Corleone Commission War Part III

The AM Times:: Corleone-Commission War – Day One – Part III

Our Lady of Fringilla’s Hospital: Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s days like this brother that I wonder what the heck you’re doing….”

A smoke between his lips, his eyes cloudy as his body was aching, Ares found himself talking to Michael Lantegella, he was a made man for the former Philadelphia Mob, he was here on business and now seeing his friend in the hospital woke him up a little. This war had been raging a day, yet it seemed to be a lot of shit that had everyone on both sides ready for the blood to come out, Mikey had already informed him of the plans that Vincent had enacted, bringing hellfire onto the DeMeo organization who responded in kind, his empire was already fighting back in his name and he would need to do something.

“Trust me, I feel the same. Their good people, Philly, New York, Chicago, or whoever is running your little commission does not need to get involved. Trust me on that, we have the control here. Nevada is our piece here and we won’t let Leo or those other assholes take what we have worked for here. Ya get that Mikey?”

Shrugging, the made guy knew when he was beaten but he also knew when Ares needed a good smack up the head. His wife was in the islands probably enjoying a nice dip believing he was dead while Vincent waged war in his name…it was good for them to know he was alive, that his morale was going to be up at the very least.

“Your guys are terrifying I’ll say that they walked into some states and controlled it like bosses. Dite controls shit from here too…it’s scary I’ll give you that. Yet what I want to know, what the Union wants to know, what do you plan to do about our Vito problem? He’s bad business for all of us and he holds too much power, we would have contacted a few members from the Old Country but they’ve been hesitant in answering the call.”

They both knew what that meant and it was a shame, those guys had once been apart of this society, yet they would see it burn for nothing because Vito was a man who believed himself grand emperor or however he spelled Godfather in his autobiography. He seemed foolish and the opposite of what the honored society would require in a leader.

“He will be dealt with if the correct lines are followed then Dite will be discussing such a thing with Royce this very instance. This will not be something that the man himself takes easy, he wishes to return to the old ways as well…this is going to be something that I need Royce’s complete trust, I want him by my side, Murder Inc or not, the man has ruled his society over many regimes and has found himself being a trusted companion in many others…he is someone I wish to have on my side.”

Michael snorted, Royce was a man that everyone wished to have on the side, he was different, smarter even and that was something the Commission took notice with. Now it was just time to see if Royce was the man for the job, the doubt that he had in his mind was something but the smirk on his lips, the way Ares had that confidence was something different.

“He was a completely different beast….back then, still, with the look on your face. I think he’ll be able to handle the man the world has come to fear as a threat…”

A nod was all he got in response, maybe this was just the way it needed to be for right now, minimal involvement from the Union Families, maybe it would all be sorted by the members of a collected and unified American Mafia. As the days of The AMFU, It would be something brilliant and out of the blue but it would be truly a sight to witness and behold!

Little did either of them know, this little society of theirs was about to get rocked again as Vito would strikeout and the bells would soon toll for the DeMeo faction of this little war….things were falling into the place and it was a long way to go.