Our worst fear is to find our American Mafia character dead one day.

This can be devastating, but we will give you more information below that will help you increase your survival chances in our violent (game) world.

Factors considered when you are attacked

  • rank
  • character age (you may activate the True Age item)
  • inactivity (number of days)
  • bodyguards
  • weapons
  • inventory (your defense items)
  • States Owned
  • number of State Flags owned
  • messages sent
  • your friends
  • family (are you a family boss?)
  • forum activity

Marketplace Items (defense items) will increase your defense power. See more information about your Inventory and Marketplace.

What items to buy:

  • purchase any defense item in the marketplace that doesn’t look like an attack item. Buy defense items like animals, art, gadgets, map, private islands, real estate, etc.
  • Alert system will send you a real-world email when you are attacked, mugged and/or kidnapped

When you get killed, it is not the end. You can purchase a Resurrection Item and get your Character back like nothing ever happened. If you resurrected more than 5 times, then you can start fresh, transfer all your previous purchased items by using a Will and Testament item, then even change your name, or purchase the True Age.