The Clean-Up and The Union

Las Vegas, Nevada – Tony’s Bistro

Sometime between the 11th and 21st of August

“The business at hand my friend, your guys have killed two leaders of the DeMeo faction. Hailing himself the Destroyer of the DeMeo family. It can’t be so public! We have rules and that means the feds, the Governors, and for fuck sake! The President of the United States doesn’t know of our existence. We are a society of the chosen and having him doing that, puts a bad name on who and what we do in this world. Do you understand that, Leo?”

The bossman dressed in his usual attire now which consisted of a blue jacket, jeans, and a Boonie hat. He didn’t even look a powerful Big Boss, he simply looked a nut off the street, like Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante. One of the idiots who actually led the way of life for a long time after the downfall of John Gotti and the then Gambino Family…

“I understand and the ways have changed, the feds are going to take one look at us and think, okay, they’re mobsters but we’re not out here announcing our intentions. When we do, they’ll know and it isn’t because we killed a mass group of fifteen mobsters in one go like Al Capone. There will be no massacres, the way of our life has changed many times over and the Union needs to stay where they are.”

Scoffing, the man now leaned forward, bringing one of the Commission guards to slowly inch his hand towards his pocket. Watching the man carefully, approaching a boss, regardless of position was not seen as something that people did with ease or allowed at times.

“Listen here, Leo. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than you, we’ve survived the Corleone’s, Barzini’s, Fratesi’s, and the odd little arse trying to make something of himself and his crew. The Union has dictated the rules in this life for over a century and we are not going to have you fucking that up! So, get Valentine to pull that off, otherwise…we’ll be having a different talk, the DeMeo’s are dead, we understand that. It can’t be public that an Organized group such as yourself was…involved.”

With a small sigh, Leo ‘Spacey’ Spaceman leaned forward and gave the man a small pat on his cheek. His eyes holding that ‘one more demand and you’re dead look’ and it was easy to see that he was making sure he got that through. Motioning for the waitress to bring the check as he stood from his seat.

“Ray, you and your boys got nothing to worry about, our keep my boys occupied for now, alright? Don’t think I don’t understand the way of life or how you’ve been holding it down for the past few years when a lot of our guys were out of the picture. Now we’re in control and we are looking to consolidate our power, if a few eggs need to be cracked for that to happen, then you know that is the way our life goes.”

Without another word, The Commission stepped out into the sunny state, they were in Vegas and it seemed like Vincent’s handy work had gotten their attention. He sighed, at least knowing the involvement of his other associate was kept hush, for now, no one was finding out about that for right now. With a small sigh, he stepped into the Cadillac and told his driver to head to his compound.

“We gotta handle this, you know that?”

A small nod was all it took for Spacey to know that The Union was going to be a problem for them in the future.