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Murder Down In March

All states have reported a sharp drop in murders only 4 murders have been reported for the month of March 2016 compared to this time last year when murders where epidemic in all states. The only infamous murder was of (LOS) shamed mobster StephenT police are scratching there heads on this one and hope it lasts for a long time make there lives easier. Explanations for the murders coming down are placed on the Barzini Empire for wiping out the competition in the organised crime business.
And the leader of the (LOS) is in fear of his life and is in hiding along with his associates who also are in fear for their lifes, seems the murders won’t be going up for a long while yet.

Police are still investigating StephenT murder but no clues have surfaced to put the murderer behind bars police urge if anyone saw anything or no who’s behind the murder to contact the police any information is vital to catch the killer and put a dangerous murderer in prison.

Police Chief Trumpet Statement
” the only clues we have a sniper was used our gun experts are in no doubt they examined the bullet that was found in the crime scene and are hundred percent shore it was shot from a sniper the weapon was also fired from across the street from the court house because of the professional way the hit was carried out there has been no clues to who done it. The lawyer was lucky he could of been killed all I know there’s a killer at large that needs to be put behind bars for a killing he committed and he could strike again. There has been suggestions that the Barzini Empire is behind this murder and we know they got the means of carrying out a attack like this. In a case like this we need hard evidence to actually catch the culprit but not only by rumor or word of mouth.”

February Madness

We’ve got news for you. I am not sure if you noticed, but there are quite a few new things happening in the American Mafia. We thought we should let you know.

1. Roulette Contest – 500 Points

We’ve added a few games on the website to help you kill boredom and now you have a chance of earning Game Points. This Contest ends on March 31st.

Visit the game page and register an account on our website (this is a different account than your Game Account, so register to keep track of your Casino Game scores). You will notice there is a Leaderboard on top of the page. We will award the following:

1st Rank – 500 points

2nd Rank – 200 Points

3rd Rank – 100 Points

We plan on having Monthly Contests for all the games, so visit our website often.

2. Free Resurrection Item for all the Players that want to come back.

Were you killed before March 7th 2016 and want to return to the Game? Join Us again and bring 1 Friend and get a Free Resurrection Item. Visit the site, register a new Character, bring a friend and have them register or return to the game and contact us via the In-Game Support Portal.

It works like this: you see our offer, you contact your friends and say: “Hey guys, let’s play again. They will give us a Free Resurrect Item if we bring a friend (old or new player). You revisit our website, create a new character and open a support ticket via Support. Then ask your Friend to contact us to confirm and you will revive your old account.

3. New Mafia History articles about Mafia Families and Famous Gangsters

Please visit our Blog and check our newest articles about the American Mafia History.

4. The American Mafia Map weighs a lot more than you think.

Start capturing flags, destroy state ownerships and be active on the Map to gain strength.

5. Stock Exchange Contest starts on March 10th

1st Place – 300 Points

2nd Place – 200 Points

3rd Place – 100 Points

The contest starts on March 10th and all the stats will be reset the night before. Sell all your current stocks before the contest, otherwise your name will not be considered for the contest.

6. 33% Coupon available to all players + all purchases of $20 or more are Doubled.

One more, we are offering a new Coupon that will give you 33% discount in the Marketplace plus we will double the points for all purchases of $20 and above. The Coupon expires at the end of the month, so don’t hesitate to stock up. Coupon: FebruaryMadness

Thank you for your time!
American Mafia

LOS Gangster found Dead

xXxJabieDxXx was found dead after reports of gun fire outside a bar in Michigan on 4th March 2016 05:09 am. It is believed that xXxJabieDxXx was on a drug run when a car pulled up and gunfire erupted xXxJabieDxXx was hit 10 times in the stomach area he fell hitting his head on the sidewalk making his survival less likely. Paramedics arrived he was already dead.

The Michigan Sheriff explained to reporters that the slaying had all the hallmarks of a Barzini hit and that weeks earlier the LOS gangster xXxJabieDxXx tried to rip off a Barzini member with a drug trafficking deal and taunting Barzini members. He made claims he did not care about Barzini and that he was bad ass and that LOS was the top dogs, he will kill any Barzini. It turns out that Barzini do not take threats and taunts and being ripped off by low life’s like LOS who are usually all mouth and no action. There are indications that a high ranking general of the Barzini empire was involved in the killing of xXxJabieDxXx The police force believe it could of been Ric the second in command of the Barzini empire from the witness statements from witnesses and earlier sightings that he was around the area at the time indicate it could of been him but we can’t arrest him we need further proof that it was actually him and that will be hard to get.
Citizens seem to be on the Barzini empires side for now as the crime figures have dramatically fallen in the first months of 2016 and they feel safe.

The police also need more information about the killing and to put the suspects behind bars so if any citizens have information contact there local police or visit there local Police headquarters.

Code name Jose Mourinho

Lono from the Mad Angels Los branch was killed in a drive by shooting in Michigan on 2nd Feb 2016 at 7.49 pm police believe only one suspect was involved.
Four days later in Washington Cescfabrages the league of shadow loser was found by police dead in his apartment with severe head injuries probably done by punching neighbours heard noises of broken chairs glass and things been over turned and a lot of screaming. It’s believed as cesc opened his door a dangerous individual started to attack him violently it’s likely that cesc fighted back but was no much for the killer.

Two days later on 8th Feb 2016 at 6.15am Bolt another league of shadow loser was walking home from a party and involved in a brawl earlier at the party was deliberately run over by a car and killed outside the house where the party was held. The ambulance took him away in a bodybag.
Police strongly believe that a trained killer was trained by Xylophone Barzini a Barzini Crime Family mob hitman to take out league or shadow members who pose a threat to Barzini low rank members.

LeftyTwoGunz The AM Godfather told reporters that he had nothing to do with the murders of low life’s that all they did was go out drunk and causing fights in local bars and nightclubs and deserved what they got and that the streets are safer now these punks are dead.

AML Gunned Down!

Greetings American Mafia. We are reporting some recent events that have happened lately. Mr Benny Noodles one of the infamous contract killers and leaders of the league of shadows has murdered an American Mafia Legend in cold blood!

Gunnz_Lucchese was gunned down early one morning on January 10th, 2016. It was about 2:00am as Gunnz was exiting a strip club in Brooklyn, New York. The legend made his way to his bulletproof limousine, staggering as he tried to shake off the alcohol.

He entered his limousine and motioned the driver to take him home. As the alcohol kicked in Gunnz began to fade away in a deep sleep.

The limousine made its way down a dark ally and slowly came to a stop.

The driver locked the doors. Gunnz who was startled when the doors locked quickly opened his eyes. He seen Mr Benny sitting across from him in the limousine.

Benny had his 45 pointed at Gunnz before he had awoke. As Gunnz opened his eyes Benny fired three shots hitting his target in the chest, neck and head. Benny had the limousine loaded up into a tractor trailer and Gunnz was never seen again.

The Kingpin of The Lucchese Crime Empire was pronounced dead after an extensive search for his body was conducted and came up with no leads. Mr. B also killed a few low ranked Lucchese members basically wiping them out completely.

Afterwards Benny had taken his wife Tatiana Noodles on a vacation to the Virgin Islands. The two spent 30 days in paradise watching the ocean.


Show Down In American Samoa 


The National Crime Syndicate Boss StephenT who was thought to have been dead made his return to the scene on January 14th, 2016. Benny had set it up so that the Kingpin/Supervisor of The Yakuza could take a little trip to pay YungLean a visit in American Samoa.

The American Mafia Chairmen sat next to a pool at a hotel. He was sunbathing his pale white butt cheeks before the sun went down. StephenT made his way from the airport to the hotel. He walked right up to the chairmen. The two had agreed to a duel.

YungLean was surprised to see the man he was just talking over the phone with was right in front of him. Starring his target down StephenT quickly pulled his weapon and fired several bullets into his target, leaving him facedown and motionless.

StephenT not wanting YungLeans buns to burn kicked him into the pool, cooling them butt cheeks. It was between 7:30pm and 8:00pm when YungLean was murdered. StephenT denied him his last meal as he killed him just before he could have dinner.

StephenT made a phone call to Mr Benny and The Joker letting them both know the job had been successful. Not wanting to waste his trip StephenT made the most of it as he went surfing and went sight seeing around American Samoa.


The League Strikes Again!


The League strikes again as FadeFrenzy a National Crime Syndicate Boss attacks The Barzini Crime Empire. FadeFrenzy arranged a meeting with Mr. Benny. He was ordered to visit the states to kill some low ranked members of the Barzini. The main target was Barzini’s Federal Boss Xylophone-Barzini.

After the meeting Fade left Benny’s compound in a good mood. He got the authorization he needed. Fade found out that Xylophone-Barzini was in Maine. He quickly paid Xylo a visit and after gunning his target down he drove off on his Kawasaki motorcycle laughing. Fade drove all over the United States killing about ten low ranked mobsters of the Barzini Empire total.

Fade was stopped in his tracks when he was shot by a Barzini National Crime Syndicate Boss by the name of bigshow. A new face on the scene he has been operating the Barzini Delta Force for awhile. After Fade fired on the man he fired back, striking Fade with a bullet or two. Fade fell off his motorcycle and laid on the pavement motionless after a violent crash into a parked car.

Bigshow left immediately witnesses said to police. Fade was seen by witnesses fleeing and was no where to be found when law enforcement and medics arrived. An extensive manhunt for Fade and bigshow was issued by the FBI. Anyone who has any info or details leading to an arrest is urged to come forward.

Until next time American Mafia.

Be safe out there.



Why should you play the American Mafia Game?

Why should you play the American Mafia Game?

The American Mafia Game is a Crime Simulator with Virtual Stock Market with Game Politics and Elections.
Real time. Real action. Real people. Join this intricate text-based mafia game. Can’t do the time? Then run for President instead. Whichever online world you decide to dominate, you can always crack the stock market to bankroll your mission. Simulate trades of real stocks and live prices. Use your strategy and street smarts to be the boss.

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Mafia Online

Stay away. Find a new place to lay your head or you might get popped by an American Mafia family. Today’s mobsters online are trying to make a name for themselves by adding little profiles or waiting their turn to attack you. With an American Mafia family, you can take over a nation without breaking a sweat on your brow.

Aye, do you remember that little game of cops and robbers? We were the robbers and you thought you could catch us. You can be a mobster online if you make a name for yourself by breaking the rules, making new rules and countering any issues you have with your neighboring cities.

You’re invisible when it’s time to face an enemy and nobody can take your place. You can stand back, watch and learn how the greatest crime families emerged from the ghettos, then ranked in national chairs including State Cardinals, State Governors, or maybe Mr. President. You know… Mr. President sounds pretty nice right now. I’d like to have a corner office after taking over your city.

Frankly, nobody understands the life of an actual boss. My hands are never dirty. I’m also fresh with ideas of how to make you more money by lending you mine. Around here, in the American Mafia, we take chances on new goons every day. We prefer real mobsters online with an intent to control instead of follow.

But, to become a true mobster boss, you have to follow our rules. Breaking away from the obvious mischief, you know that you want part of this life. You want to feel the power we hold in our hands at this very moment. If you’re ready for your chance to stake a claim, join American Mafia to earn your crown.

Multiplayer Mafia Game

Be one of the thousands of people worldwide to join our strong Mafia community. Once you’re in, you’re in!

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Compete with other wanna-be bosses with this free mafia game and deal with mafia politics and elections to keep or break your alliances with all those dip sticks that wanna be YOUR boss. American Mafia Game has special features for you digital jockeys who want a real mafia experience. Mafia politics and elections for State Cardinals, State Governors and the Presidency of the USA; where you make the rules and you tell all those little guys what to do because you can.

By playing American Mafia game online, you get the real multiplayer experience and have to deal with other yahoos who think they got you beat. Take control and dominate everyone you see, take what’s yours and give nothing back because you are the Boss, the Don, hell, you’re the freakin’ King of the Streets. With American Mafia game and their free mafia multiplayer, you can live out your dream of being respected, cause we all know you ain’t getting none of that in your life am I right? You bet your ass I’m right! So come and get what’s yours and show all those other nerdy game types that you are the real deal, you are the real Mafia Don, American Mafia game is the place for you to prove me wrong chowder head.

Mafia Game Insider Review

Mafia Game Insider Review

You really think you’re ready for this? Insider Review of American Mafia

American Mafia, a leading multiplayer online game, offers free passes for all players to join and take part in storylines beyond the basics. You can have your own family, become a Don and run for Federal Elections to get into the White House with the help of your family.

The players are slick, you get to do what you want and it’s ALL free. In fact, the only thing you’re paying for is the computer you’re playing on, and you won’t have to pay for that if you go to the public library.

But, what Don goes to a public library to play a free mafia game? It’s not like you, but it can become a part of you. With the American Mafia, your family travels with you and your rank can grow as you lead your goons to manage, dismantle and control one city at a time. If you’re not sure what to do with your family, let me borrow them for a weekend and I’ll show you a few moves.

I’m Michael Corleone and I’m a Federal Boss. Real hard, thorough and justifying all actions with success. You can’t overthrow a family like mine because we believe in doing the best, even if it’s taking your lunch money. You can’t drink your milk without sharing. You can’t drive your car without paying an extra toll to cross my territory.

In this American Mafia, you play for keeps. A free mafia game like this is going to keep you on the edge. You’ll never know who’s a friend. You’ll think your friend has your back. You’ll think your enemy wants to grab your best men to handle your dirty work, but it’s nothing like what you are playing now. You can run a town, city, state or the nation, but only if you play your cards right.

So, you ready to take your chances? Register your free account today!

Mafia Bosses

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mafia boss? Maybe in your dreams you’re called the Don, the Godfather… No matter what you want to call it, you’re not alone. The American Mafia game is a multiplayer game where mobsters vie to be the most powerful man in the family. Gamers can act out their fantasies by working their way up from a goodfella to the Federal Boss. Once the dream of becoming the boss has been reached, gamers can then set their sights on becoming the Federal Boss, the most poweful mob boss in a region.


The Residents and the Mafia Bosses can influence these nationwide elections by collecting vig and providing some monetary bonuses to pertinent individuals. When just money is not enough, mafia bosses and their goons can purchase virtual products from the Marketplace with virtual points. Items that can be bought at the Marketplace include handguns, revolvers, machine guns and other tools that make it easy to whack the enemy.


Once you have become a mob boss make sure you look like a Don by purchasing the perfect Goombah outfit at the Marketplace. Don’t be a cafone, start playing The American Mafia game today, and make your dream of becoming a Mafia Boss a reality.


The American Mafia Game is the ONLY mafia online game on the Internet that produced nationwide elections.

Participate in Elections and vote for Cardinals, Governors, and presidential elections.
Get yourself elected as a Cardinal to run the Church, or as a Governor to run your State
Run for the best job in the world. Become the President of United States of America!

State Cardinals

Get elected for the most powerful religious figure in the state and set your career on the path to the US Presidency.

State Cardinals are responsible for maintaining the Church and the laws of a state. Such power comes with consequences including haters,
assassinations and the occasional Cold War disputes among leaders at the round table. You become untouchable in the American Mafia game and it gets better as you move through rank.
Mafia elections and politics are a dirty business, but you can always move up the ladder into the big chairs making millions behind a desk.

State Governors

State Governors – Powerful Leaders in 50 States

A State Governor is the most powerful player within a State

State Governors are the most powerful members of the states. Imagine controlling Mafia elections with rigged votes. With support from your family,
you’re one step away from the streets when you become a State Governor in the American Mafia. On the other hand, you’re responsible for contacting and working with the Don,
US President of a Mafia crime family, to improve the lives of your people.
Even at this point of your career, you can break even with just a couple million a year to lay you over but you can have more if you go for the throne of US Presidency.

Run the show as a State Governor and build your Empire and wealth using your political skills.

President of the USA

U.S. Presidency – Take the Throne! Become the President of the United States of America<

Cardinals and Governors will fight for the best job in the world. Participate in the most competitive elections on the American Mafia game. Run the country and build your legacy. You will have the power to dismiss any Governors, or Cardinals,
exonerate inmates from Federal Jail and many other surprises.

Imagine living in the White House with a nice office with a view of the world at your feet. After you reach this level of power,
there’s no dirty work left. As the U.S. President, you own the rights to all laws in 50 states. You can administer and control 50 Governors to do as you want when you want.
No one disputes or confronts you about your decisions and the time flies as you stack your dough and enjoy the good life.

Do you want the throne? Play AmericanMafia today.