Death of a has been

With the news of former kingpin Royce Gambino returning, the High Council called a meeting at the newly appointed kingpin, LeftyTwoGunz estate in the New York wilderness. Once the members of the council arrived and were taken to a conference room and awaiting Lefty to see why they were called on such short notice for. “ Well fellas it appears the rumors are true” Lefty exclaims as he enters the room in a sharp silver suit. As he fixes his midnight black tie he announces “ Given the circumstances I’m sure we all know how this could end up if we don’t stop this now, and we all know what needs to be done in order for our problem to disappear.” Discussion circles the room with questions with not how it will be done, but who will do it, any one of the council would do it but Frankie Calabrese stands up, pauses, and says “ I’ll do it” Silence fills the room. “ Well if that is your choice and the rest of the council agrees then he’s all yours” Lefty tells Frankie.

The council agrees and Lefty hands Frankie a sealed envelope. “ Since all of his assets were seized he left one in the name of his mistress, Ms Su. It is in Iowa, the envelope contains the location, but I don’t want you doing this alone so I’m sending Gunnz to give you any back up, should you need it. Are there any questions?” Lefty asks. “No there isn’t but I will promise you I will rid us of this rat filth” Frankie scowls as he walks out of the room.

As Gunnz and Frankie are driving the Iowa highway, they pull off onto an off ramp and are looking for the address until they stop at an intersection. “ No way” Gunnz remarks as they spot the building. They both bust into laughter as they drive into the parking lot of a motel. “ A fitting place for this rat to die good luck I’ll keep the car on and waiting for you to come out” Gunnz tells Frankie. As Frankie is walking up some stairs, equipping the suppressor to his 9mm pistol, it starts to rain setting up the perfect stormy night. He finds the room and picks the lock, entering the room swiftly and silently. Upon entering he looks at the room and strangely feeling pity and remarking in his head such a fall from grace. Besides the stained carpets and empty snack bags scattered around the room he looks at the horrible paint on the walls with posters of F22 Raptors and mansions in the hills. He searches for his target and notices the bathroom door closed with the lights on. There are magazines on the bed and the television on with the latest episode of The Young and the Restless. So Frankie props up on the chair and waits for his prey to get off the toilet. When Royce walks out he is astonished to see Frankie and catches a bullet in the knee before he can utter a word. Frankie turns up the tv to stops the sobs from being heard he walks over to Royce kneels down, fires off another shot into the other knee and turn the barrel to the temple of Royce. “ Any last words before I send you to hell” Frankie asks the defeated Gambino. Trying to beg for his life but can’t complete a sentence because he is crying so much Royce just sits lays there and weeps. Frankie, who was getting annoyed finally pulls the trigger and ends a long overdue life. He exits the motel room and gets in the car with Gunnz in silence listening to the rain until Gunnz asks

“ How did it go”. Frankie turns to him, grins and says

“ Bro you should of seen him haha.”

Submitted by MGK