The Beginning Of A New Year/Era

We are witnessing the beginning of not only a new year but a new era. The age of American Mafia being the most realistic mafia experience you can find on the world wide web is upon us. The streets of AM have been bustling lately, with new updates and changes taking place right before our own eyes. There have been rumors circulating the streets, and the public has a right to know the truth! We will continue to dig and comb through all the rumors to uncover the truth, then we will report it to you “the public”

This new age/era will be known as the age of making AM great again! Its the “Realistic Age” and it’s up to the AM community to work together in a sense to make AM as realistic as possible. 20200128_131704

The new world order that rules AM these days stand for the old mafia traditions and as long as they are in control of AM the underworld will be as realistic as possible.

Just recently there has been a brand new order created to supervise and advise American Mafia. It’s being referred to as The National Crime Syndicate “NCS”, and this is the new ruling commission of American Mafia. It is at the very top of the chain of command and is above The Black Hand Council & AM Upper Echelon.

In order to become a member/commissioner of this ruling order, a player must first have been a member/chairmen of the ruling committee of AM, “The AMUE” (American Mafia Upper Echelon). Then the player must have been promoted and earned their spot as Councilman of The Black Hand Council.

Players must also be at least “NCSVP” (National Crime Syndicate Vice President) Rank or higher, only then is a player truly eligible to become a member of the “NCS” (National Crime Syndicate). “The Syndicate” recruits its members from “The Black Hand Council”. The councilman becomes a commissioner of the National Crime Syndicate when they finally get picked for promotion. Usually, it’s traditional, or customary to throw a big party, a huge celebration happens when someone is promoted.

When you become a member of the Syndicate you get to pick one other person to join on your behalf to represent you when your not around, or present.
The chain of command (hierarchy), or “Order of AM” is finally complete, with the National Crime Syndicate at the very top of the chain, they ultimately call the shots.

The Black Hand receives its orders from The Syndicate, and “The Hand” enforces the Syndicates order/rule, they supervise and advise “The AMUE”. On “collection day” The Hand has to “kick up” weekly collections that have been kicked up to them by the A.M.U.E. The Upper Echelon Of AM consists of all the official state supervisors/rulers, and as the owner of the state, they are responsible for collecting the weekly taxes from all the various factions and crews residing in their state/territory.

Each week the state supervisor of each state collects the taxes from all the other bosses of the other factions residing and conducting business on their turf. Pay your taxes to ue to operate in that state where your criminal organization headquarters is located.

Basically the small-time factions and crews operate in their respected states, the money they make from all the money-making schemes they have such as extortion, racketeering, gambling, prostitution, and drugs, is then used to pay the taxes, kicked up to the higher-ups, after it’s been washed (laundered), which is the process of turning dirty money into clean money. The AMUE is responsible for collecting the taxes from each state. They are also the ones who launder the money. Because of this, they receive a cut of the revenue. A small percentage is given to the AMUE Committee its chairmen. They take their cut from the tax revenue collected, and then they kick it on up the ladder to the Black Hand Council.

Once the taxes are kicked up to the state supervisors it is then kicked up to The Black Hand, but only after the AMUE takes its share/percentage. The Hand then takes its “cut” percentage (%) and kicks it on up the ladder to The Syndicate, where then it is distributed among themselves. A percentage of the taxes go into the commission’s treasury.


《United States Government 🇺🇸》

One of the main sources that we receive information from is none other than the United States Federal Government. The various entities within the federal government are very important sources of information for the AM Times News Crew.

Information on important things happening in the AM community such as weekly police reports, informing the public about criminal activities taking place in their local neighborhoods. The feds are usually the first ones on the scene and they make for a great source to know about something as soon as it happens, or as it happens.

There are several different entities (groups) within the Federal Government. These groups are controlled by an official person. They are known as American Mafia Staff Members. A few of them are known as the joint chiefs of staff and are in a higher position than regular staff members. The Joint Chiefs are the following US Government officials, @IRS, @FBI, @CIA, @NSA, @DEA, @ATF, and @SEC.

Feel free to contact any of these officials if you need help or have any questions. You can also contact them if you have any valid information about illegal activities happening on the streets of American Mafia.

Please report any bugs, or glitches, exploiting glitches is an illegal activity, therefore it’s a crime and can result in harsh punishment. Becoming gagged or banned is usually the punishment so make sure, to be honest when reporting bugs & glitches.


《Interview With The F.B.I.》

The F.B.I. (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) also known as “The Feds” are responsible for giving us a good bit of our classified info. They are usually always very busy with investigations, and they will report their verdict on various investigations that they have finally finished to the AM Times Office to be published in the latest issue of the newspaper.

When you think your not being watched is when you are being watched the most. Remember this, the new era we are living in is one that is so advanced in technology, that it’s all around us in many different forms. Cameras are everywhere these days, it seems that you are always on camera no matter where you go. Microphones can be planted anywhere these days and your conversations can be recorded to be played at a later time, in the court of law.

The feds are always listening… Using tactics such as “The R.I.C.O Act” the feds (FBI) can wiretap our phones, listen in on all our phone calls, plant “bugs” in our homes while we are not there. They can use various technological gadgets such as the cameras on our smartphones, computers, TVs, and even the apps we use day to day like Google, it’s all designed by the government to ultimately do one thing, spy on us…

FBI agents like to blend in with the public, for example, that cable guy across the street, hooking up that satellite dish at your new neighbors house, the old man that walks his dog while he talks to the neighborhood, and the lady that jogs by your house every morning, can all be orchestrated by the feds. What appears to be the normal “average” everyday sequences and activities taking place in our neighborhood can all be fake and a set up for what the feds like to call a “sting operation”

We interviewed the director of the FBI and he gave us plenty of information. The NSA (National Security Agency) & CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) work in tandem with the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) gathering information and evidence that will ultimately help in the eradication of illegal activities that have been taking place on the streets of AM for a very long time. All of these entities of the US Federal Government are also known as American Mafia Staff Members and are considered as the “AM Admin Team 👥” (American Mafia Administration)

The IRS is yet another entity of the United States Government and with tax season right around the corner, we would like to take this time to remind everyone to file their taxes this year, the deadline creeps up on us quicker than you may think. The IRS is responsible for monitoring all bank accounts, and transactions. This helps them fight against counterfeiting, money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities regarding the currency of the united states, known as United States Dollars or “USD”.

There is alot of information that was released to us from the US Governments DOJ (Department Of Justice). The whereabouts of various crime lords, new game features and updates coming soon, and a reminder about the upcoming election process which is coming very soon! We urge everyone to get out and vote to make a difference in the AM community.

《Classified Section》 
• Ad #1: New Jobs/Positions Available:
Author: NCS – National Crime Syndicate
1.) Chairman – Become A Chairman by Joining The A.M.U.E. Members of the AM Upper Echelon Are Known As Chairmen.
•Ad #2: New Updates & Changes
Author: @FBI




~New Updates & Changes~

The AM Admin Team has been hard at work, here are just a few new updates and changes that you, the players have been asking about for a while…

That’s right AM!…

We have been listening…

• Players can activate the Vacation item anytime without needing to contact

the staff.

• Many Island restrictions have been removed, giving people plenty of things

to do. (Vacation Mode)

• Additional Airplane routes have been added to all Islands, so while on

Vacation you can visit all the islands.

• We have made changes to the Murder algorithm to implement a bit more

Fairness to all players.

• New missions will be added soon

• Mugging and Kidnapping time Restrictions have been lowered (helps with missions)

• Missions can be reset by activating the marketplace item anytime without contacting Staff.

• OJBs will be available on the Islands (Vacation Mode)

• Players still can NOT kill anyone on an island (Vacation Mode)

• Crew Name Item Available: Players can now purchase the crew name item from the

marketplace. Activating this item let’s The player name his/hers Crew “Clan”

(Secret Society) (Roleplay Feature)

*Players with the same crew name in their profiles means they are members

of the same crew thats on their profiles. The same crew name links players

together just as if they was family*

• New Titles Available: The “SS Title” & “CC Title” are now


– The “SS” (State Supervisor) Title:

Can be achieved by becoming a State Ruler/Supervisor (Owner).

Must hold ownership of a state for a certain amount of time. Usually players

Must hold ownership of the state without any interruptions, for a minimum

of 5 days (120 Hours)

The title will be awarded to you automatically once you have met the

requirements, which is simply holding the ownership of a state For 5 days

(120 Hours)

– The “CC” (Commander & Chief) Title:

Can be achieved by becoming the head commissioner (Leader) of the

National Crime Syndicate.

This positionIs also is known as the Kingpin/SupervisorOf AM, or Overall Ruler of AM.

They are basically the President of the American Mafia Underworld

so they are referred to as the Commander & Chief Of American Mafia.

If you have ruled the whole entire game before then you qualify to receive this

cool new title.

• The Hitman feature has been removed.

• Politicians cannot be killed anymore.

However they can be bribed possibly If they are truly corrupt, this will mean

The political game will actually serve a real purpose.

• Political Mode: Activate political mode by purchasing a political item from the

marketplace. There are 3 items to choose from, State Cardinal, State Governor,

And President. Activate the items and become the position you desire.

More to come…