The Asylum Regime & The Wolf Pack

We are reporting to you live from the scene of the massive riot that took place a month ago. Walking down the memory lane, we wanted to walk everybody through these horrific events that took place nearly a month ago. We are at the Arkum Asylum Federal Penitentiary where the inmates staged a take over on a grand scale, and ultimately won!

The – Arkum Asylum 🃏 – , also known as “The Asylum Regime” had taken over the island completely. All of the prison staff had been taken hostage and there was 4 men that was ultimately responsible for causing the riot. The ring leaders, and masterminds behind everything was none other than, Chapo “The Joker” Guzman, and his 2nd in command/underboss, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles.1575511559182 (1)

The next two regime members are known as the Generals, or Warlords, Gunnz “The Bull” Lucchese, and Royce “The Raven” Gambino. Before you can get to The Joker & The Shadow, you have to get through The Bull & The Raven. Its self explanatory what these two mobsters do. They are two “Heavy Hitters” you do NOT want to mess with. God have mercy on your soul if either of these two are after you, they kill without mercy.

These 4 inmates are the head honchos of the Asylum Regime, and a few of the top shot callers of the American Mafia. Pulling the strings on the streets from the seclusion of a maximum security prison, on an island makes the Asylum Regime almost untouchable.

The Asylum Regime is a member and 1/5 of The Black Hand. Being the biggest faction of the black hand makes them the top dawg. They call the shots and control the majority of what happens on the streets of AM. Nothing happens on the streets without it traveling all the way up the chain of command.

The inmates totally overran the complex that fateful day, declaring it their headquarters, and base of operations. The Joker made a phone call to the president of the united states. In exchange for the hostages, the Joker asked for a full pardon for him, and all of the other inmates. He also asked to be left alone to rule the prison, keeping it as their “Base/HQ”. He also warned the president that if he broke this deal in anyway, shape, or form, that they would eliminate him, and relieve him of his duties.

The president accepted the terms and conditions of the offer he couldn’t refuse. He saved the lives of many by accepting the deal. The Asylum regime held their end of the bargain and released all the hostages except one as they agreed upon. They kept the warden just in case the government didn’t honor their part of the deal.

The warden was scheduled to be released a month from that day, as long as the government doesn’t try and break the deal by going after the Asylum Regime. The Asylum announced that they would release the warden. This would bring the standoff situation to an end, making the asylum victorious in this standoff.

They released the warden almost two weeks ago, and the government and president hasn’t tried to make a move against the asylum. It appears that the authorities cannot contain these heathens. Are they truly unstoppable, or untouchable? Will they go on to defy the odds? Stay tuned ladies & gentlemen, and find out!

《The Wolf Pack: History/Back Story》

The clan known as “The Dangerous Elite” as everyone knows is also known as “The Wolf Pack”. It originally derived from a “tight knit” crew of 7 mobsters, The Shadow, aka Benny Noodles, The Joker, aka Chapo Guzman, The Raven, aka Royce Gambino, The Bull, aka Gunnz Lucchese, The Dude, aka Mickie Fratesi, The Wolf, aka Buzzy Noodles, & Scarface, aka Antonio Camonte.1576007660015

These seven mobsters have a long history together. They all either grew up together, or dealt with each other at one time or another. Their paths crossed several times and they have made their bones in the American Mafia Underworld along side each other. Some of them have even fought one another several times. So these men have definitely shed blood together, in one way or another.

They all have been locked up several times together, and have formed an unbreakable bond between them. While they was all locked up in prison, they formed their own prison gang to stand their ground and survive. This is where they really became tight and became the rock solid crew they are today. It wasn’t long after, the Arkum Asylum’s top crew/gang was the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack was born in the prison system, and would eventually grow to become a notorious crew of killers. The 7 men we named are the original seven founders of the Wolfpack, and the forefathers who started it all.

This group would grow overtime with new members and going from a small crew, to a large clan. This clan contains the most dangerous and deadly contract killers of the american mafia. Becoming a member of this society of killers is very exclusive. Think of the military’s special forces group, and that is basically what you have with the Wolf Pack a.k.a. Dangerous Elite 🎖™️.1576007804735

After the prison riot/take over where the Wolfpack took over the Arkum Asylum, a couple of its members left the asylum and went back out on the streets of AM to reform their old families/factions. Those who stayed behind are still Wolfpack affiliated, but taking on the name “The Asylum Regime”, and ultimately running the prison island as their HQ.

Beware out there everybody! There’s some ruthless mobsters out and about. Until next time AM, this is your Editor-In-Chief reminding you to be safe & have fun!