American Mafia Times Newspaper November 1st Edition

An interview with Jimmy Hoffa, the new “Boss of Bosses.

I made a few phone calls to my sources and got this fabulous interview with Jimmy Hoffa, the new “Boss of Bosses.
We met in a neighborhood called “Little Italy”, where Jimmy Hoffa has his own Italian Restaurant.
I decided to ask him few questions about this title and what he will going to do, to make our streets more safer and I also asked him about how it was being in the The Hells Angels.

Mr.Hoffa was the RHM for The Hells Angels Crime family. He was a good member and very good earner for the family
and also well respected.

Questions by my assistant Vincent Mangano:
1.What are you going to do with this new position, what family’s will
get what state?
2.How was it in your old family?
3.How high were you in the family structure?
4.Have you ever had another account?
Answer from Jimmy Hoffa:
“With my new title I will try to bring some order to this community and to stop the random violence.All states will remain the same as my mentor Nicko Vercetti decided.
Florida – Roberto (MS-13), Colorado – Albert Anastasia (Anastasia
Crime Family), Nevada and Texas is still free of control and the
remaining states are open for business.
With only one change. New York is now controlled by both families, The Bonnano and The Lucchese Crime Family.
My old family was both good and bad. The boss was a little bit
crazy but also good.

In my old family I was Right Hand Man and Consigliere to the boss.
Yes I have but I cant tell you the name, because I never brag about my
former success.
Assistant:”Thank you for the interview and best of luck to you with your title.”
Mr.Hoffa:”No thank you, but I`m very busy so I have to ask you to
leave for now.”
Assistant:”Congratulations on your promotion again and have a nice day Mr.Hoffa.”

by Ruggiero Tuscarella & Vincent Mangano.


A Tale of two cities – The New York/Texas connection Vol1.

It was a fateful phone call by Deputy Sam “Hair Trigger” Burke to the office of FBI agent William Connolly on a warm Saturday lunch time that would prove to the catalyst for a submission from the Bureau’s Dallas office for a budget increase in excess of two million dollars. Though the Bureau refuses to discuss the ongoing investigation that was opened up in the immediate aftermath of the phone call, local law enforcement have been much more forthcoming.

Deputy Burke explained in interviews with local press that he’d been at a gas station off of highway 95, Rockwall County, Texas, buying a few doughnuts while they took their break on one of the hottest days of the year. It was his partner, Officer Mike Cooley, who recognized the Ford Model T as it pulled up in the forecourt of the gas station. He immediately knew it to be a custom job of the car that had went out of production in 1927 and as he turned to point this fact out to Deputy Burke, they both recognised that face of alleged New York Mafia Boss Cristopher Moltisanti as he stepped forth from the vehicle and started to fill it up.

As they cruised past the vehicle, they also noted the presence of other men in the car, chief among them alleged California Mafia Boss Nicko Vercetti in the front passenger seat. In the back seat was Florida Wise Guy Vincenzo Corleone and two local toughs that Deputy Burke recognised from local mug shots. Their rap sheets indicated paid ties to organized crime.

As the two state troopers drove off, they held an impromptu council of war in their squad car. Both were in agreement that a high-level meeting of Mafia heads had either taken place or was due to take place. Burke reasoned that given the direction their car was headed in, they’d soon be taking off down highway 95, headed for Dallas City. Cooley suggested they pull in at a car show-room some 5 miles down the road and wait it out. Their gamble proved to be correct as within fifteen minutes the familiar Ford Model T passed them by. Making a quick decision, the two officers tailed it all the way to Dallas, stopping only once near another gas station while Deputy Burke made that fated call from a pay phone to inform the bureau.

The mobsters made a stop at Dallas Steel and Concrete Ltd and disappeared inside for a meeting that took roughly an hour, whereupon Vincenzo Corleone left. Once the Bureau became involved, the situation as far as local law enforcement were told, became much clearer. The mobsters have controlling interests in various industries that they were using to complement each other on inter-state racketeering. Vincenzo Corleone had begun to make serious moves in the hotel industry, with hotels either controlled or protected by him springing up all over Florida. Cristopher Moltisanti has long had a firm control of the construction industry and Bureau insiders began to speculate that chief among the benefits of their relationship was low labor costs, no trouble from the unions, money laundering through certain accountancy firms and even more bid rigging.


A Tale of two cities – The New York/Texas connection Vol2.

The state troopers who uncovered the meeting were authorized to keep on their targets and recorded more meetings, both at the offices of Dallas Steel and Concrete Ltd in Dallas and the newly built Vincenzo Corleone hotel in the middle of downtown Florida. The hotel itself has come to stand for what the Feds believe to be a major facet of organized crime in the eastcoast of US. Twenty stories high with a roof top pool and one of the best restaurants in the city, the hotel has made them more determined than ever to nail Vincenzo and Nicko Vercetti and put the respective Mafia Bosses behind bars. Perhaps it was for this reason that the Feds pulled the plug on the local operation, pulling the state troopers who uncovered the whole thing.
Deputy Burke was particularly scathing of this decision, coming just at the time when they’d uncovered another bombshell:

“We’d been working on this thing for four months, ever since the sighting at the gas station. Last Friday, one of my guys phones me, early in the morning. One of our spotters in New York spotted Affa in the company of Cristopher Moltisanti. Cristopher Moltisanti had taken over the New York Mafia after the death of New York Made Man Joseph Spinuzzi during infighting between the New York, Florida and Colorado branches of powerful Mafia family The Anastasia Crime Family.It seemed that the two had dined together in an New York restaurant. A source early Saturday placed Affa in the company of Cristopher at a race track. We began to speculate that the business arrangement was extending further afield and was possibly a trio of crews working in tandem. I phoned Connolly to provide him with an update and a week later, they pulled us.”

Although not bitter about his part in helping open a case on what could potentially prove to be one of the biggest law enforcement wins against the Mafia in recent memory, Burke’s tale did have a cautionary note. A week after the story first broke in the national news, the holiday home of his brother in law in Wildwood, New Jersey was burnt to the ground in what police have concluded was a case of arson. Though nothing has been proven, the fire prompted Burke to request to be put back on Traffic in Denton County, Texas.

“I just want to be able to move on with my life. The situation is out of my hands now and I’ve nothing more to say.”

By Ruggiero Tuscarella.


If you live in the city, this will be your fortune . . .

California – You will make a lot of money selling Peaches. Unfortunately, you will lose it all during a Civil War re-enactment when you get mugged by Cardinal MysteryMan.

Texas – You will wear a cowboy hat. And it will look good on you.

Michigan – You will have the overwhelming desire to make cars. However, you will be really bad at it, and forget the doors.

Illinois – Heat stroke will overcome you, but you will be resuscitated by a stripper who won Stripper of The Year Award . . . in 1889.

Colorado – Your movie career will fizzle when you sleep with the producer and they find out you’re rubbish in bed.

Florida – You will experience sand in places sand should never be.

New York – You will die if you visit. But, you will be buried in a I ♥ NY shirt.

by Ruggiero Tuscarella.


We saw on the 31th of October the expansion of the Lucchese Family. Boss Cristopher Moltisanti got the blessings of the Commission to take control of New York after the slaughter of Gambinos and the death of their late leader Semion Mogilevich. Cristopher Moltisanti got plenty of warm reception going into New York and was thankful for all of the congratulations. He was greeted with high regards from other mob leaders such as Roberto the leader of MS-13 in Texas and Affa, the leader of Bonanno Family also in New York. Can we see a bright future for Cristopher Moltisanti in New York? Well, I sure hope that we do see some greatness come out of him and New York. From this Editor, congratulations Mr.Cristopher Moltisanti and good luck.

by Ruggiero Tuscarella.


A true story about Lucky Luciano.

Charles Luciano, founder of the national crime syndicate in the 1930’s, was born in Sicily in 1897. His family moved to the Lower East Side of New York in 1906, where he was first arrested in 1907. By 1915 Luciano was a member of the Five Points gang, where he trained under John Torrio, and became friends with Al Capone and many other later luminaries of thug life. He started his own prostitution racket in 1920, and by 1925 had such vast control over prostitution in Manhattan that he actually began taking over the whorehouses himself.

By 1927 this had made him a millionaire, but where Capone did not bother with taxes, Luciano filed every year. An amount of $22,500 as income from gambling. In 1929 an attempt was made on his life, and he was kidnapped, beaten, and stabbed numerous times with an icepick. Miraculously, he survived and when police questioned him about his attackers, he maintained the code of Omerta, not identifying who had attacked him . Towards the end of the 20’s Luciano was ready to start turning his ideas of a national crime syndicate into reality, and with the help of his friends Lansky and Siegel he was able to get rid of several big players opposed to his plans. At this time the gangland war between Salvatore Maranzano and Joe “The Boss” Masseria prevented him from aligning all the gangs, so he had both of them eliminated.

By 1935 Luciano was considered ‘Boss of Bosses’, the number one in command in the syndicate he’d created. By 1 935 also, D.A. Thomas E. Dewey had gathered enough evidence to bring in Luciano on ninety counts of extortion and prostitution. He was sentenced to 30 to 50 years, but rumor has it that when the Allied forces in WW II needed help in their invasion of Sicily, they contacted Luciano and offered him a deal. If he’d contact his Mafia friends there, he would be released under the condition that he would be deported to Italy. Here he considered writing his memoirs and making a movie of his life.

by Ruggiero Tuscarella.