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About the Gambino crime family

About the Gambino crime family

The city of New York is dominated by ‘Five Families’ of which Gambino crime family is one of them. Between the period of 1910 and 1957 saw this mafia family to be dominated under three bosses. This family had derived its name after the family boss ‘Carlo Gambino’ in 1963, during McClellan hearings. The operation of this group extended right from New York to California’s eastern seaboard. The illicit activities carried out by this group included construction and labor racketeering, loansharking, gambling, money laundering, extortion, prostitution, pier thefts, fencing, hijacking and fraud.

Its history

This mafia family was found after the 1931 Castellammarese War. It remained a minor player for majority of the quarter century in organized crime. Albert Anastasia, its underboss was among its prominent members and soon rose to become the Murder, Inc.  Enforcement arm’s operating head. Even after the smash of Murder, Inc. during the late 1940s, he still remained in power and in 1951, he took over the family after murdering Vincent Mangano, the family founder.

Its rise

It was from the year 1957 that Gambino crime family had become powerful in America for a particular period of time, after Anastasia got assassinated. According to the experts, Carlo Gambino, the underboss of Anastasia, is said to have orchestrated the assassination for becoming its leader. For controlling Cuban gambling interests, Gambino made partnership with Meyer Lansky. Through 1976, the fortunes of the family increased, as Paul Castellano brother-in-law of Gambino was appointed as boss on his death. Presently, it is Frank Cali who heads this family.

Its origins

The mafia history of Gambino crime family could be traced to Manhattan’s D’Aquila gang. An influential emigrant who had come from Palermo, Sicily named Salvatore ‘Toto’ D’Aquila had joined East Harlem’s Morello gang, who were New York’s first Italian gang.  However, with the arrest of Giuseppe Morello and Ignazio ‘Lupo-the-Wolf’, his second in command, the Morello family got weakened. It is then that D’Aquila influenced others to form his very own gang and created an influence network and connections to become New York’s powerful force.

By 1920s, Masseria took over the interest of the Morello family and amassed influence and power by the mid 1920s to rival D’Aquilas. But in late 1920s, both were said to be headed for showdown. Salvatore D’Aquila had been assassinated by Masseria on 10th October 1928, outside his home.

Federal authorities had prosecuted successfully the Gambino family from 2005-2008. Currently, the family boasts of having around 150-200 members and more than 1500 associates.

Conspiracy plot

Yet another guy – this time some don called Black Beard, made a family without consulting the Commission. He was also believed to be part of some conspiracy plot to kill members of the Philadelphia and the Corleone crime families. Black Beard was then killed by Shotgun Joe who, of course, had nothing to do with anything.


ALSO, earlier today the Templar Knights – a society that has been inactive for several centuries, has fallen and.. wait a sec.

This just in: a society that’s been inactive for even longer than the Templars – the Monster Alliance, have fallen! Residents are shocked that a group that wouldn’t come back anyway, won’t be coming back.


This is breaking news, once again with Joe King – dumbing down society, so you can live better.

The Dream of The Young!

Who am I?


I am Nicdemo_Scarfo, born in Philly. I watched gangsters when I was young, beat up local shop owners and extort them and when they didn’t pay, they were murdered. I always like how much respect the got and though , “I wanna be just like them whenever i grow up”.

Then i met Scarface9407. He took me under his wing like his own son and tought me the ways. He soon had me running hits for him and picking up his collection money. Now I am a fully fledged member of his family.


My plans for the future is to make a family, to take people under my wing and teach them what Scarface taught me. To be a Model to younger Gangsters, ones who they look up to . I also would like to run my own family and become the Godfather of Pennsylvania. Serving AMFU and there great leaders . Becoming a trusted associate of the Corleone Family but still running my own separate family .


Proud member of the American Mafia, Nicdemo_Scarfo


A new era has begun on American Mafia. This week we saw the biggest and most numerous changes, most notably the retirement of long time ruler and founder on the Corleone crime family – which evolved into the Corleone empire, Michael Corleone. This news shocked most resident as the strongest resident in the history of American Mafia hands all his power to long time best friend, Ruthless.


This retirement was announced shortly after the death of loyal Consigliere Joe D Foster, who had disagreements with the capo di tutti capi and fought to the death. This battle shocked residents as bullets and explosions shook the state of Nevada, while resident ran for cover. Taking his place as ruler of Badfellas di Corleone is Foster’s former right hand man – Frank Pentangeli, and as for his place as Consigliere, shockingly Goodfellas steps down as capo di tutti capi of the Outfit empire – handing all his power down to Beck, to take Foster’s place on the Corleone tree.


Another twist in the Corleone structure is the dismissal of enforcer Sonny Black, who was discharged from the Corleone empire on request and it seems to be granted with no grudges held. Bocephes – a loyal capo, has been promoted to enforcer in Black’s place.


To get an inside opinion, we arranged an interview with _Tolly_, the new underboss of the Corleone empire:

Editor: Ok, it seems Tolly is late for his interview, so I’m gonna go ahead and start without him. I have a Tolly impersonator to give his answers. Tolly, what do you think of the AM Times?
Tolly’s Impersonator: Yeah, it’s sweet. You are so awesome and cool. You kick ass, Joe FuckNuts.
Editor: Why thank you very much, I know I’m awesome. Oh wait, the real Tolly is here now. We can begin for real.

Editor: Tolly, how surprised were you about Michael’s retirement?
Tolly: Not very. He had thought about it for a while. He was always too busy on here. I think he got fed up of bossing everyone around too.
Editor: Do you think making Ruthless in charge of the empire was the best decision?
Tolly: Yes, by far. Ruthless is a good leader and he knows his way around the game better than anyone else.
AdBot: Read the Newspaper http://www.americanmafia.org/blog/newspaper/
Editor: Fuck off Adbot. A great leader certainly, but do you think he may lack the strength?
Tolly: Maybe, but this is why we have a structure in Corleone. We have many people who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order for us to stay powerful.
Editor: New capo di tutti capi, you became the new underboss, Sonny left, Goodfellas joined, Joe died. How do you think these changes will effect the way Corleones run things?
Tolly: Well, Ruthless is known for his great shooting skills, but we also have many brains behind us. Michael Corleone is Ruthless’s advisor for the time being, and I have had many wars in the past. Then we have Goodfellas as the new consigliere. It will all depend on who crosses us. We may just kill them off, or we may come to a peaceful solution. Our new system will be worked out soon. We have only just made changes to the ranks. Sonny was a great corleone, but if someone wishes to leave us, then so be it, as long as they had a good enough reason. The Corleones will continue to become bigger and bigger, our enemies cannot hide from us. But we are reasonable enough to work out a peaceful solution in every situation.
Editor: Finally, is there anything you would like to shout out to the readers?
Tolly: There is actually. I am recruiting for my family now as I am active again, and I am accepting any loyal mafiosos. Message me for an invite.
Editor: Hey, you aren’t a paying sponsor for the AM Times. Advertise somewhere else.

In other news, will there ever be another president of American Mafia? Joe FuckNuts had launched a campaign to get hold of this position and has gathered many supporters. And what happened to the former president, Igor the Beast? The future in politics of American Mafia depends on getting active willing members into the office positions.

Edited and written by Joe FNuts