Benny “The Shadow” Noodles Shot

We have just heard from our sources that the notorious crime lord, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, aka Shadow Of Death was shot in the early morning hours of Thursday, December 19th, 2019.inCollage_20191219_043622349

Just a day before he escaped death by having his valet fetch his vehicle. When the young man started the Rolls Royce Phantom it exploded, bursting into flames and catching two other cars on fire. The valet didn’t survive the bombing. It was intended for Benny and it shocked the mobster to his core. That could of been him who died in flames.

Sources have informed us that the old crime lord was awakened by gunfire the very next morning. He usually starts his mornings off with a cup of hot java. This morning however he got more then he bargained for, a cup of hot lead was what he received instead. A second assassination attempt on his life within two days. It’s tough being the top dawg. Kill the top dawg and then become a top dawg in the process. He was simply in the way and needed to be dealt with in order to take over.

An unknown gunmen broke into the compound during the late night hours. After planting false evidence, the gunmen began searching the mansion for something, leaving it a mess in the process. He finally kicked in the bedroom door, as Shadow jumped up and reached for his gun, the mysterious gunmen opened fire. Struct 6 times by .40 caliber rounds the mobster fell back on his bed and rolled off of it to escape the hail of bullets.


While laying on the floor, the gunmen approached him. He reloaded his pistol, and as soon as he slapped the clip in and cocked back, the Shadow turned over with his gun pointed at the masked man. He opened fire but didn’t hit his target. It’s what saved his life, or else the killer would of double tapped him in the head execution style, the same exact way Shadow has finished off his targets in the past.

Shadow is currently in the hospital recovering from his gunshot wounds. Doctors informed us that he is currently paralyzed from the waist down and his chances of walking again are slim to none. He is prepared to be wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life.

When Shadow is released from the hospital he plans to take a long vacation on his secluded tropical island. He deserves a long vacation and early retirement, but he may return one day if he can regain the ability to walk again. Until then he plans to live out his life on his private island in the middle of the ocean.

As Benny was going into the hospital his ol pal, Brookie was getting out, they high fived each other in the hallway as they passed one another. The Shadow was fading fast and his heart stopped beating for 5 mins. After they shocked him 3 times his pulse came back. After getting stabilized they planned to undergo surgery to save his life.

A bullet fragment was lodged in his lungs and it punctured his lung. Shadow was medicated and cut open. The surgeon removed the small 1cm piece of metal that punctured the left lung. The surgeon then proceeded to swap out Shadows left lung and replaced it with a donor lung. They stitched him back up and that was that.

He has been healing at a great speed despite his age. This surprised the doctors and they said because of that there is a slim chance he may walk again, otherwise it would be a 0% chance for the average person. He is currently doing rehab to try and regain his ability to walk. He is scheduled to get out if the hospital in the next week.

The island he plans to live on is highly impenetrable with concrete walls surrounding the fortress that is in the middle. There are mine fields, guard dogs, snipers, and even a boat patrol that circles the island 24/7. You would think this man was the president of the united states with the entourage and bodyguards he keeps around at all times. He basically has his very own secret service.

As he leaves the life in the organized crime world he re-enters the civilian life like he did back when he ran and became he governor of New York, and Maryland. This time instead of being in the political world he is entering into the news media world. He has become the AM Times Editor-In-Chief, and is the head of the AM Times Staff Team that is officially known as, the FOX News Team/Crew🌐®️™️

《Pazzo Moretti Returns To AM》

In other news its believed that infamous crime lord Pazzo-Moretti is back on the filthy streets of American Mafia. Upon his arrival the Gambino Crime Family faction returns to grace the American Mafia again with their presence.

The Gambino Crime Family is a very old faction of the american mafia with deep roots. No time to give you a history lesson right now, but Pazzo & Royce are the perfect ones to run this criminal outfit. They have already begun spreading their influence state to state. They have a big presence now in AM and are a great faction to join if your looking for work. Contact Pazzo Moretti, or Royce Gambino to apply to join their ranks.


《Jax Teller & SOA Returns》

Ladies & Gentlemen of AM we are here to tell you that the American Mafia Legend, and boss of the Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller has gotten out of the hospital, ultimately surviving his near death experience as well. Upon his return another mobster was shot. We will tell you all about it in the upcoming section, on page 3.

When Jax returned he immediately remade his crew, the SOA. He started asking who it was that shot him. It wasn’t long before he learned the truth behind his shooting. We tried to speak with him and arrange a meeting, but he refused to speak with us.

We do know that Jax is being watched by the feds. They believe they have a case against him for drug distribution, arms smuggling, and racketeering. They also suspect Jax of being the one who has been organizing all of the car bombings lately.


《AM Legend Buzzy “The Wolf” Shotz

Not long after Jax’s return Buzzy “The Wolf” Noodles was shot in cold blood. He was having a family day with the wife and kids. They ate breakfast at the local IHOP (International House Of Pancakes)
After that the went and played paintball at a paintball arena. For lunch the went to Burger King. After lunch they spent the day at the go cart track. They had dinner at the outback steak house.

While out to dinner the family finished their meal in peace. Buzzy, The Wolf made his way to the vehicle outside. He got into his car and started the ignition. The car exploded as soon as it started. Everyone at the steak house was stunned just seeing a car explode for the first time in their life.

The infamous contract killer and crime lord, Buzzy “The Wolf” Noodles is the younger brother of infamous contract killer and crime lord, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles. The Wolf was thought to of been dead. There was no way somebody could survive an explosion of that magnitude. However he was pulled from the vehicle all in one piece. It was truly a miracle. Whoever made the device did a crappy job on it and obviously was in a hurry. The car bomb was very weak and just didn’t get the job done.

Buzzy will be in the hospital for several months. He was badly injured, and it’s a miracle hes even alive. Doctors say he will be in the hospital for 2-3 months. It could be longer, or sooner.


Well until next time AM, this is your Editor-In-Chief reminding you to stay safe & have fun!