New Kingpin, The Secret Society

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, we have the most updated news of the on goings of the AM underworld.

New Rumored Kingpin

Most recently ladies and gentlemen there is a new kingpin in the form of Barzini Loyalist, Lazarus-Barzini known as Head of Barzini BlackGuards empire, he was said to be giving the position due to his fiercest loyalty to the Bosses Lefty, Ric and Gunnz and also never shying away from a battle which he was mortally wounded both times, his acts have also inspired many others such as his rumored Underboss Jack Barzini and longtime mafioso Mikey Malone Jr who is also speculated to be Lazarus most trusted adviser with this new structure it has been regarded as the most stable regime in a long time.

The old and retired question the Barzini leadership!?!

Ladies and Gentlemen feel like your back in time? well you should most recently Old and Retired mobsters have come out of retirement to question the barzini rule such mobsters as old boss of the Philly Crime Family Nicodemo Scarfo and Old Head of the Corleone empire Michael Corleone, these men have cricticized the new regime of the American Mafia saying that the regime is Sloppy and Unorganized unlike the past, members of the barzini family have spoke out against most recently Jiggz Barzini, Regarded as the young wolf Jiggz spoke out against the old mobsters stating that “I Grew up in that so called golden era and it was a hell-storm, my father was a made guy for the Corleone and one day he never came home from “work” and I knew he had been killed because he was framed by Michael Corleone” now Jiggz the top of his profession rumored to be working for his Mentors Lefty and Ricardo Barzini he now runs his own crew out of north Carolina but what do you think AM? who is right in these war of words, YOU decide!

A new Society, New members!?!?

Ladies and Gentlemen it has been established that a new mafia organization, we do not know the name of this organization due to it’s secrecy but we do know that there have been new members of the society most recently, Gunnz Luchesse and Ricardo Barzini the two men who helped shape and carve a new era for Barzini most recently the business has garnered some attention due to having six members in the esteemed group including Barzini Godfather and Capo Di Tutti Capi LeftyTwoGunz or referred to as the GodKing but with these three men have now taken over the American Mafia with there own agenda and one thing in mind to preserve the legacy of the American Mafia.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is all of the news story as of late with these stories now coming in the future of AM looks very bright indeed,

Stay Safe AM

Senior Reporter and News Editor,