BANG! Brookie a.k.a. Baddie B Shot!!!

It was a cold, dark, rainy, Sunday night in the heart of New Jersey, residents of Jersey was awakened by gunshots. Baddie B was having a night out on the city and hitting all the famous night clubs that we can only dream about getting into. She was with a friend of hers, Jenny Noodles. It was “girls night” and the two ladies partied their butts off!

After hours of dancing non stop they decided to go get some party favors. They met a man inside one of the clubs that said he could get them some cocaine. They made their way to a warehouse deep in the heart of the city. The man getting them their product came back to the vehicle and was acting very weird.
20191130_023643 (1)

All of a sudden the windows was smashed out of the vehicles as bullets began flying past their heads. Apparently the strange man had ripped off the drug man and he was shooting to kill the man that ripped him off. They floored the pedal and got out of their with their lives. “I’m hit” brookie was grabbing her side and showing the others that she had blood on her hand.

Jenny Noodles pulled a chrome .38 special from her purse and pointed it at the man in the passenger seat as she drove the vehicle. Before the man could say anything she squeezed the trigger, ultimately shooting the man in the forehead. Jenny opened the passenger side door, and pushed the man out of the car. She then swurved to shut the car door as they gassed it to the hospital.

Brookie was in the backseat, losing alot of blood, and she was fading in and out of consciousness. They arrived at the hospital and brookie was admitted right away. Our sources tell us that Brookie is in critical but stable condition. Doctors thought for sure she wouldnt make it, but after the first night her vitals came back to life and so did she morenor less. Doctors now say that she should be fine. Brookie will need to stay in the hospital for about 3 weeks to a month. She will have to undergo surgeries and rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. We ask that everyone keep her in your prayers during this holiday season, and hope she indeed learns how to walk again. There is no better Christmas gift in the world then “Life” and getting the ability to walk again. God bless you Brookie, we hope to see you back in action and on the streets soon.






The weather will be taking a turn for the worst. We have an arctic storm pushing cold air from the north west down to the south east. We are a trend of lower then normal temperatures and can say confidently that we will be seeing snow alot sooner then we normally do this winter.


Make sure you dress warm and keep plenty of wood for the fire, we will be experiencing record lows a few days this upcoming week. Dress warm and stay safe outside America! Stay safe and have fun!