Rise Of The National Crime Syndicate

Rumor on the streets is that a new world order of AM known as “The Syndicate” has officially been established by 4 reputed crime lords. The Black Hand & AMUE has basically been reformed to form the National Crime Syndicate. The remaining crime lords that remained after the great war which took place during the holiday season has decided to make this move. The smoke has settled and the war appears to be over. Now it’s time to rebuild from the ashes. inCollage_20200203_182702637

The remaining crime lords that we know of that could possibly be members of this ruling commission are, Royce “The Raven” Gambino, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, Mr Gunnz “The Bull” Fratesi, and Don Tropiana. These bosses and their respected crime factions, Gambino, Noodles, Fratesi, and Tropiana, make up the New National Crime Syndicate of AM. These top factions and their leaders are known as the founding fathers/factions of the NCS (National Crime Syndicate)

It took us a very long time to finally infiltrate the Black Hand and AMUE. We can only assume that things are similar with this order and the last order, since it’s the same old order, its just changed and evolved with the new age/era of AM.



The National Crime Syndicate is now the new home of all the “SS” State Supervisors (state owners/rulers). A new title has been released for players who become a state supervisor. Players must hold ownership of a state without any interruptions for a total of 5 days, or 120 hours.20200201_135134

Once you meet this requirement you will be rewarded with the fancy “State Supervisor Title”. Once you receive this title, and achieve the rank of NCSVP (National Crime Syndicate Vice President) you are then eligible for membership we believe. There could possibly be other requirements that we haven’t uncovered yet. We can only keep digging and reporting everything we find out to be true facts.

With the ruling order of AM reforming and re-branding itself we can only hope this is a sign of good things to come! A more realistic approach has been wanted, and needed on AM for a very long time, it’s about time it’s finally going to become reality. The Syndicate vows to make AM great again.

We have already seen tremendous growth, progress, and change! So far it seems that everyone is liking what they have been seeing. We can only hope and pray that things continue on a positive path! It’s basically all up to American Mafia however and its community of players and supporters.

This order was established February 1st, 2020, with the intent to be the ruling commission of American Mafia for generations to come. It will become tradition to keep this order alive and in charge for decades to come. If all the members are killed, it will be tradition to become the new members of this commission and keeping the name the same. The history of this world order will be recorded in the pages of AM history.

《Mickie Fratesi Shot & In Critical Condition!》

Hello AM, we regret to Inform you that American Mafia Legend, Mickie Fratesi was shot last week in his Florida Mansion. The Mayor of Florida is outraged about the spike in fatalities due to the latest mob war. The Fratesi & Gambino Crime Organizations had unfinished business from the past, during the war that had recently began during the holiday season! We hoped it wouldn’t come down to this, but we feared that it might. Sure enough our fears and nightmares came to become reality, with The Legend, Mickie “The Dude” Fratesi being shot in his bed, in cold blood.

Mickie was due to have back surgery and he had undergone a quick and painless procedure that was ultimately a success. He was recovering at his florida estate, doing daily rehabilitation with in home health care, mickie was on track for a full recovery and no more back pain. In his old age his back has really been giving him problems. Those days was history as mickie was 2 weeks away from recovering fully.

An unknown man who claimed he was with dish network had pulled up to the main gate and pushed the buzzer. He showed some paperwork and ID and the gate opened. When the van made it’s way up to the mansion, 2 men got out of the van and walked to the back of it. Opening the doors to the back of the van the man on the left jumped in and began handing weapons to the other man.

The two men made their way upto the front doors of the mansion. When the doormen went to frisk them they made their move and silenced the two guards and sat them on each side of the double doors in the front of the mansion. The two gunmen split up, one going upstairs and the other one going downstairs. Eventually the one who went upstairs had found their target.

Mickie was laying in bed just watching the television. The five o’clock news was on and Mickie had dozed off unintentionally. With the war still technically raging between the Fratesi and Gambino factions, among others such as “The Asylum” it was not very smart for Mickie to go through with the back surgery and put himself in such a vulnerable state. He wasn’t being guarded very well for a mob boss involved in a mob war, and it showed when the gunmen shot him without running into anymore guards. The gunmen that took the downstairs was notified that gunmen one hit their mark. The two men rendezvous-ed back at the dish network van and made their escape, unopposed.

Police and medics made it to the scene just in time to save Mickie from fortunate death. He is currently in the hospital now undergoing more surgery to save his life from this shooting. We pray for him and his family that he pulls through. Doctors also informed mickie that the back surgery would need to be redone as well since the bullets that hit him in his torso traveled and hit his spine. He is currently in critical condition and paralyzed from the waist down. The professionals say he may never walk again! We pray that isnt true, and that he pulls through to walk the AM streets again.

“They” said the same thing about Mr. Benny Noodles in his last shooting. He managed to make a 100% full recovery and regained the ability to walk! He also went on to get back into the game by running for president of AM, January of 2020. He won by a landslide and during his first term he managed to “Make AM Great Again!”

He totally changed the entire political game and helped make it more interesting for others to get involved in. Rome wasnt built in a day and neither will AM. President Benny Noodles has done well at getting us started in the right direction. He has been one of the main driving factors behind the new era of AM.

With Mickie “The Dude” being taken out of action, his right hand man has taken over the leadership role of The Fratesi Crime Organization. His RHM is none other than Mr. Gunnz “The Bull” Fratesi. During his watch there has already been major changes take place in his bosses absence. The new commission has been reformed and the Fratesi Organization definitely deserves a seat at that table. Mr. Gunnz Fratesi, and Royce Gambino made peace between their two factions, Fratesi & Gambino. War is officially over on the streets of AM for now, and a time of peace has begun with top faction leaders reforming the governing body of American Mafia.

We received Intel from one of our sources that the feds are, and always have been watching the Fratesi. They plan to always keep an eye on them as they are usually a big player in the “AM Underworld”.

We are sure if the day comes when Mickie makes his return his seat will be there for him if he wants it. Gunnz Fratesi has made sure of that in this new day and age. The Fratesi faction is an old school faction with a long history. If your looking for work and need to join a family to call “home” feel free to get in contact with the boss, or any member of the Fratesi.

《Gambino Crime Family》

The Leader/Boss Of The Gambino Crime Organization, Royce “The Raven” Gambino is believed to be the man responsible for bringing the “NCS idea” to everyone’s attention. After having a sit down (meeting) with a few of the other faction leaders, he convinced them to reform the ruling order of AM. The department of justice has been trying to maintain a close eye and ear on any and all things happening these days on the streets. Mr. Benny Noodles, Gunnz Fratesi, and Don Tropiana listened to Royce and ultimatly liked his idea. Together they would become the founding fathers of the National Crime Syndicate. These top faction leaders have also become the US Government TOP 100s Most Wanted, as the federal bureau of investigation along with many of the other law enforcement agencies have started a nationwide manhunt. They are hunting for The Raven for several counts of 1st degree murder.

The Gambino Crime Family HQ is believed to be located in the great empire state, New York. It’s not sure which part of New York they are running these days but we would like to say it’s still the same place, Brooklyn, New York. We will make sure to find out more info regarding the Gambino HQ location. Any mobsters looking for a family to call “home” can contact the boss of the Gambino Faction, or any other member.

The Gambinos have been a highly respected and powerful organization over the years. It’s a crime faction with a very long history. It has had many great bosses and leaders over the years. It’s also the same exact family that Mr. Benny Noodles had once taken over and managed way back in the “AMFU Era” (Golden Age Of AM).

It would only be a few years later that a different player would claim the great Gambino name and reform the Gambino Crime Family. That players name is none other than Royce “Raven” Gambino. Ever since then the American Mafia Legend, Royce Gambino has been known, and regarded as the Gambinos true boss (leader). He has the rightful claim to the thrown. Royce’s bloodline is what’s known as or regarded as a royal bloodline. Until the day comes that he gives the rightful claim to somebody else it will be considered as his. As long as his bloodline is alive he reserves the right to own and run the Gambino Crime Family/Faction.

《La Famiglia Tropiana》

Another Faction at the new Commissions table is a fairly new faction, La Famiglia Tropiana, and its Leader/Boss Don Tropiana. Its believed that his bloodline runs all the way back to a very famous mobster, known by many as Ric_. He was the right hand man and underboss of the Barzini Crime Family, under LeftyTwoGuns.

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Barzini Empire ruled American Mafia. If we say, 1 year real time was, or is the equivalent to 10 years AM Time, then that would of been about 20 or 30 years ago. Alot of gangsters from that time are either dead, or in jail. So it’s only right that a few mobsters from that day and age are still alive to this day and apart of this newest ruling commission, The NCS, National Crime Syndicate.

Don Tropiana is a very fair and cool boss. Anyone looking to join this faction can do so by contacting the boss himself, or any other member you may see on the street.

《Noodles Crime Organization/Empire》

The Noodles Crime Organization also has a seat at the new commissions table, as one of its co-founding factions. Benny “Shadow” Noodles is the boss/leader of the Noodles Faction, and is another prime example of a royal bloodline. Benny’s bloodline has the rightful claim to many factions of the past and present. Of course the Noodles Crime Family that bares his name belongs to him, but he also has the rightful claim to other factions such as, Bad Company, Black Hand, “AMUE” AM Upper Echelon, “LOS” League Of Shadows, Dangerous Elite, Mad Angel’s, Wolfpack, and The Bloodline are all the different types of groups and societies that he has basically founded, or co-founded over the years.yuqdngD

Shadow (Mr. Benny), is a man of honor and respect, and he believes in the “old school ways”. He is a very traditional man, he believes in the mafias strict code of “Omerta” and he has sworn to uphold and protect the traditions and mafia code of conduct. Mr. Benny Noodles was entirely made up from nothing once upon a time. It’s mainly because of that is why he is known as and considered as an “OG” (Original Gangster) of AM.

inCollage_20200209_104302789It is said that “A Noodles member always tells the truth, even when they lie” and is the factions motto. It basically just means that they are very truthful and believe in honesty and loyalty above all else. Noodles members are expected to be loyal, honest, respectful, and honorable. This outfit actually has some morals even though they are a motley crew of misfits and psychos. Very dangerous and deadly these guys can be very nasty and we advise to tread lightly on their turf. One wrong step and they will rip your legs off!

The compound HQ of the Noodles Organization is located in the state of Maryland. They rule over this state as their home and will stop at nothing to maintain their control. Respect them and they will respect you. Anyone looking for work and interested in joining this faction can contact the boss, or any member of the Noodles outfit.

That’s all we have to report for this week AM. Until next week, stay safe & have fun!