Mr. Benny Noodles

Mr. Benny Noodles

Mr. Benny Noodles


“If You Don’t Stand For Something, You Will Fall For Anything”

The American Mafia is proud to present its first officially ranked “American Mafia Legend”, a former ruling Kingpin/Supervisor of AM, and one of it’s deadliest, and most dangerous killers of all time, Mr. Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, also known as “B.I.G. BEN” “The Butcher Of Brooklyn Park, Baltimore” “The Jackal”, “The Game” “The Mad Angel”, or “Angel Of Madness”, and “The Shadow Of Death.” Hes known as the man of many names.

A professional, veteran player with a long history, he’s an old school mobster, known as an “OG” or “Original Gangster”, from the Golden Age, or Golden Era of AM. Before the “AMFU” (American Mafia Families Union) was even created, Benny was running the mean streets of American Mafia

One day Benny was initiated into “The Life” and became a “Madman” of the most prestigious and powerful crime family American Mafia has ever known, The Corleone Crime Family.

Benny ranked up fast, impressing his colleagues and quickly making a name for himself. His mentor/boss (Mr_Xela) who was the successor of Don Vito, the original founder and boss of the Corleone crime family realized that Benny was a killer. Mr Xela groomed Benny to become the shadow of death that we all know him as today.

As a hit man/enforcer for the Corleone crime family Benny did what he did best. Benny earned the reputation of a crazed contract killer, taking on contracts that nobody else had the guts to take on. A fellow family member of the Corleone crime family said that Benny was “Noodles” (crazy). Thus the legend “Benny Noodles” was born.

Having the reputation as a man of action he has never been a fan of arguing or talking much, He lets his gun do all the talking for him. He named his pistol “The Negotiator” for a reason. Benny’s execution style was to put the barrel “business end” of his .45 in his victims mouths, and squeezing the trigger, silencing them for good he would win any negotiation with this master negotiation style.

Benny proved to everyone that he was fiercely loyal, trustworthy, and deadly. One day Xela recognized his thirst for power and gave him the opportunity to run his own family.

Mr. Benny Noodles became the new boss of the down and out Gambino Crime Family. As boss he ended up setting his sights on ruling New York. Benny waged a war against the ruler of NY at that time, Constantine. The war was waged over the course of three days, almost every soldier was killed on both sides. Benny and Constantine fought one on one until only one remained. When the smoke settled Benny emerged victorious. As the newest Godfather of New York Benny went straight to work rebuilding his criminal enterprise, The Noodles Crime Family was finally born since the Gambino Crime Family was basically slaughtered during the 3 day war for New York.

The Noodles Crime Empire was established, built upon a foundation of blood, sweat, tears, and ash, and ruling New York with an iron fist. Mr Xela Corleone, and Mr. Benny Noodles among other leaders, got together, and decided to form a union/commission. The American Mafia Families Union also known as “The AMFU” was established and controlled the American Mafia from that day forward.

As one of the original founders and godfathers of the AMFU, Benny was honored to hold the position of “councilmen”. The AMFU had a ruling committee within itself that consisted of the top five strongest Godfathers and the Criminal Empires that they controlled. Known as the High Council or High Court this committee served as the AMFU’s Supreme Court. The five councilmen of the AMFU was more or less the supreme rulers of AM.

The road to power didn’t come that easy as you can see. Benny had to make his bones in the mafia underworld, climbing the ranks and earning experience along the way. He fought to rule New York and become its ruling Godfather. Constantine was the first godfather and rival Benny had ever had since becoming an infamous crime lord. Making his mark in the mafia underworld, proving himself to be a very well known, dangerous, and powerful godfather, Benny went on to do great things in the AM community. for example the time came for Benny to get into politics. Both Benny and his mentor, Xela ran to become Governors of their respected states. Both of them was successful in their campaigns and both became highly respected public officials (Governors).

Their criminal pasts however would end up haunting them as they did not get to finish their full terms as governor. A Mafia war broke out and these two were targets. Both Benny and Xela was struck by sniper bullets. Xela was shot two days after Benny. These two would end up surviving the failed assassination attempts however, returning with a vengeance, no it was more like a reckoning. Pretending to of been killed, Xela returned as Michael Corleone, his real birth name, he was taking on a new identity since nobody except for his parents really knew his real name. Benny returned as himself, showing their enemies that they failed in their attempts to take him out for good.

Benny had the Noodles empire merged with the Corleone empire, the two empires became one and Bad Company was then established not long afterwards by Ruthless aka “TheRuthlessKing”, Michael Corleone, Benny Noodles, Tolly, and Mr Vercetti a.k.a Mr V. Bad Company was a hit squad and brotherhood that consisted only of the most elite killers the Corleone & Noodles empires had to offer. The conspirators was pinpointed and taken out one by one by Bad Company. Only a few innocent Godfathers and their families remained. The AMFU was reformed, and everything returned to the way it was before the latest events had taken place.

Benny and his empire decided to stay as one with the Corleone empire, forming the largest empire to ever exist. The Corleone Empire went on to become legend.

Benny became known as “The Corleone God Of War”. He was the second in command of Bad Company as the right hand man of Ruthless and ultimately responsible for leading men into battle in times of war. Benny’s good friend and partner in crime, Ruthless was known as “The Corleone Lord Of War”. He was the head guy in charge of Bad Co. He was the second in command and right hand man of Michael and the Corleone empire, Both Ruthless and Benny was forces to be reckoned with and together as one they was a weapon of mass destruction! Michael Couldn’t of picked two better guys for the job of leading Bad Company.

As one of the five original founders of Bad Company Benny earned the right to be a founder and leader by proving himself to be one of the most dangerous and deadliest killers of all time. Making his bones in the mafia time and time again he became known as a “Heavy Hitter”, he became feared and respected by many.

After a long career working along side his mentor (Michael Corleone) and his brothers in arms/partners in crime (Ruthless, Tolly, Mr-V, and others) he decided to hang up his guns and retire from the life. Benny then attacked the Administrator to kill himself and retire from the life.

That was how the old-school gangsters retired back then, by their own hand, or that of the Admin. Because it was legendary to kill the Administrator and had only been known to happen one time, and that was when Michael Corleone killed The Administrator.

Thought to have been dead and retired from the life, Benny returned after being gone for over two years. Benny’s generation was all but gone, dead or in jail, there was only a handful of guys still living that was around during his hay day, A new generation populated the streets of American Mafia.

Not knowing anyone and needing to find work he decided to join one of the new age crime families. Benny wanted to start from the bottom again and work his way back up the ladder. Except this time he wanted no parts of being a leader of any kind. Benny wanted to just fulfill contracts and earn a living.

Benny joined up with the Zapponi Crime Family and quickly became a member of the Zapponi Hit squad. Benny’s first contract was none other than Saint Genovese, the boss of the Genovese Crime Family. Coming out of retirement during a mob war, Benny found himself fighting the war on the side of the Zapponi Empire.

Following orders Benny took on the contract that nobody else at that time could fulfill. Saint was in hiding on a vacation island and would leave the island, kill some good folk, then return to invisibility mode by going to the vacation island. It was thought players couldn’t die while on vacation. Thought of as an impossible contract Benny fulfilled it with flying colors. Some how to everyone’s surprise Benny pulled off the impossible, killing his target while the target was on his vacation island all by himself. Killing a man while on vacation mode was couldn’t be done they said, well Benny showed everyone it could indeed be done, and that anything was possible. This was something that was surprising to his bosses, and gained Benny alot of popularity and notoriety among the younger generation.

Paranoid and intimidated Benny’s boss, Al Zapponi put a contract on him. Showing his true colors and gratitude, Al Zapponi rewarded Benny with a knife in the back by placing a contract on his head. When Benny’s other boss, Royce Gambino failed to kill him one early morning after deranking Benny to thug rank it alerted Benny to the grand scheme of things. They wanted to use Benny and then dispose of him like trash. Afraid of what the future could bring and what he was capable of they wanted to take Benny out and bury him for good, but not until after he killed his target, Saint Genovese.

Now that his own boss wanted him dead, and his other boss failed to kill him after deranking him to thug, Benny had no choice but to answer back by reforming his old clan, Bad Company and taking the war to the Zapponi Crime Empire. Relentless on having his revenge and showing all the young punks not to mess with him, Benny wasted no time in attacking his newly found enemies. He tracked down Al Zapponi at his private estate and killed him in cold blood.

Benny was laying in wait at the godfathers mansion waiting for him to get home from a long night of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. When Al got home he made his way inside, and headed to his room to pass out. Before crashing on his bed he had to visit the little boys room and drain the main vein. As Al was taking a leak Benny was behind the bathroom door.

Benny slowly shut the bathroom door, pulling a garrote wire from his left side jacket pocket as he slowly shut the door. after locking the door he stretched out his wire and strangled Al as soon as he zipped up his zipper. Benny lifted Al off the floor, as Al kicked and gasped for air Benny pulled even tighter and harder, until Al Zapponi slowly stopped kicking his legs. Benny released him, unwrapping the wire from his neck and letting Al fall face forward, smashing his face against the bathroom floor. As the blood puddle started to slowly grow bigger and bigger Benny cleaned up the bathroom a little bit and decided to take a leak before leaving.

News of the killing spread fast. Royce Gambino heard the scuffle being in the room next to the bathroom. He was in route to save Al Zapponi from Benny but he was 1 minute to late. Royce aka Raven kicked the bathroom door in and started shooting his AK47, hitting Benny in the shoulder, and left ass cheek. Benny had to cut his piss short and zip his pants without catching anything in the zipper. thats hard when you have an AK being fired 5 feet directly behind you. Benny did a few flips and ran for his life. He jumped out the huge window that was located next to the toilet, and he landed out on the mansions side porch roof.

He then jumped off the roof and ran for his hidden helicopter. Benny jumped in the chopper and took off. Benny and Raven fought back and forth for a few days. Royce caught Benny off guard one morning and gunned him down while Benny was grabbing his morning newspaper off the front steps of his mansion. Benny survived the shooting, he bandaged himself up really fast and tracked down Royce Gambino later that night. Raven was searching for Benny since he never found Benny’s body. following the blood trails, raven tried to track down the wounded killer and ended up getting outsmarted in the process. he thought he was following Benny’s trail when really Benny was following him. Royce heard a twig snap while walking through the woods and when he turned around he was gunned down by Mr Benny Noodles. Benny emptied his 7 round clip into the mobsters chest and neck. As the strongest mafioso in the game Royce Gambino was finally killed. Benny showed everyone that it could be done. The deaths of Al Zapponi and Royce Gambino marked the end of the Zapponi & Noodles war and Benny was crowed Kingpin/Supervisor of American Mafia.

Benny seized total control of the American Mafia unintentionally by just surviving and fighting to remain alive. he didn’t realize he would become the supreme ruler of AM by eliminating those two mafioso, and in doing so he rebuilt the Noodles Crime Empire and established a new world order. With Benny finding someone he could trust and partner up with he reformed Bad Company. The Bad Co. Regime was back in action and ruling AM once again. This helped American Mafia grow in a positive direction. With the help of his newly found partner LeftyTwoGunz the Bad Company regime was reborn and the AM High Council was reformed and created. Benny & Lefty begun reforming the American Mafia to how they seen fit.

Wanting to remain in the shadows, pulling the strings Benny decided to hand down his kingpin of AM position and the head of the High Council seat to his right hand man, the most trusted and loyal friend he had at that time, LeftyTwoGunz. Benny became Lefty’s Underworld Adviser of the AMHC and the two men controlled American Mafia for a very long time.

The Bad Company Regime which really ruled over AM and supervised the AMHC was strengthening its grasp on the underworld. The High Council ruled American Mafia for the regime for awhile, constantly defending against those who wished to destroy and overthrow the regime and new world order.

The Noodles Crime Empire that Benny ruled had become one of the strongest & largest factions of American Mafia. Only after a massive civil war within itself did the empire finally begin to decline. Due to the lack of manpower and resources the empire never regained the full power it once had.

Benny founded an elite society/clan of contract killers and assassins. The secret society was known as “The Mad Angels”, and carried out contract killings ordered by Benny Noodles. Benny also put together a secret society/regime of empire bosses/leaders known as “The Black Hand”. These gentlemen would be the ruling supervisors of the A.M.H.C. (AM High Council/Court). Benny was building a massive criminal enterprise made up of several factions and empires. forming one hell of a hierarchy and ladder type system within the mafia underworld. The Bad Company Regime was at the very top and supervised and advised the Black Hand, The Hand would supervise, and advise the A.M.H.C. The Council/Court would then supervise and rule the rest of American Mafia and all the criminal factions. It was a strong order, and ruled AM for a long time.

Like all good things that must come to an end, so did The High Council Era. When Benny was accused of stealing money from the High Councils Treasury, Lefty and the others all turned on Benny and framed him for the crime. Benny found himself with a contract on his head.

He claimed he was innocent of the accusations. but the other leaders did a very good job of lieing to the public and twisting and manipulating the situation to make Benny out to be the bad guy and thus they was able to justify killing the man who had made it all possible and had built the underworld that everyone come to love. Benny was the glue that held everything together. He sacrificed alot, and gambled his life everyday fighting for survival, and protecting all of his brothers in arms from death itself. Benny had taken a few bullets for a few of his buddies back in the day and was the type to give you the shirt off his own back.

Mr Benny Noodles was gunned down one early morning. The Noodles Crime Empire found themselves being slaughtered by their allies, The Barzini Crime Empire. Benny was shot multiple times with a 45 caliber pistol after LeftyTwoGunz walked into his office. After the brief, heated argument Lefty shot Benny 7 times in the chest. Before medics and law enforcement could arrive he was gone. Benny vanished from existence that night never to be seen again…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation received satellite imagery of Mr Benny on November 25th 2015. He returned after having a meeting with his old friend and partner LeftyTwoGunz. Under the new alliance with Barzini and Lucchese the Noodles Crime Empire was rebuilt. Benny joined forces with an old friend of his, El Chapo “The Joker” Guzman. At this time Joker was leading the league of Shadows and Benny was his right hand, and go to guy. The duo made their mark on the underworld and became highly feared and respected by many. Just the glimpse of either of these two men would cause others to tremble with fear and uncertainty.

After a month or so of being back Benny waged an unprovoked war on American Mafia. He began attacking all of his allies before New Years Eve. Bringing in the new year of 2016 in a bloody fashion, Benny found himself as public enemy #1 again. This time however he was guilty. If he was going to die he wanted to take as many people with him to hell as he could. He had become a boss and leader for the League of Shadows only after The Joker had given him his blessing and support. Benny managed to “Black Out” the United States, taking over all 50 states. After a few days of killing, Mr Benny Noodles left the USA, vanishing again from existence…

During the black out situation the boss of the Barzini Crime Empire, LeftyTwoGunz was gunned down by a girl (Scarlet) only minutes after Benny had shot the reputed crime lord of the Lucchese Crime Family, Gunnz_Lucchese exactly as he promised, and said he would. The Joker had shot the other bosses of the Barzini Crime Empire, and the Barzini Empire survived by a couple of surviving members.

In the madness the 3 shadow assassins vanished, or was shot. Benny stayed behind and kept their pursuers occupied so they could make their grand escape. Benny ended up getting shot by Mr Black, the reputed crime lord of the bildeberg crime family, and he collapsed from the loss of blood. He was believed to be dead….again…Until police arrived on the scene, and the body of Benny Noodles was gone. The body was no where in sight. Did somebody come back, and carry him out of there? Did he manage to escape all by himself, riddled with bullets? Nobody really knows for sure, all we can do is speculate.

Benny “The Shadow Of Death” Noodles returned yet again to the streets, showing everyone he wasnt the one to be killed so easily. The Shadow & The Joker began rebuilding the American Mafia upon his return on November 1st, 2019. There was no ruling regime, or order at this time. The American Mafia was at ground zero, and up for grabs. Joker & Shadow raised their newest regime, “The Arkham Asylum” and in the process they seized total control of the AM underworld.

The boss and leader of the League of Shadows crew, Benny was detrimental in the establishment of the “AMUE” (American Mafia Upper Echelon). This committee/commission would become the mafias newest ruling commission/order on November 15th, 2019.

Benny then brought back the Black Hand society/regime that he founded on November 15th of 2015. The Black Hand Society became the ruling regime/order of AM the same day that the AMUE was established. The Hand acts as the high council/court of the AMUE, and are ultimately the judge, jury, and executioners of AM. Just like how a normal hand has 5 fingers, the black hand consists of the top 5 factions of American Mafia. This N.W.O (New World Order) began its rule on November 15th 2019, with a goal to bring back old traditions, and the “old ways” of the mafia. The Black Hand operates, and goes by the “10 Commandments Of The Mafia” (Strict Mafia Code)

The Shadow Of Death has also established a society of royal elite guards. “The Elite” a.k.a “The Dangerous Elite” are basically the royal elite guard of AM, and just like in the past, this secret society’s duty is to fight to protect the american mafia, and ensure that the traditions, strict mafia code, and things like “Omerta” are never forgotten. They fight to defend the history, and legacies of AM, and all of its mobsters, and criminal enterprises.

The legacy of reputed crime lord, Benny “Shadow Of Death” Noodles is legendary. He is very dangerous & deadly. Skilled in the art of war, Benny has killed over 5,000+ people in his lifetime. Known as a “Heavy Hitter” he has been known to kill high ranked mobsters, and VIP’s (Very Important People) mostly. Benny was responsible for organizing the deaths of many mobsters. He has fought in so many battles & wars, dismantled & destroyed so many organizations, that hes regarded as a true veteran, and legend of the game.

Mr Benny “The Game” Noodles, one of the distinguished leaders of the legendary “League Of Shadows”, and the Founder of The Dangerous Elite, American Mafia Upper Echelon, Black Hand, Wolfpack, Mad Angels, Bad Company, American Mafia High Council, & Noodles Crime Empire will forever be remembered, and revered for his achievements, and skills. Benny will forever be remembered, and regarded as a legendary Ultimate Underworld Kingpin/Supervisor of American Mafia (Ruler Of AM), the first ruling Ultimate Underworld Kingpin of the great state of Maryland, and one of the most feared, and respected contract killers that ever did grace the american mafia streets.

Benny most of all will forever be remembered, and revered for being the first officially ranked “American Mafia Legend” of The American Mafia.

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