face, arms, and hands by making contact with the hot surfaces of the stove and knocking a pot of hot food onto the floor where she would ultimately be found dead, laying in a pool of her own blood. The first bullet was to the back of her head, execution style. The second bullet was fired after she had fallen onto the floor. It was intended to finish her off.

As Lucky’s mom laid on the floor, on her back and despite being shot in the head she was still alive and breathing. Her eyes was wide open staring at the ceiling. They walked upto her and looked down as they raised the gun to fire shots 2 and 3. Bullet two was fired hitting her directly in the face, followed by bullet 3 that hit her in the throat/neck.

It was an awful sight to see for the first person to discover her body. It just so happened to be Lucky’s father who would walk in to discover his wife shot to death and laying in her own blood. He immediately dropped to his knees and embraced her in his arms. He put his arm under her neck and lifted her up where he could then wrap his arms around her and hug her tightly.

The father couldn’t help but scream as he cried his eyes out, squeezing her as if he never wanted to let her go. As the tears fell the two assailants was upstairs ransacking everything and deciding what they wanted to steal. They was aware somebody arrived to the house due to the car door slamming shut when Lucky’s father got out of his vehicle.

They stopped what they was doing and waited. After hearing the first scream the two masked men quietly made their way downstairs so they could sneak up on Lucky’s father and ambush him. As the poor man held his wife in his arms he would be surprised when two masked men hollered at him to shit up and turn around.

Lucky’s father stopped crying and turned his head around to see the two men standing behind him with their guns pointed directly down at him. “Shut the hell up” the one man said. Lucky’s father looked at them both and as he started to say something the two gunmen opened fire on him. He was hit in the head, neck, face, torso, and even arms. There was a total of 24 shots fired, all of which hit their intended target.

All the ruckus alerted the neighbors next door who ended up calling 911 and alerting the police. Before the two men could escape police surrounded the house with their guns drawn. They ordered the two men to surrender to police, but the assailants had other plans. After an intense standoff and gunfight the two assailants was pronounced dead as they laid dead in the back yard, riddled with bullets.

Lucky Luciano was tracked down by the authorities who would inform him of his parents demise. It was then that Lucky went from a 13 year old innocent boy, to a 13 year old boy who had to grow up quick. Lucky was taken in by his best friends parents where he would stay until he turned 16.

Looking for work so he could save up money and get his very first vehicle, Lucky Luciano would meet a man who had moved into his parents home. The man helped Lucky get a job working for the local trash company. The man also worked there as a truck driver.

Lucky worked at the trash company for a total of 3 years. It was at the age of 19 when Lucky would meet a co-worker who he had a lot in common with. The two dudes became really good friends and it turned out this guy wasn’t just any old ordinary person. He turned out to be related to a made man of a local notorious crime family.

Lucky would end up meeting this made man and long story short lucky found himself a brand new job. This is when Lucky would get his first taste of the organized crime world. Although he was new to “this thing of ours” Lucky seemed to fit in perfectly and became known as a skillful earner for the family.

Lucky learned a lot while being an associate. One thing he learned was that he would be destined for greatness. Deep down he knew he was a natural born leader and it wouldn’t take long before an opportunity would present itself. Realizing that if he continued on his current path he would end up in jail or even worse, dead. Just like all the others who ventured down the same path ended up.

The mafia family decided to offer Lucky a chance to become made. He reluctantly had to decline, he knew that if he accepted that offer he would be in the life and would never be able to leave. It’s blood in, blood out in this life, so the only way out would be to die. Of course he didn’t like this idea and felt like he was destined for greater things.

Lucky seen an opportunity in the United States Military. He said goodbye to his friends and family and joined the Marines. After his basic training he was stationed in Maryland, at Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility. It was there that Lucky honed his skills as a cold blooded killer even more than he did in the Mafia. He got promoted in rank and eventually he would be trained to be an effective and efficient leader.

Lucky would eventually apply to become a member of the elite special forces. His application was accepted and he was sent off to train and would eventually graduate top 5 in his class. After being accepted as a special forces black op Lucky would go on to attend sniper school.

Long story short Lucky would get the opportunity to become the leader of a special forces sniper squadron. Lucky continued to serve his country for another 5 years until one day he decided to take a break. He originally enlisted to serve 3 years, but then he signed on to serve another 3 years, making it a total of 6 years that he served.

When he finished his 6 years he decided to take a break, instead of signing on a third time. He thought he would take a little vacation and then return to the military where he would embrace a lifelong career as a military man and be eligible for early retirement.

It was during his vacation when Lucky decided to do the unthinkable. Somehow he found out that long ago the men who killed his family was hired by the mafia to kill his father. Apparently Lucky’s father had one bad vice and that was gambling. He borrowed money from a loan shark who was a made man in the Mafia. The time came for Lucky’s father to pay back all the money he owed and we’ll he didn’t have the money. They gave him a little more time to collect it and make a payment, but time ran out and he still couldn’t pay his debt. So the mob had no choice but to put a hit out on his head. So it was the Mafia behind the slaughter.

Lucky decided to revenge his family and get the justice that he and his parents deserve. It was at this time Lucky received an important phone call. A childhood friend of his was returning his phone call to find out why lucky was reaching out to him. The childhood friend was none other than Benny Noodles Jr., The first born son of the legendary Shadow of Death, Mr. Benny Noodles.

Lucky called to find out info on who it was that ordered the hit. After finding out that those responsible was already dead lucky felt like he still needed to do something to somebody.
It bothered him a lot because apparently the Mafia family behind his parents murder was none other than the same exact Mafia family that he was once an associate of. Knowing this fact really bothered Lucky. He couldn’t really believe it, but it was the gods honest truth and his best friend Jr. Was the one informing him about it. If anyone knew the truth it would definitely be Jr.

Lucky and Benny Jr. talked for what seemed like hours over the phone. Eventually Benny Noodles Sr. told his son Jr. to tell lucky that he should come and help them, and in doing so he would become the new ruler of the American Mafia underworld. They had a handful of powerful Mafia figures that needed to die before Lucky could become the top dawg, establishing the new world order of AM.

So Lucky then decided that sounded like a really good idea and plan. He accepted the invite to join forces and went on a killing spree, using his sniper skills to shoot his targets in the head, killing them, and making it as quick and painless as possible. It was during this killing frenzy that Mr. Benny Sr. had finally passed away from old age. Leaving only Benny Jr. to carry on the families legacy.

Lucky Luciano & Benny Noodles Jr. established the American mafias new world order immediately after all the smoke settled. It took about a week to finish setting everything up and making everything official. Now it’s the present day and all we can do now is continue to pay attention to Mr. Lucky and watch his legacy continue. Long Live Lucky Luciano and the NWO. Cheers to this new age, the authentic age. The Authentic Age/Era will be known for how realistic and authentic this thing of ours is. The Mafia way of life these days, “This Thing Of Ours” is as real as it gets. So buckle your seatbelt, sit back, shut up, and welcome to the authentic age of American Mafia.