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American Mafia Times – July 31st


Greeting’s ladies and gents. As you may already all know me, I’m Ruggiero Tuscarella and here to publish Mafia Times for all of you. Lately I have got few letters from our readers, who complain about our publishing, by that I mean the time, once per week. Some of them saying that we should publish more often and some saying once per two week. Well dear readers, here is my oppinion, if you want that this paper would be published more than one time per week, start writing me stories. Everything is welcomed.
But ok, on with the news…


A famous and brutal mobster so-called EL_MNTED was killed on July 21st at 06:56 am in New York. We heard a rumours that there was a price for his head and eventually someone killed him. Since New York is controlled by Godfather Tony S, we believe that his the one who is behind this assassination, but we’re not 100 percent sure.

We got an appointment with Godfather Tony S and this is what he answered to us:
„Greeting’s Mr.Tuscarella, I’m honored you’re here. Well what I got to say about EL_MNTED death? Nothing. I’ve got many complainings about him killing innocent people just for fun. And since everybody know my policy about killing, then someone had to sort it out. I told him a long time ago, not to kill for no reason, but he didn’t listened to me and now he got what he deserved.“
After the interview with Godfather Tony S, I walked out the Mansion, where Godfather lived and walked back to my Office. I started to think.. maybe EL_MNTED really deserved that?


Mr. Five_Finger_Jon, Boss of Landstrom crew was killed on 21 of July at 08:56 am. Exactly 2 hours after big assassination in New York. At this point when our reporters wrote this thread, nobody knew exactly why crew leader was killed. But after few hours investigation, the local Police Department Chief Mr. Callagher told us, that the assassination took place in Texas and that Mr. Five_Finger_Jon was shot to death with a .38 calibre gun. He also stated that nobody is arrested at the moment, but they do have a few stripes to pull.


Our very first Godfather, called Bronco_Joe, announced today that he will step down and return back to the civilian public life.

This is what he stated on the streets: “ Yes, I’ve decided to return to the civilian public life in order to help our states and cities better. I seriously need to work on the infrastructure of our cities and help every single soul I can. I’m an old old man, with lots of things to do for people just like you.
And yes: I was the first Godfather…“
We wish good luck and best wishes to our first Godfather in his life.


Government officials yesterday reluctantly announced that unemployment figures across the US have hit a record high. With more and more immigrants pouring in from the East, the economy has been pushed to breaking point, with employers favouring hiring the immigrants as they can pay them as little as a quarter of what they would pay an average American.

With the unemployment so rife, citizens have been more inclined to turn to crime to earn their wage, with street gangs and organized „Mob families“ on the rise. Crime rates are reaching a new peak, and with prohibition forcing the trade in illegal alcohol, Police are fearing they will be outnumbered by at least 3 to 1 by the end of the year by crime families setting up „speakeasys“ and other illegal operations.

Many upstanding members of communities across the country are calling to the government to reconsider prohibition, especially at a time where job opportunities are at a record low. The boost that the return of the alcohol industry would bring could very well save the country, they claim.


Chaos was unleashed across the city of New York yesterday when Zookeepers accidentally unleashed most of the animals from the zoo. Broadway was brought to a standstill with monkeys flinging excrement at passing motorists and pedestrians, and Police reported several of their vehicles were destroyed when a rhinoceros became trapped in their car pool.

A man was savaged in Central Park as three lions rampaged through the area, destroying four park benches, a park warden reported. The man’s condition is described as serious, but stable.

Two Police officers cornered a brown bear on 5th Avenue, but had to shoot it dead after it bit clean through the arm of a bystander. Zoo officials are yet to comment at how this catastrophe came about, but it is believed from sources inside the Zoo that several of the keepers were intoxicated whilst celebrating one of their birthdays, and let the animals out for a practical joke.

As yet, there are no reported fatalities, but the injury toll is still rising.



American Mafia Times – July 23rd

Hi folks. It’s about a time to publish next edition of this week. As you may already know or understood that Mafia Times will be published once per week, including Mafia Tabloid News. But without big ado, on with the new’s..


No this isn’t in the sense of The homies  or chavs it is in the literal sense of the word respect and the issue of the lack of it. When I used to walk around the streets at night there was always a uneasy feeling but there was always a feeling that if anything did happen people would help you out through respect. People wouldn’t go after people solely because they were street bosses or made men they respected that these men had struggled to where they were.

Today there is disrespect everywhere I look. Random shooting is not respectful sending back the money saying thank you for helping me gain is experience is. There is disrespect every where, on the streets in prison and the other thing that upset me was the lack of respect at peoples funerals. This was upsetting and made me decide to write this article. I spoke to a few Mafioso about the matter and this is what they had to say:

„ Of course.

Respect is something that I find many of our fellow Mafioso are lacking. And the reason for the decline, I am not sure. But all of my fellow Mafiosos should know, that to get to the top, to get by in this world of ours, you must show respect, before you get respect. “

One individual had this to say:

„ Well the streets are f**ked up here no one gets a chance to make it big no more random killing that ‘ s just f**ked up. “

I thanked him and let him be on his way. So is it that respect is no longer thought of by a major asset or is it just harder to earn on these new streets and are the old way soon to be extinct?


Yes we all know that the local police are working hard to make life difficult for hard working Mafiosos. But some are crying foul or even fowl. Speculation is growing that police are paying some Mafioso to notify the police as to when major crimes and specifically drug purchases are happening. This is resulting in some Mafioso losing nearly their entire bankroll when the police confiscate all of their merchandise during an arrest.

When we asked the chief about using of rats or stool pigeons he declined to comment. Looking through the evidence filings it is clear that major busts of drugs are clearly on the rise. Some speculate that the dealers themselves are the ones peddling the info to the cops. They can then make the sale and get kickbacks plus have increased demand all at once.

When asked about these allegations one local Mafioso said, „ I ‘ ll tell you what I think, I think the cops are profiling!! Yes I think they are targeting shorter mobster who just HAPPEN to waddle that ‘ s what I think! “ and about the cops using stool pigeons to help in their efforts this same Mafioso barked „ Who they hell trusts a bird who can fly!! “

Whatever the case informants of profiling, one thing is clear: locals should be careful when their pockets are too heavy. The risks may outweigh the rewards.


New York was the scene last night of two anonymous killings. Tommy_Lucchese and Michael_Jackson were both shot by unknown assailants while going about their business.

Tommy Lucchese was being attacked in the city when Michael was made aware of the situation and flew in to aid his friend. He too was shot down soon after. As yet, no reasons for the killings have been released although it is believed they may have been gang related.

The Chief Medical Examiner, Dr Crippin stated that Michael had been in perfect health prior to his death and it had only taken one shot to kill him, although police found another two bullets at the scene of the crime.


Gaetano_Lucchese a member of La Stidda Mafia Family died earlier this morning, but doctors in the ER performed CPR on him and were able to bring him back to life.

I interviewed him after he was checked out from hospital and this is what he said to me:

„It was just like any normal day, I got up and did some crimes, but when I went to jail it was for 30 minutes. So to pass the time I decided to watch a movie. When I refreshed the page it took me to the player creation page. I was mad and confused about what just happen, so I checked the Cemetary and there I saw my name. I was pissed. So I logged off and went to the movie theater with some friends. Then after the movie I got back on and WHAM! My guy was some how still alive. At first I was speechless trying to make sense of all this, asking myself like did I really even died in the first place?“

To all of us, it seemed a little bit strange so we decided to talk with local hospital doctors, who answered that when Mr. Lucchese was arrived into hospital his heart was stopped, we believe he got a heart attack they said.

But at the moment his in good health and already back in his Mansion.


Our very first interview with very first Godmother Zombiee. So here it is:

Tuscarella : How you heard about the site?

Godmother: Few friends of mine told me about this nice game.

Tuscarella : Is this your first time here?

Godmother: Nope….its not my first time in here.

Tuscarella : For how long have you been here?

Godmother: Probably from the beggining.

Tuscarella : What you think about the Mafia Times?

Godmother: Its pretty complex….mind challenging.

Tuscarella : What is to be a Godmother?

Godmother: After hard work….the price is pretty amazing…like you own the city :)


Anyone wishing to place an ad should send it in to Ruggiero Tuscarella at the Mafia Times Offices in Chicago and New York. All ads are free, but must still fall within the set guidelines.

American Mafia Times – July 13th


I’ve been told it is time for me to release my investigative findings, and share my wealth of knowledge and news with the mass populace. So, here it is, another edition of The American Mafia Times, a literary colossus towering above the need for corroboration or facts. The Swedish children running the presses had become soft and fat, so this new edition should have whipped them into shape. So, on with the news . . .


Striding down the main street was something this Sicilian had never done before. He had arrived here from his father’s vineyard in Sicily with only a piece of paper with a name on it. The name was now of no importance as he had seen the man’s grave only the day before. It had been his uncle and now it was another cadaver buried under this alien soil.

The first thing he had experienced in this world was the strange voices and accents from the various street speakers as he had left the grave side and moved out away from the church. He had difficulty understanding all of what was said as his English wasn’t that good, but from what he did see reputations seemed to be one of the main topics of discussion.

As far as he knew his uncle was no one important in the society he had been a member of. Being the other side of the world, he had heard only the words of others on the reputations and his uncle was not one of those being discussed.

From his own limited time in this world he knew that reputations were difficult to be made and yet very easily destroyed. It seemed to be the very case now with some many of those with position in this society. Names were being thrown about with apparent disdain while some seemed to be almost revered.

Stopping to listen to one such debate he smiled to himself. He nudged the arm of the man standing next to him and leaned closer to him. He spoke quietly to the man in his broken English hoping that he could answer the question that now laid heavy on his mind.

“So how do you make a reputation that will stand the test of time? I’m not naive enough to think that people were born with them. Everything had to be earned in some way, shape or form. Are actions alone enough to make one, or does someone have to earn one through the way they present themselves, interact and generally present themselves?”



Editor: For how long have you been played here?

Mobster: Well, I’m pretty fresh. I’ve only been playing for a week, but I think I’ve learned a lot in that short amount of time.

Editor: Is this your first time?

Mobster: I have experienced a few ‘setbacks’ so, no, this isn’t my first time.

Editor: What you think about this game?

Mobster: I think this game is pretty hard on newer players. It’s pretty confusing starting out and frustrating at first, but you kinda get the hang of it.

Editor: Would you like to suggest something?

Mobster: I would suggest staying away from whatever state im in. You might end up sleepin’ with da fishes.

Editor: What you think about Mafia Times Newspaper?

Mobster: I think the paper is doing a great job with the resources it has. It’s pretty tough to make lemonade with only a few lemons. That’s why I deal in blood. There’s always more where that came from.

Editor: Do you have any gossip?

Mobster: Well, I’ve heard a few things here and there… I know there’s more than 1 person keeping an eye on Mr_TonyS actions. And I also know who’s been killing most of his men… But that’s another story for another time.

Editor: Anything personal to say?

Mobster: On a personal note if I may, I’d just like to say RIP Mike51, Mike52, Scarface1, and my best friend Death. You will be avenged.


On 6th of July at 7:27 pm, local Police Department got a call about a shooting on 7th and 23rd street corner. When police arrived with ambulance, they discovered a terrible view. Local mobster called don-bugsy was shot to death. After some investigation the PD PR told to channel 5 news that Mr. Bugsy was shot five times, two shots were made into his head. We believe that local mobster was too greedy and thought that he is the one who run things around New York. Maybe that’s why he was killed.

Another Crime Family Boss got killed on 11th of July at 05:49 am. His name was Mike_Capone , The Capone family leader. There are rumours that he was killed in his own Barber shop, while he was sitting on the chair one gunman walked in and blasted few rounds into his body. Witnesses are saying that they saw a local gangster that they recognize as EL_MNTED, member of 5th State group. We tried to get contact with EL_MNTED, but he didn’t wanted to talk with us. Why Mr.Capone was killed, we don’t know, but may his soul rest in peace.


So-called MysteryMan was killed on 12th of July at 03:31 am in California. As much as we know, the MysteryMan was a long time ago a serious killer or atleast his hitmens killed a lot of mobsters in US. His hand reached even so far that some believe he actually ordered the assassination of US President. Somehow we believe that almost all Don’s in US aren’t so nervous anymore after this death.

We also know that MysteryMan stated before that Don’s are going to get a chance to get him and as we see, they got him finally. We think that the terror of MysteryMan is found the end in US.


American Mafia Times – 4th of July edition


First of all, good day to everyone. I’m Ruggiero Tuscarella, The Editor of American Mafia Times Newspaper and here to say I’m proud that I got this wonderful chance and I hope, YOU, the readers will be also proud about us.

But okay, let’s start with the new’s, as usually.


One of our local’s reporter’s noticed while sitting in restaurant eating a meal, how five black car’s stopped across the street, in front of Sammy’s Hotel. From each car stepped out one man and walked in with atleast 2 bodyguard.

It seem’s that in that building were a high ranked mobsters meeting.

Our reporter took few picture’s and we recognized some local figure’s. There was Godfather Vito, Godfather Carleonesi, Godfather IGotshot and two local Don’s, Don Pablo and Don Albert.

We don’t know why the meeting were made, but we know that local’s Godfathers are pissed about something.


Editor:How long have you been played this game?

EL_MNTED:I started some couples of month’s ago, when somebody put this website at the other mafia games that I was in, so luckily I got some help from old player’s about this game.

Editor:Is this your first time, as being leader of a crew?

EL_MNTED:Actually yes it’s my very first time.

Editor:What you think about this site?

EL_MNTED:This site is cool and I really enjoy it… I have list for website mafia games which I play and go to other website games when I was bored.. including this site, it’s all for in my list games.. I give this vote as 85% along with other my site list.

Editor:Are you using only one account or more?

EL_MNTED:Every mafia games has only one account so definitely I’m using one ofcourse.

Editor:What you think about American Mafia Times Newspaper?

EL_MNTED:Its great I love reading it, and I was so happy when you wanted to interview me and having you here as our newspaper editor.. I read the news and I think it is all well and good… Plz don’t stop publishing bacause we love reading the American Mafia Times.


Since we started our publishing work again due some problem’s in our main office in New York, we have got many e-mail’s from our reader’s or how should I say, witnesses.

The recent death of so-called -SammyGravano-, who was Illinois Mafia Family leader, died in his home on 21th of June at 06:40 am. To this day we didn’t knew why he died, the local PD Chief Mr. Callagher stated that Mr.Gravano died in heart-attack, but yesterday I got a letter from one citizen who claim’s that a man called Johnny-Walker is behind this death. That he saw how three guy’s arrived in front of Mr.Gravano’s house and walked in. Few second’s later, gunshot’s were hearded and three guy’s ran out from apartment and drove away into the alley.

Ofcourse we can’t tell you who sent to us this letter, because the person wanted to stay anonymous due to his own protection.

Five day’s later a Goomba, called sniperbaby from Nevada got killed in the restaurant, when 2 gunfellas walked in and blasted few shot’s into her body. She died within second’s with a red wine glass in her right hand.

We believe she loved the wine.

The newest and biggest death happened on 26th of June at 10:50 am, when New York freshnew Family leader got whacked, so called SalvatoreCastiglione. It’s rumoured that he inherit the Family after SammyGravano’s death who died few day’s earlier last week.



We recently got a letter from Anonymous citizen who is stating that an unkown hitman in New York city, trying to get to the top by killing Mobster’s.

Actually the Anonymous citizen even added a name for us, but since we believe it’s not safe for us to publish it, we wont. Also it’s stated that a New York city crime family, called LSM and their member Hitman_GI want’s to betray Godfather Mr. Tony S and make his own Crime Family.

We, of course, don’t know is it 100 percent true, but again we don’t have to know.

More to come..

By R. Tuscarella


Special edition -World is spinning fast

The old great Boss known as Don Anthony S, is back with us.Yes you heard correctly my dear readers.
His new name is Cristopher Moltisanti and his the Boss of The Lucchese Crime family.
I contacted him today and made a little interview, so here it goes:
Ruggiero Tuscarella:”Why you came back?”
Cristopher M:”I came back because I like this game a lot and its very great place for relaxing.”
Ruggiero Tuscarella:”Why you choosed a family name called Lucchese Crime Family?”
Cristopher M:”Well because I heard about “Five Families in NY” and then I decided to make my own family.”

Ruggiero Tuscarella:”What you think about the “Boss of Bosses” stepping down?”
Cristopher M:”Actually I dont think anything of it, because its not my thing you know, Nicko is “Boss of Bosses” and he can do whatever he wants with that title.”
Ruggiero Tuscarella:”Your former high ranking member Joseph Spinuzzi died, what happened to him?”

Cristopher M:”I talked to his son who is with us again, and only thing he said to me was that he dont know who killed him.He went to jail and logged off, later came back online and was dead.”
Ruggiero Tuscarella:”Maybe its the “MysteryMan” behind this murder?”
Cristopher M:”I dont believe it, because Cardinal of California is a man of God and he dont have that power to kill somebody, but ofcourse he can hire someone.”
Ruggiero Tuscarella:”What are your thoughts about recent events?”
Cristopher M:”Many people have died or dissapeared due to this mysterious things, but its normal ofcourse, because this is a AmericanMafia game and without killings it wont be so fun.”

Ruggiero Tuscarella:”It was an honor to sit here in this great Mansion with you Mr.Moltisanti, so thank you for your time sir.”
Cristopher M:”No problem kid, it was a pleasure.”


Nicko Vercetti known as “Boss of Bosses” announced that he will going to step down from this title and he will appoint new “Boss of Bosses” as Jimmy Hoffa.
Jimmy Hoffa is a relative to Nicko Vercetti and thats why he is the new “Boss of Bosses”.
I tried to ask from Nicko why he stepped down, but he didn`t wanted to tell us.


Nicko Vercetti a well known member who has the title “Boss of Bosses” tried to rank up a dead mafia boss of the Sencti family called GilbertoSencti1 a.k.a Huey2332.
The ranking never worked and Nicko charged a lot of money for them. “Riddler” the man who killed Gilberto has also been killed by a unknown person.
Rumour is that he was hired to kill Mr.Gilberto, but that case remains closed until the rumours become a fact.
I got this letter to our main office in New York from anonymous member.


Joseph Spinuzzi was a member of The Conceptualists, before joining this crew he was in Gambinos, a very good earner for the family.
Somehow he got killed in Nevada, when he was in jail, serving his jail time.
His son told us that his father logged off for a few minutes and when he logged in his character was dead.
As far as I know, nobody were online also at the same time, so how he died then?
If you know anything, then better is to keep it yourself, if you know what I mean.


We got this new information from so-called “Comission Board” who told us that they are going to make “Five Families in New York”, so that members of this society can make business together and maybe this new issue will make the game a little bit more fun and bring new members also.
One family is already done “The Lucchese Crime Family”, ruled by well known CristopherMoltisanti.
Seems that Mr.Moltisanti is back in New York and trying to make peace on the streets.

More to come… by Ruggiero Tuscarella.

Elections are around the corner! Get your Vote on

They wrote us a short letter and announced the Elections are just around the corner, and they already started to mail applications to those who want to be a candidate ( of course only qualified members will participate ).

We ask of you to cast your vote, to do your citizen duty and cooperate to ensure the well being of our democracy, so we can prosper nationwide.

The Editor

A short interview with the Gambino Boss

Writer:”How did you find out this game Mr.Mogilevich?
Mogilevich:”I have always been fascinated about the Mob games, since the Godfather trilogy came out and before this game I played for a few years other mafia game, So I started to search new games that are text-based(RPG).

Writer:”Was it hard at the beginning?”
Mogilevich:”Of course it was, but then I talked to others players who already knew everything about the game and so I started as Thug.

Writer:”I heard that you worked with Mr.Tony S at the beginning?”
Mogilevich:”Yes that is true, he was the one who helped me a lot with this game, he was my mentor actually, without him this game wouldn’t be as it like now. With his coming to this game the site membership grew a lot and we are all thankful to him for that.
Writer:”So he was your first Boss then?”

Mogilevich:”That’s true also.If I remember he made his first family called “Gambino Crime Family” as it now, where I`m Boss, but then in the old days, it was something different you know. He ruled his family with iron fist. It was like being in the Army and we liked it a lot.
Writer:”Now you have your own family and how are things in New York?”
Mogilevich:”Its an Honor to be Boss of this great family, where is 31 members and all are great soldiers. Old Boss was Lefty, rest his soul in peace, who also was one of the greatest Bosses around New York, but he got killed in a backfire somewhere near California.But my family things are very quiet and calm, we don’t like violence and blood, but sometimes you gotta kick someones ass you know.

Writer:”I saw in the game there is elections for “Boss of Bosses”, how you doing?”
Mogilevich:”Well at the moment I’ve got the most votes and that’s good of course.I also got message from System for candidate to Governor place, but I declined it.What Governor can I be if there’s a crime blood in me, uh? But I will be very glad if I will win the elections.

Writer:”What are your thoughts about game bugs and errors?”
Mogilevich:”Well to be honest with you I would say that those bugs and errors are making people crazy, many members are stuck in their families and cant do nothing. Administrators should fix them, so that they can be free again.

Writer:”Well Mr.Mogilevich, I wish you a very good time with your Family and that you will win the elections.It was an Honor to make an interview with such great and respected member of this wonderful Society.”
Mogilevich:”And I thank you my friend for asking these questions, but now I have to go, so get da hell out from my office pal, capish?!”

An Honored Society – Legends

Interview :

Well okay a little story also about great Boss we had in the game:

“The Best Bosses ever in this Honored Society, one and only Mr.Anthony S”.

Mr.Anthony S got involved with this game somewhere in the beginning of this year, he was fascinated about the structure and fell in love within seconds.
He was only 18 years old boy from Sicily and his dream was to become President of United States.
As he moved into neighbourhood called “Little Italy”, he started to work as delivery boy for one food shop owner called “Fat Sal”.
Fat Sal was a very kind old man, he was also from Sicily, Corleonesi. He liked Anthony so much that he gave him an apartment exactly across the streets, so that Anthony could keep his eyes on it.
Few months came by and Anthony started to realize that with this job he cannot become President of United States.
But since Anthony was from Sicily, his relatives were also living here and he knew that they lived very good life, because they had the biggest truck company in U.S
But Anthony didn’t knew that his US relatives were criminals and did some bad things.
He left from “Little Italy” and went to California to find his cousin Sonny Gambino.
Anthony became working for Sonny Gambino as car-driver and he now knew how to become rich and famous.He saw the Gangsters with shiny suits, nice girls and expensive cars, he knew he will one day have exactly same things and he wasn’t wrong.

On 13th August his best friend and cousin Sonny Gambino died in his home in a heart attack.

Sonny Gambino was only 35 years old member of this society.
After the Funerals, Anthony knew he have to do something to get that power what other Bosses has.
On 21th August there were a meeting in Sonny Gambinos house, down in the basement.There were this big circle table where was 21 chairs.
On that they Anthony got into criminal word, called “Cosa Nostra”.He got his own crew and started to clime-up in the family structure and was soon Underboss of the great Gambino Crime family.Later the Don of the Gambino Crime Family died and old man pointed at Anthony, that he will be the new Boss of the Family.
Anthony realized that he now have that power he always wanted, he knew he is even more powerful than President of United States.
Anthony got bigger and stronger by everyday but still he had a little problem, he was greedy old bastard.He wanted more and more and thats what killed him at the end.
On 13th September at 10:42 pm he was shot to death when he was going home with his bodyguards.
The Assassin shot him with Ak-47 few rounds and that was the end of a great Bosses ever, Mr Anthony S.
Funerals were the biggest one in United States, even the politicians, governors, judges came to funeral to send Anthony on his last trip to Heaven.

Official Comission Board

Official Commission Board©2008 is presenting a new feature: “Boss of Bosses”.

Every member of this Community can now vote for “Boss of Bosses”.
The elected “Boss of Bosses” will then have right to put others Bosses in every State he wants.
Albert_Anastasia CristopherMoltisanti Capo_Di_Tutti_Capi IGotshot cow_girl Micheal_Corleone Affa Nicko_Vercetti Guiseppe_BrunoSend votes to accound named “Comission_Board” and we will then update it everyday.

The Editor is not affiliated in any way to any criminal or non-criminal organization, as we try to portrait details and actions while keeping neutrality.

Interview with a citizen

The Editor at the American Mafia Times was stopped by a citizen on the street, and our Editor could not resist the chance of asking the guy some questions.
Our Editor confessed he smelled a scent of alcohol coming from the individual, but continued the short interview with the CityBlood Banger:

” It is a war. vercetti syndicate v.s gambino crime family. it was back to back shootings. lot of people die in vercetti syndicate. but there are strong and so powerful. gambino kill people who didnt even do any thing but smile. like this example hatianboi die for wat said something being to slick out the mouth. his brother hatiand die for what being his brother. manson die for what being him i know he kill a lot of people but he die for nothin. albert antaissa jr die for his name. lots of people die. so im telling u its gambinos v.s vercetti.  ”
Life will come at you fast, said the Editor at the end.

Nicko Vercetti contacted us at our main HQ, and said the following:
“As far as i know there is no war between my family and the gambinos. they started to kill my family members becauze this padre told them i was Anthony S.

Regards Nicko Vercetti


We will keep you informed.
Remember,  American Mafia Times works for you.

The President is dead!

Extra Extra Read all about it!…

The President of the United States (Kill_me) was found dead in his office in the White House. It seems the President was shot with an unknown weapon, that probably had a silencer.

Secret Service is currently investigating this terrible assassination, and there are no suspects so far. The main spokesman of the Secret Service, Ted Hallaway said : “We believe a HitMan was hired to kill the President”.

Everybody is in utter shock, and the community is hoping the as assassins will be caught as soon as possible.
We will return with more information shortly.