The Dangerous Elite Of The American Mafia

Known as the Royal Elite Guard of AM. This tradition started back during the Golden Era Of AM. This secret society is known as the “Dangerous Elite 🎖” and it protects & supervises the American Mafia, making sure that the old ways, and old traditions of AM remain intact, and apart of the mafia society for generations to come. They also protect, and fight to preserve AMs history and the legacies of those who came before them, and of those who will come long after they are gone.


These honorable few believe that a man inst truly dead until he is forgotten. This is why they fight to preserve AM’s history so that younger generations will know who came before them.

Everyone knows there is a secret mafia code of conduct. It’s about how a man or woman is supposed to carry themselves, and how they are expected to act in this thing of ours. The “Old Ways” are that of duty, loyalty, honor, and respect. Mafiosi go far who follow this simple code.

Nobody truly knows who the dangerous elite are exactly. Its membership is highly classified. Apparently if you see them, you will be able to tell if they are a guardsman or not. Apparently members will have a coat of arms, or title tattooed on them. Some do not get the tattoo just so they cannot be traced back to the clan.

The Dangerous Elite are also referred to as The Killer Elite, due to the fact that all of its members are known as elite killers of the american mafia. Another name that this clan goes by is, “The Wolfpack”. A clan founded by Benny Noodles that’s similar to the legendary Bad Company. Membership to this elite clan is highly exclusive, reserved for only the “best of the best” that the american mafia has to offer.

The dangerous elite should be treated with the upmost respect. When you see a member you should salute him, or her. Salute them for making crime pay again, and for fighting to preserve AMs history and ways of life.

“Kings/Legends never die” can be a true quote now that these elite guardsmen are on duty, patrolling the american mafia. God have mercy on your soul if your goal is to ruin the old traditions of the american mafia way of life, and destroy the history/legacies that have went into building the game we have all grown to love and enjoy (


《Royce “The Raven” Gambino Returns》

3f6baba1e63148b611e70e417439ca59We have just heard from our sources that the infamous contract killer known as The Raven has returned to the cold streets of AM. He has returned by being captured by FBI and locked up in the A.A. (Arkum Asylum). He was on the run for awhile, jumping from country to country. He was finally caught in Asia. Thailand to be exact. He was extradited back to the United States to receive his punishment for all of his horrendous crimes. He has been arrested on 250 counts of murder. These are the only ones that police have proof of. We believe there’s hundreds more that they do not even know about.

Royce Gambino got 2 life sentences and wont be getting out of prison anytime soon. He has been locked up in the same cell block as The Shadow, Benny Noodles, The Joker, Chapo Guzman, and Baddie B, Brookie. These 4 inmates have the entire cell block on lock-down.


《Late Night Motor Vehicle Accident》

Breaking News!!! The boss and leader of the SOA (Sons Of Anarchy) was rushed to the hospital the other night. He suffered gunshot wounds and an accident on his motorcycle. Authorities say Jax was traveling at a high rate of speed on the highway. Somebody pulled up beside his and began shooting. Jax was hit multiple times in the upper body and lower body. resized_99261-sons-of-anarchy_96-18750_t800

He crashed his motorcycle after the shooting, running off the road, he smashed a huge oak tree that was located in a forest on the side of the interstate. He is currently in the hospital in Florida where he was hanging out for the annual “Bike Week”.

He was riding his new motorcycle around, showing off. Somebody must of been watching him and stalking him. They waited until he was in the open and by himself on the highway. Police beleive he was the only vehicle traveling that night and that their was no witnesses to the incident. Police detectives and FBI are investigating and will let us know what they find out.


《Death In D.C.》

Another mobster was gunned down the same night that Jax Teller was gunned down. It was a few hours north in Washington D.C., “District Of Columbia”.
The nation’s capital is also known as the murder capital since the crime rate and murder rate has skyrocketed this year.

This killing of Scarface_Ricky is just another one to add to the hundreds of other people killed on capital hill. It doesn’t surprise us with how much corruption and crime there is going on in DC. Apparently this mobster was killed because the Black Hand and AMUE thought that he was an undercover FBI agent. Word on the street is he was asking alot of questions about other gangsters who was marked for death, and who’s deaths was organized by The Hand & AMUE.

The politics are causing residents to protest the president and White House in DC. With elections coming up soon, tensions between the Democrats and Republicans rise. Make sure you get out and vote this upcoming election day folks. Until next time America, stay safe and have fun!