A Job to Die For

Over the years, American citizens have witnessed the worst assassinations in the country’s history. From former President Kill_Me being killed in April, 2008 to Governor New_Kid_In_Town being killed in the month of March in 2010. People who tend to go for these high positions are called risk takers who wish for that hot spotlight in return for a hot bullet in their head after gaining that desired position.


Looking back at March 20, 2010. The killing of Gov. New_Guy_In_Town shook everyone’s world to the core. A former school teach, Jessica Smith, was quoted saying “If the Governor isn’t safe, who is these days?”.  In the same month, FBI Director Trevor17 was shot 7 times with an AK47. But the most brutal slaying of a political official was in May 2011 to Governor Cow_Girl in Nevada. She was shot right after she won the election and was sworn into office.


So who has the balls to risk their lives in next upcoming election? Is it worth your life to have your name recognized faster on your tomb stone as a political figure or to be known for awhile as a respected Mobster?

Submitted by Frank_Pentangeli.

Who is is Frank_Pentangeli? He explains:
“I was born in Partinico, a small town outside of Palermo, Sicily. I then immigrated to New York, United States where I became good friends with Bocephes1971. Shortly after, I was initiated into the Corleone Family. After being initiated into the family, I was placed as a Capo in both Bocephes1971 and then Joe_D_Foster’s families.

Soon I was given the privileged by GoodFellas_ of holding the position as a Capo in Murder Inc.

Shortly after ranking in the Corleone Family, I was given the position as Consigliere for Joe_D_Foster’s operations for the Corleone family, Badfellas di Corleone.”