The Black Hand and AMUE


The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has discovered an unknown, secret society that is known as “The Black Hand”. Agents have discovered through their undercover efforts that The Hand is basically another order within the American Mafia. The Black Hand Regime also goes by it’s old name “The Order” which was founded by Mr Benny Noodles, long ago during the Golden Era of AM. This order unlike the AMUE consists of the biggest and baddest regime leaders of AM. Big Bosses like “The Joker” or “Jax Teller” or Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, who are leaders of huge crime organizations and are prime examples of who just might be members of this order.1574433037642

We have learned from our sources that the American Mafia Upper Echelon consists of the nation’s “Ultimate State Kingpins”. Each state ruler is eligible to join this order as long as they are the rank of Underworld Kingpin or higher, and are voted in by a majority vote. Kingpins represent their states on this committee and have a big part to play in the mafia underworld.

The bureau has been trying to Infultrate this new order but all attempts have ended in failure. Just yesterday the Bureau had two agents slaughtered by members of the black hand. Because of these two agents being found in a freezer in the basement of Baltimore Cities most popular butcher block, “Benny’s Butcher Block” with the black hands mark of death carved into their skin the bureau has reason to beleive it was the infamous black hand showing back up on the scene to help the AMUE establish order on these ruthless AM streets.

•Unfortunate Funeral:

A young lady by the name of lexxxy was laid to rest just the other evening. According to eye witnesses they said she had taken to much of her medication (Xanax) She was blacked out and apparently pulled a firearm from her purse.

She was at a local cafe when she went psychotic, brandishing a firearm and waving it around in public. One of the patrons of the cafe said he seen her foaming at the mouth and winking at him. He thought she had a crush on him so he started to flirt back. By that time she started pulling the trigger, letting the bullets fly around the cafe. 2 bullets ricocheted off the glass mirror that was behind the register.

One bullet struck the store owner in the back of the head, and the other bullet pierced lexxxy’s temple, instantly causing her to drop to the ground like a limp noodle. The blood poured out of her empty skull, the coroner concluded that she was killed instantly on impact of the bullet hitting her head.

He was surprised the lack of brain matter that was sprayed all over the wall. He said usually there would be alot more brains on the walls. Police has to step in and make it knows that lexxxy lacked brains. She was a blonde and couldn’t even spell her name correctly. They sold her mud puddle water daily with some chocolate syrup and she actually enjoyed drinking that crap java.

•Nino, A Night Out On The Town:

Our sources of picked up word on the street that former member of the SOA, Nino has left the club without saying a word. He reportedly jumped on his motorcycle after a club meeting and he peeled out of the bar, headed east, and leaving one hell of a trail of dust behind. As he spun tires taking off outta there he kicked up a load of rocks, flinging them all over the other members bikes. The little rocks peppered the bikes and caused all kinds of damage to the appearance of those expensive machines.

Because of the whole situation Nino has become a marked man. The big boss of the SOA, Jax Teller has placed a contract on Nino’s head. As of right now the contract is only for 25 Billion (25,000,000,000) it’s still too small of a bounty to catch the attention of huge hit squads like “LOS” or the “Luchese Hitsquad”. Nino has survived several attacked so far and has relocated, setting up shop and a gang of his own. It appears he is standing his ground. We will keep you informed on the latest and greatest events happening in your neighborhoods. Until next week America, have fun and stay safe!

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