The Noodles Crime Empire/Organization

The Noodles Crime Empire/Organization is back on the streets of American Mafia! This old school, and original crime family/faction has been through it’s fair share of ups & downs.

The Noodles Crime faction is no stranger to war, it has washed its hands in the blood of its enemies for generations. They emerged from the ashes of war, like a Phoenix rises from the ashes. Established on a foundation of blood, sweat, and tears, The Noodles Crime Family was founded by, Benny Noodles directly after his 3 day war for the control of New York. Noodles-1

After Benny’s victory against Constantine, he was crowned as the states ruling Godfather, The Gambino Crime Family that was being lead by, Benny Noodles changed its name in honor and dedication to its brave, and fearless leader. The Noodles Crime Family was born and would go on to make AM history.

Mr. Benny “The Shadow” Noodles has decided to get his old crime family back up and running. To do so he has called upon his wife, and his younger brother, Anthony Noodles.

This old school faction still reigns supreme to this day, a decade in the game and still going strong shows how the Noodles regime has earned, and deserves its place in American Mafia.
Perhaps this faction will continue to be around for another 10 years, from 2010 to 2020 Mark’s a decade in the game.

The year 2020 is only weeks away. Will the Noodles Crime Organization still be around in the year 2030? We can only wait and see…

《Sons Of Anarchy Vs Agents Of Anarchy》

In other news the word on the street is that the Sons Of Anarchy are no longer operating on the streets of AM. The faction has been destroyed due to its newest leader, Happy Lowman being killed.1574421528060

Not long after the SOA President, Jax Teller was gunned down in cold blood his successor, Happy was shot and killed in cold blood aswell. Without a successor being named, or arranged the faction has been declared dead, or gone.

The Agent Of Anarchy title is for mobsters who have destroyed a faction by eliminating it in this same fashion. Killing the boss/leader of a faction, followed by the successors until the faction is destroyed and no longer exists.

Our sources have heard from the FBI that they have discovered the identity of those responsible for this horrific attack. An undercover agent has informed the FBI that this hit was orchestrated by “The Shadow” a.k.a. Benny Noodles, and ultimately carried out by a single man, the infamous killer known as “The Raven” a.k.a. Royce Gambino. These 2 reputed crime lords have shown they are true “AOA” (Agents Of Anarchy) by eliminating a faction completely.

《The Heavy Hitter Title》


The AM crowns yet another mobster with the prestigious “Heavy Hitter” title. Royce “The Raven” Gambino was the hitman who shot down the rogue who left the SOA (Sons Of Anarchy)

Its Blood In, Blood Out. Now that _Nino has paid the price of blood for leaving a faction without its blessing or permission is an act of disloyalty and it’s highly dishonorable. If Nino survives this contract hit we hope he learns his lesson and starts a “New Life” in “The Life”.

Since _Nino was a VIP, American Mafia Legend, Royce Gambino has rightfully earned the prestigious “Heavy Hitter” title. We salute Mr. Royce Gambino for keeping the AM streets clean. Benny has dubbed Royce as AMs “Street Sweeper” for keeping the streets clean, and trash free of mobsters who disobey, or break the mafia code, and the 10 commandments of the American Mafia.

It has been a pleasure reporting the recent current events of the American Mafia. Informing the public on what’s been going on in the AM underworld. Until next time AM, this is your AM Times Editor-In-Chief reminding you to stay safe & have fun!