Twas The War Before Christmas

Twas the war before Christmas and all through the streets, was the blasts of gunshots, and blood curdling screams. As the residents of American Mafia tucked themselves in, there was a lone gunmen, planning to sin. He had one man in his sights by the name of Pazzo Moretti, and he just finished smoking a cigarette to keep his gun hand steady. He took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger, and created more work for the local grave digger.20191224_003517

When the news of this spread all through the town, it caused the infamous Royce “The Raven” Gambino to frown. He immediately grabbed his guns, and loaded them with full metal jackets. Then he paid a visit to one of the Jokers rackets. When he arrived on the scene, he seen some asylum guys, Royce didn’t hesitate to shoot when he locked eyes.

It was late at night and everyone was sleeping, everyone except Royce who was to busy creeping. With his gun in hand and death on his mind, he would execute each asylum member, one at a time. He believed it was the joker who killed his brother, so he vowed to kill The Asylum all because of that motherf***er

One by one he dropped each member, it truly was a cold cold day in December. It was so cold that the blood on the streets froze, and it was so cold that the snot ran from Royces nose.

《The Aftermath》

After Royces Rampage 14 American Mafia Legends had been shot dead, or wounded. Some have survived the shooting, but some weren’t that lucky. Mobsters and crime lords such as Lelouch, Ducard, PYREXX, AnthonyK, Outlaw, Gunnz Lucchese, Scarface Camonte, Jax Teller, and the list continues. All of the victims can be viewed in the image we provided of the AM cemetery

Mickie Fratesi admitted to being the lone gunmen who shot Pazzo. It turns out that he shot Pazzo because its believed that he had shot Brookie aka Baddie B.
Because of the situation and with Pazzo out of the hospital, Mickie made it his responsibility and duty to defend the weak and innocent. Mickie made his stand against Royce & Pazzo.

Mickie caught Royce and Pazzo at the local pub, a day before Christmas eve. They was enjoying each others Company, and drinking to celebrate their recent killing spree. Using a sniper rifle, Mickie shot Pazzo from a half mile away. The bullet shattered the bay window in the front of the restaurant. Customers got up and began running and screaming. Chaos ensues as the people resort to exiting the building in a stampede fashion.

As the people run for the closest exit, Mickie makes his way into the restaurant, walking directly through the chaotic crowd. Pazzo laid on the floor with blood pouring from his neck. The bullet just missed his jugular. Royce held his brother in his arms and hollered for help. Just then he looks up to see Mickie standing over them both.

Mickie raises his gun and points it at Royce. Right on cue Machine Gun Kelly smashes into the building using a white ford van. Mickie is thrown backward into a bunch of chairs and tables. As mickie got back on his feet, his two targets escaped via the van. Royce Gambino, Pazzo Moretti, and Machine Gun Kelly all escaped with their lives.

We thought it was all over until The Joker finally heard about the situation. Upon hearing the bad news he made it his duty to hunt the three mobsters down. He did manage to find MGK. Kelly was at a gas station refueling the same white van he used to smash into the restaurant. The joker rigged an explosive to the bottom of Kelly’s van.

MGK started the van and began to drive away. The bomb was a dud and didnt explode. Joker pulled out his pistol and aimed for the bomb which was strapped underneath the van. He shot 3 rounds and the third bullet struck its mark, blowing the van sky high. The van landed on another vehicle and trapped an elderly lady in her car.

The elderly lady didn’t survive as she was burned to death before the jaws of life could cut her out. MGK survived however and was pulled from the wreckage. He is currently staying at the hospital. We have received word that he is in stable but critical condition.


What began as a war between the Gambino Crime Family and The Arkum Asylum Regime has turned into a war involving just about everyone who is still alive. The Fratesi Crime Family has joined the Frey, helping the Asylum fight the Gambinos. Our sources also informed us that the Bad Company Regime is currently being reformed by Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, along with all of the Bad Company factions such as, The Noodles Crime Empire, and The Mad Angel’s, just to name a few. Word is that the Gambino Crime Family has gone into hiding. Royce Gambino has fled to a private island, where he will enjoy a mini vacation and some time off the streets. He can leave and strike at any moment, so keep your heads on a swivel.

Say a prayer for MGK and all the others who lay in the hospital during this holiday season. and on that note we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Until next time AM, happy holidays! Stay safe & have fun!