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Gunnz Lucchese and The Commission

In no surprise, the next name on this list is none other than Gunnz Lucchese, the Boss of the family of the same name. His ties to the Commission are a bit more pronounced, it is said that the two met up in Rhode Island, the turf of the Lucchese Crew and things went good for the two bosses, Insanity and Gunnz. So much so that they decided to split the states up and it was from there that some things became a nice sweet deal for all parties.

Gunnz would provide assistance for The Commission who wished for nothing more than what was there. A moment of peace among the joining families and it was given besides the moments between a few crews and an idiotic delusional fool who wished to destroy that peace before it truly got started.

With the support of a former Kingpin, it is said that the commission and their position could not be stronger now. Maybe they continue on their way to becoming something of a formidable group with these strong supporters of this new and bold plan they have in their heads.

Only time will tell but with Gunnz at their side, it certainly bodes well for them and their new way of looking at things!

– Heather Polstern, Reporter for AM Times and The Commission articles!

New York’s Murder Inc associated with the Commission?

In recent weeks, since the arrival of The Olympians soon turned Commission, we have seen the DeMeo Escalation and Corleone-Commission War. It became clear that some favors had to be called in, soon it turned into one after another, associates bodies had dropped and Vito seemed ready to continue his path of destruction.

Yet, New York’s leader of Murder Inc had arrived and decided to end the Godfather of the Corleone Family at the time. It took no time at all but then it seemed easy enough and that was it, no questions were asked as Vito was felled by Royce Gambino but yet with recent events, the question has to be asked.

Is Royce Gambino allied with The Commission or at the maximum, associated with the Commission? Noticing how they are changing things and wishing for a better world, the old-timer could be seeing something in himself in them. Noticing the way they are both with ease bring something into the world instead of out…

There is more on this story as you continue but ladies and gentlemen could it possible? Is Royce Gambino allied with The Commission and how far do you think this alliance goes?

– Heather Polstern, Reporter for the AM Times.

Chairmen of The Commission – Who are they?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here to settle something and that is your mind. The newly formed commission has new members in the form of former family heads and here are there names: Mr.Diabolik, Winnie Vallo, and Zoom. These men are the formation of families under a single-family. An Empire if you will, reminiscent of the once-dominant Corleone Empire ran by Michael Corleone.

Then there was the Fratesi’s, Moretti’s, Barzini’s, and plenty more. Each having their own impact on the chosen society and what it now brings. Yet we are not here to discuss the past and what it means for the chosen society.

We are here to discuss the leaders, Mr.Diabolik, once the famed man who wished to lead his own renaissance has now seen that Ares who soon changed his name to Insanity was the man to do it, was the man to become the leader that this society needed. He has been seen hanging closely around Chicago. Discussing business with the Outfit,

He seems to be a better supporter of the new way than most Chairmen.

Then next is veteran and old-timer, Zoom. Truly a man that has become what we have seen in the honored society, loyal to the bone and content with his position as a Chairman, he is seen to be associating with his right-hand, Calista, a former caporegime for The Olympians. Now Vice-President to Zoom of The War Council.

The newest addition is Winnie Vallo, once the head of the Avenue Saints, now a Chairman under Vincent Valentine after a bit of an altercation with Commission members. Now he is valued after peace was called for by then Boss, Insanity.

These are the 3 of 4 Chairmen on the Commission, supposedly there is one more coming through…

more to be discovered as pain goes on.

– Heather Polstern, Reporter for the AM Times – The Commission and American Mob Division.

The Jaskier-Taiga Connection

It is said during moments of passion that mob lives do intertwine with that of the innocent civilians and this is the story of Jaskier and Taiga, the new rulers of The Commission, these two are said to lead the newest group and lead with an Iron Fist, supposedly, yet with the jovial smiles and the small but innocent animal Snow Leopard by their side, who is supposed to say that these people are truly what the stories claim?

Taiga, a woman who has donated to plenty charities and holds a spot in the records as a Lawyer and getting wrongly accused people off of Death Row, the same cannot be said for her lover and husband, the man of musical himself, Jaskier or known by some as ‘Dandelion’ is someone who has also donated to other causes.

He also holds some important friends in the unions and donates to causes such as music and acting in many areas to help the youth get off the street. It is said that these two met at a banquet and swapped many ideas. Meeting numerous times and it was soon after that Jaskier had to go back to Italy.

And yet now, he finds himself back at the helm with his rumored lover, Taiga. She is said to be guiding his hand as he makes decisions that benefit the Commission and themselves as a whole. Making sure that Jaskier makes no mistakes in the new world he finds himself in.

In other news, it seems the Chairmen, Zoom, Winnie Vallo, and Mr.Diabolik have taken the change with ease. Deciding to give the bard a chance for now.

What can be said for this new leader? it will all be seen in the coming weeks.

– Heather Polstern and Rodney Grace, collaborated as writers for the Jaskier-Taiga Connection.

Nevada’s Open Mic Night!

Nevada’s Open Mic Night!
Jaskier, Headliner of Nevada and supposed ‘Ruler’ has now introduced an Open Mic Night, where people can go to the state and perform, hoping to liven some things up. He is paying the people 50 Points per performance, looking to see what they can bring and how much they can bring a new light opening up for him, hoping to see how people can slowly bring some shiny eyes unto their world.

Jaskier is supposedly looking for something else as well, a talent manager, he knows that he cannot be in the state of Nevada all too long and decides that maybe it is for the best that someone manages the talent for him while he does the business that way. If this interests you, approach Jaskier, the one true Bard in all of Nevada!

In other news, there is also a book signing that he is doing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wanting to meet the brave people that made the trip all the way for him! The Noble Bard hopes to see you there!

– Rodney Grace, Interviewer and Writer for the Jaskier Stories!

The Commission Goals

The AM Times: The Commission Goals

Today is that day ladies and gentlemen, the news that we all wanted, the goals of The Commission. They have seen the dire state that the world is in and now this is what they want to do, something that many others may not want to see but they are fostering relations with other crews from all over the states, even those not traditionally from New York or Chicago.

It was now branching out to places like Wisconsin, Nebraska, and even surprisingly, Washington, the seat of power for many government figures, and The Commission was trying to infiltrate the state like no other. Its goals have been unknown until now, supposedly wishing for peace.

Yet with the deaths of Joe DeMeo and his wife, Emily. It seems peace is being overruled by many members of the Commission, with some strong backers now deciding that maybe peace is not the way but offering seats among them is the best.

Insanity, the once leader said that he had wished for a talk with the DeMeo’s but with Jaskier, the noble bard taking the seat of power and now deciding to grace the people with his presence, who knows what the leaders of the American Mafia can get from the Eccentric man, only discussing such business with his closest confidants, Taiga and Vincent Valentine.

More on this story as it develops, for now, it is known that Jaskier takes his position as leader a bit differently than most, deciding now that moments like this are the reason he became a bard, the supposed adventure of it all.

– Rodney Grace, Private Reporter and Writer for the Jaskier-Commission.

The Bard, Jaskier – Arriving in new shores

In times where we thought the man known as Insanity would no longer change his style, his moments of mysterious wonder, now it seems that he has left the shores and went back to Sicily, spending time with his once forgotten family in the form of the mysterious Pavanno’s. A family long holding history for the American Mafia and what it has done in the chosen society.

Now in his place is a bard, one who has apparently already wooed Taiga and taken her as a wife, it is said that the relationship between Insanity and Taiga had been one where they both enjoyed it but now, it was time to go about their business and this man was none more than the headliner of Las Vegas, Nevada!

Jaskier, the famed bard who wrote the tales of Geralt, the “rumored” hitman. Apparently he wishes the same that Insanity did, even maybe more so, leaving behind the so-called bloody business to that of his associates. Yet the gleam in his eyes, it seemed that the bard did understand the way of the world, and if the way he seemingly had numerous bodyguards surrounding him, it seems like these will be interesting.

Apparently he is to be performing in the Tops Casino, a Las Vegas casino operated by members of the Chicago Outfit, associates of Mr.Diabolika and now the bard, Jaskier. Soon he is supposed to be approaching the mayor and his lovely wife for a talk about the future of the great state that is Nevada.

Maybe the bard has a great talk, no one knows what the man may be going for but all we know is that the new Commission has a new leader in the showman.

– Rodney Grace, Private Reporter, and writer for the Jaskier Stories!

The DeMeo Escalation

Moments follow in this life of ours and what led to the deaths of the DeMeo Family death is something that is nothing short of….tense and entirely factual.

On one late afternoon, Vincent Valentine had mugged a mobster in this life of ours, believing it to be no name housed schmuck, he struck them with a pistol only to realize that it was the wife of Joe DeMeo, Emily. He had taken a number estimated in the billions and soon, went back to his boss, Insanity, informing him of the situation back in Cali.

It took him no time at all but Insanity had brought together the money and sent it over with a note, hoping to ease relations. He received nothing in return and that made the then boss of The Olympians tense, believing that they were going to head on the offensive. He found himself talking with a few black market dealers, grabbing a few protective weapons, in case they were necessary.

He was not going to find himself unprotected with what was going to come. Little did he know that blood was spilled, Vito Corleone would catch a flight out of The Bahamas and strike him dead. It was something that no one except a few expected and Vito had delivered with placing Insanity in a coma for a while.

He came out moments later, finding Emily DeMeo dead, it would soon become the end of the DeMeo faction. It is said that he felt sad at their deaths, he wished to make sure that they were here to bring about the new era of the American Mafia and he hoped to find out if they were truly ready to bring about an era dedicated to peace and fairness in the honored society.

With the DeMeo’s dead, it is said that many things have been split amongst The Commission, Vincent Valentine taking control of various casinos, Insanity taking a few airlines, and Taiga taking a few companies that the two had owned for a while.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems as though the commission is here to stay and are ready to make sure that this peace is secured. We hoped that you are here to witness such a thing…

– Heather Polstern, Reporter for The AM Times.

The Commission, Insanity, and more!

In recent weeks, we have seen the formation of a new regime in the American Mafia, Mr.Diabolik has taken his operations to the state of sin under Insanity and formed his very own branch under this new family called ‘The Commission’ and their rules, their mission is going to be stated in a tell-all interview soon enough.

Followed after an altercation with Winnie Vallo and his crew, he soon followed under the banner of the Commission. It is said that Insanity is ready to bring others, people are rumored to have seen him discussing business with the Lucchese boss, Gunnz. And Murder Inc leader, Royce Gambino.

It is said that he enlisted the help of Royce himself during the Vito Corleone attempt on his life, more on that is to be told as well. Insanity is going to be ready to discuss many things in the coming weeks. Especially what he wishes for the American Mafia and how he wishes to see how people adjust themselves with the new climate and rules that will be seen in the next few months of his rule.

With the current leaders either aligning themselves with him or allowing his current expansion into the mob, it is said that Insanity might have some strong ties and is looking to bring new eyes unto the American Mafia each time. With each little step and play of his style, he may just have a good grip on the mob for a while.

“I’m not looking for bloodshed, the DeMeo’s, their deaths were something I hoped to avoid and I wished to speak with them a few times on how things could be run and how we could move with them in California and offering them a little more.”

Those were the words of the President of the Commission; it is said that he has a lot more to say and maybe that is the truth. The DeMeo’s and their removal was apparently given on the night that Insanity was taken to the hospital due to being shot by Vito Corleone, more on this story in another story.

For now, stay safe American mafia and we will see you soon!

Heather Polstern, a reporter for the AM Times.

Mr Vito Corleone – The self-proclaimed Kingpin

When you’re a noticeable threat to the world, you are someone that is regarded as a true man who is ready to get his goals and make sure he reaches them without fail. We have seen this in the line of The Joker, his streak of blood against the late Barzini Empire that had ended up crippled and a shell of what it once was, with many of its former kingpins being left to the side and the Street Boss, Boyesey of its branch empire, La Famiglia took over and has since tried to bring it back up to what it once was.

Then you have other people who have done the same, removed members of an empire, bringing it crashing down without its pillars and they are recognized for it, they are destroyers, they are the ones who the gods themselves have seen as a threat. Yet those very men are no longer in the world, retiring to the Bahamas and bringing their vicious, yet memorable careers to a slow grinding halt.

Then we have this one another person, someone who believes himself King and Executioner, barely having the support of the surrounding families and being someone who is targeted on a daily basis. Mr Vito Corleone, the self-proclaimed Kingpin of American Mafia. Someone who believes he is at the top of the food chain.

In a not so surprising statement, Vito Corleone is now considered a shoot on sight target, regardless of his intentions, he has reached that status and maybe that does mean something for the boss of the single Corleone Crime Family. Maybe he is someone determined to go out there and get what he believes is his crown.

Only with the forces of The Commission, Lucchese Crime Family, and Murder Inc watching his every move. It seems like this is going to be a permanent ruling from the families, Vito Corleone is going to be an on-sight threat and whoever houses him or joins him in any capacity will be joining him in the hospital.

Ares, Leader of The Olympians in the Hospital

Ladies and Gentlemen, late last night was something that we never thought we would see in our world. A hit was carried out upon the Regime Leader of Los Peace, Ares. Having already contacted many leaders in the world, he was going to announce his plans for the world, having a meeting with Henrik Solstheim in Central Park, New York. It would seem like a leader was ready to give something that everyone already wanted, it was all there for them. A moment for everyone to adjust to the new wave of the American Mafia.

And as he conducted this interview, shots were fired, killing two of his bodyguards and the reporter for the AM Times, Henrik Solstheim whose funeral is already being taken care of by The Olympian’s lawyers. Many things are being kept hushed by the honored society but for right now, it seems like many things are calm.

Yet with the hit on Ares, things are already seeming to heat up, street gangs and many small-time crews are fighting it out. Supposedly throughout the states controlled by The Olympians, it seems like an internal struggle for power of some kind, some of the small madmeen are backing their very own bosses, yet most are keeping the peace and bo blood has been spilled.

With Ares in the hospital, it seems like his vision for the American Mafia has yet to be revealed and we may have to wait a little longer. For now, the world is on edge and with a regime leader laying in the hospital, his empire close to falling and seemingly on the brink of Civil War, the world is waiting for the self-proclaimed leader of this new regime to bring about peace, something he promised before he was shot…

In other news, Vincent Valentine and Aphrodite, the supposed advisors to the God of War have been seen having meetings. Outside of the Manhattan State Hospital, where the Boss of Bosses, Ares is resting up, trying to wake up, leaving his trusted hands to manage the empire that they were beginning to build.

It seems like the two are on the same page, managing it the best they can, their own Capos and Mademen being under control, besides the few that were working under Ares, the peaceful lot they were certainly rumored to be. They closed off Nevada, leaving it to themselves as for now it seems like the beginnings of them branching out on their own, many of the states have awaited the return of Ares, wanting to get his own approval before moving forward with their own plans in the world of the American Mafia.

With Nevada finding itself closed off, it seems like one Family has moved in, once a former ally to Ares and his band of Olympians, it seems like the Bonoci family have found themselves enough backing to move in on Nevada, we will get more on this story as it develops ladies and gentlemen.

It has been Heather Polstern for the AM Times and we will see you later with news on The Olympians, Ares, and the possible split of Nevada from the Olympians!

~ Keep ya heads low and your activity high.


“Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, today we have here Ares, the raccoon of war and the Godfather of Los Peace, the regime looking to expand the operations of the American Mafia. What are his plans? What does he plan for the world? Well, today is the day to find that stuff out.”

Henrik and Ares sat opposite one another, guards surrounding them, each wielding a different type of weapon. It was almost like the tension had increased with the pressure on this newspaper coming into play. With the recent news reports. It seemed like this was the moment, this was the time for the newest, rumored boss of bosses to come out and say what he needed too.

“Thank you for having me Henrik, it’s a pleasure to be here and I hope I can shed some of my own light unto what I will bring and how I will bring it into the American Mafia, things have been needing a change for a while now and this is our chance. The moment to get it. I know people want this as much as I do and it is going to be great to say what I see for this world in the next few weeks even.”

Henrik looked a bit put out, noticing the way he seemed to be looking around, his head on a swivel seemingly. Every Big Boss, Godfather had an adversary, whether it be a Federal Agent or a rival Boss trying to make their bones. Something was always lurking around the corner ready for something to kick off and just take over.

“Good, so tell us, Ares, what did you have planned for the American Mafia and why did you decide to come back now of all times? It would be something different yet I see now. You have a plan that not everyone is truly aware of. What do you hope for in this world today?”

Ares chuckled, deciding to takes a ‘smoke’ out of his inner coat pocket as he watched the surrounding area, setting the smoke alight as he watched the quiet New York streets. it was something to him for a moment, only, for now, he knew that he needed to explain what he was bringing to the world and this was the best moment for all of them

“I want peace, that is all. I want growth for the world, many people might not see that for the game but that is what I want and can see. This world had much potential in the past and still has that today, so many things are going to be happening in the next few days that I want to show you what we can have here-”


And gunshots were heard as the boss of ‘The Olympians’ was shoved to the floor by his security team, the AM Times team quickly followed suit as the gunshots continued to ring out….it seems that things were picking up in the AM World…..

– More in Part II: Ares Hospitalized?!?!?