Helen Jewett – The beautiful mobster

Helen Jewett was considered to be a very beautiful prostitute who had become close with a handsome clerk, planning to live together. But fate decided otherwise, when her charred body was found on 10th April 1836 at a brothel bed in downtown Manhattan. Richard Robinson, her 19 year old was the only suspect for this murder.

Her early life

It was in 1813 that Helen was born and her original name was Doras Doyen. At the age of 13, her father died. She had remarkable beauty and was patronized by a local judge, providing her with all essential tools, resources and education for attaining successful status in her life.

But she abandoned her benefactor when she was 17, since she wanted to roam freely and ran off with a Portland, Maine banker who was qu9te prosperous. She was provided with luxury of all sorts by the banker and lived within a palatial mansion, enjoyed flowing champagne and swanky parties regularly. It is during this time, she became a prostitute. Being an impetuous person, they often quarreled and she left him to move to the city of New York and had her name changed to Helen Jewett.

Life as a prostitute

She entered the prostitution profession eagerly when in New York and worked for the town’s most luxurious brothels. She seduced new men or looked for old flames for increasing her business. She dressed in green shades, to match her captivating eyes. Therefore, she earned the nickname ‘Girl in Green’. She went on to become the most sought after in the city. She was also charitable and helped those who required assistance.

About her boyfriend

In 1818, Durham, Connecticut was born Richard Robinson to a well-to-do family. He grew handsome and was provided with good education and well dressed. He also ran away at 17 to New York City, where he was easily employed. He was a ‘roisterer’, someone who did not care a thing in the world. He came across Helen, when she was being accosted by a ruffian and became her hero. She was more infatuated to him that he was to her and also attacked another lady for being with Robinson. But she was killed with a hatchet and burnt by some unidentified person, who was supposed to be Robinson. But he could manage to escape law as his parents had hired the best defense lawyer available in the country to fight his case. However, he also died two years later due to some strange sickness affecting him.