President Shadow Wins His 2nd Term! Race For The White House Feb 2020

The race for the White House is finally officially over and the results are in! The February 2020 election was a long drawn out process, due to new technology. Instead of the old school paper ballots, the committee is trying a new voting app. Due to numerous errors with the tally and the app crashing constantly, they decided to do the paper ballets. Sometimes the old school ways are just easier and simpler.

The front runner for the republican party was none other than candidate Mr. Shadow, chairman of the RNC (Republican National Committee). His opposition was candidate Jimmy_Vallo.
It was a tight race with the two candidates being neck and neck in the latest polls. After the huge rally in Florida last week, it seemed that Shadow had gained more momentum by securing the popular vote and the majority vote of the electoral college. Florida became a red state, controlled by republicans once again.

Winning Florida is exactly what Mr. Shadow needed to win the February 2020 election. It was on the 14th day, also known as Valentine’s day that Shadow was officially sworn into office.

The inauguration of president Shadow was an exciting event and even more spectacular than his first inauguration, which took place in January 2020. Some of the biggest, most famous musicians and actors of our time were in attendance.

Following the spectacular inauguration event, there was a concert put on to celebrate the POTUS. The rock groups ACDC, Metallica, and The Who, were just some of the entertainers who put on one of the biggest events of 2020. It was truly a night to remember for our nation’s capital. inauguration-presidential

Before the music could start however the president spoke to the people and swore an oath to fight corruption on capital hill and drain the “swamp”. He also promised to keep AM great! Healthcare reform is one of the first things on his agenda. Under the Shadow Administration, the nation will be rejuvenated, with president Shadow focusing on our nation’s economy. We can also look forward to tax cuts that are planned to happen within the next few days.

With the stock market still in the gutter the American people have been experiencing a recession. We can only hope that Mr. Shadow is the right man for the job. He did say that it was on his to-do list along with many other things. We believe that if anyone can get the stock market back up and boom that it’s him. The economy will be booming again with the American people investing in stocks etc.

This president’s agenda is by far the biggest one we have ever seen. Shadow is definitely the right man for the job, and can get it done!

With the help of his cabinet (administration) advising him on certain affairs. President Shadow has appointed his former opponent and fellow republican Jimmy Vallo as his Vice President Of The United States.

《President Shadows Administration🏛》

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The tradition of the Cabinet dates back to the beginnings of the Presidency itself. Established in Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, the Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.

The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Justice, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General.

In order of succession to the Presidency:

The Shadow Administration/Regime:

The President of the United States:

Shadow [®️Republican]

Vice President of the United States:
Jimmy Vallo [®️Republican]

Department of State:
Secretary : _______________

Department of the Treasury:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Defense:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Justice:
Attorney General : _______________

Department of the Interior:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Agriculture:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Commerce:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Labor:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Health and Human Services:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Housing and Urban Development:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Transportation:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Energy:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Education:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Veterans Affairs:
Secretary :

Department of Homeland Security:
Secretary : _______________

The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:

White House Chief of Staff:

Environmental Protection Agency:
Administrator : _______________

Office of Management & Budget:
Director : _______________

United States Trade Representative:
Ambassador :_______________

United States Mission to the United Nations:
Ambassador : ________________

Council of Economic Advisers:
Chairman : _________________

Small Business Administration:
Administrator : _______________

《Republican National Committee “RNC”》

Greetings everybody. The republican party on the right can feel proud that their candidate, and head chairman of the conservative party, Mr. Shadow, won the February 2020 presidential election. The Republican conservatives now have control of the Senate as well as Congress. Now they have the presidency.

Contact the chairman “Shadow” if you wish to join the right. The right is always accepting new members of their party. They do not discriminate in any way and have a true conservative attitude.

The RNC has become the biggest, most powerful political Party and considered as a political powerhouse. The United States is in good hands with the republicans in control.

Shadow had no competition from the left whatsoever and his only opponent was a fellow Republican, Jimmy_Vallo. Mr. Shadow made a comment at his last rally, saying that he would endorse his fellow republican in the next election for POTUS.

With the endorsement and support of the current president of AM, we believe that Mr. Jimmy Vallo will be one of the best candidates in the next election campaign.

《Democratic National Committee “DNC”》

Can the democrats somehow get back on their feet, and get a foothold in the Senate & Congress? Without the majority belonging to them anymore, it will be very complicated for the left to regain control of the government. If you wish to try and get the left-back on its feet, you can register to vote and join the DNC. Without a chairman or leader, the Democrats have no real chance at regaining the control they need and want.

The democratic donkey title is for democrats to show their affiliation with the political party. Players can receive the title by registering to vote and emailing the AM Admin Team, ask to receive the democratic donkey title.logo2>

Registering to vote officially means that a player must decide which political party they will be apart of and join. It’s not technically official until you receive the corresponding political title of your respected party. Only then you are officially a registered voter and therefore considered to be more legitimate then players who do NOT register.

Contact the AM Admin Team and ask to receive a political title. As of right now, there are only 2 political parties. The left party is known as the Democrat Party, and the right party, known as the Republican Party. Rumors are circulating regarding a 3rd political party on the rise known as the independent party. We can only be patient and wait to see if this becomes a reality.

《The National Crime Syndicate “NCS”》

The Syndicate has been established successfully as the ruling/governing body of American Mafia. With that being said, the 4 founding fathers of the NCS have gone on to establish the official American Mafia Commission (AMC).

The AMC is the overall ruling body of AM. The Commission controls the Syndicate more or less, with the Syndicate enforcing the will of the Commission. Between the two AM committees they govern American Mafia successfully, and very fair.

The Commission is super top secret. It has been the most difficult to infiltrate. The only thing we can tell you is that the commission is at the very top of the underworld hierarchy/ladder. The top faction leaders of AM are the members of this exclusive coalition.

The National Crime Syndicate is right behind it, or under it. The NCS helps the commission control and manage the entire country. From the Commissions base of operations (HQ) in New York, the AMC can manage everything through the NCS since the Syndicate is made up of all the state supervisors.

It’s the most sophisticated system that they have set up. They have developed a form of government basically, and have been governing the entire American Mafia Underworld. We have noticed this and so have the public. The crime rate and murder rates are at all-time lows.

Due to this new era of AM a lot has changed and is still in the process of changing. The public is beginning to wonder if the mob or Mafia even exists. There has been rumors circulating that the United States Government is planning a massive crackdown on the organized crime world.

It could very well be this so-called crackdown that everyone keeps talking about that has the mob on their toes. Almost overnight the Mafia has disappeared, going from a mysterious entity that everyone knew existed because of daily shootings, and killings happening on the streets, in the direct view of the public even.

The times are changing and with the government cracking down on organized crime, the feds are driving the mob into the darkness where they can hide and pretend to not exist. We believe the mob is wanting everyone to think that the feds have completely wiped out the Mafia underworld. This way they can continue to operate in secret and prosper.

With this new order calling the shots within the organized crime world, it is very obvious that they have a huge plan, or agenda to establish the most realistic mafia experience ever! They are bringing back the old school mafias methods such as omerta, and the tradition of blood in, blood out.

Blood in, blood out means that a person has to spill blood in order to join or leave a faction/family. Spilling blood means to kill somebody. If you wanna join you must kill. If you wanna leave “the life” which means leave a faction/family then blood needs to be spilled again. However, this usually means the blood of the person who is leaving. You leave, you die.

Swimming with the fishes is usually what gangsters and mobsters end up doing when they leave an organized crime family/faction. However, there are special occasions where this isn’t the case. They could actually want you to kill somebody else in order to be able to leave. Sometimes they will make you kill a certain number of people before being able to leave. Sometimes when you reach that number your then killed. They say it’s almost impossible to leave life with your life, but there has been a small few to actually achieve the impossible.

That’s all we have for this week ladies & gentlemen. Until next week, stay safe & have fun!