The Union – The Things We’ve Done

The Commission Compound, Nevada

“Listen, K, we’ve all been through this. She’s not right for us or the chosen society, what she has planned is close to terrorism and that is not something I would want for you or your beautiful wife. We both know that Taiga and this life…don’t mix, she’s a lawyer, she donates to charity, real ones too. We want all parties safe and for this to happen, we need reassurance that our faction is left alone in the war to come.”

A smirk played on the lips of Khaos, his lover was one of the many things people tried to figure out. Whether she was a knowing figure within the world of organized crime or simply someone who stood behind their man. Yet he knew what she really did, she was his guidance, and sometimes when the time grew for a hand of violence, it came from her. He was peaceful to a limit, they both knew that.

There was a rumor in the underworld, one that he had heard in one of the former bars of an Irish gangster. Stating that: “That fuck Khaos, he’s too much of a pussy to face Corleone upfront. His wife is the one that planned Vito’s murder…”

And so it went on, of course with the business at hand and the way it seemed far-fetched coming from an Irish Gangster, people believed two tales about the Right Hand of Khaos. Whether she was someone who held the interests of the world or her family was one that many people wished to question, this was one that nobody could truly question, the way it shaped their society was a funny one, to say the least.

“My wife is someone that has no part in the Sicilian Mob and neither do I. To conquer and decimate it would not be in the interests of The Commission or the Rulings Panel. Liliana Pavanno is many things. She is a leader, a skilled tactician, and brave beyond her years. Yet she lacks one thing that my wife does, a guiding hand.”

The two bosses in the Sicilian Mob nodded as it came clear that they had the okay with being left alone in the coming war. Yet before they could truly say their cheers, wishing him well in what was to come, the sounds of screeching tires from outside brought their attention elsewhere.


And a whistle was all that was heard before agonizing screams came from outside echoing throughout the Commission compound. An attack on a boss was brave but someone of Khaos’ position? That was asking for the war of all ages, this was going to backfire upon the Sicilian Mob with nothing but the pure and unforgiving power of the Commission along with its allies in the current climate of the American Mafia, yet currently, if he died, it would end the war before it began.

Is the Commission about to end?

Find out…