American Mafia Land Rush! 2019!

Greetings America! “The Rush” has begun. Old and young mafiosi alike are returning to the streets of AM. Everyone wants their peice of pie before its all gone! Think of our great country as one giant pumpkin pie. With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought it would make sense to use pumpkin. All these gangsters are becoming rulers of states. Becoming a state leader is just one of the requirements to becoming a member of the AMUE.

As of right now we have a handful of factions controlling various states all over the country. The blood red states are controled by the Arkum Asylum, and various figures within the Regime are in charge of certain states. The white states are controled by The Fratesi Crime Organization and its leader Mr Mickie Fratesi. The lime green states are controlled by the Camonte Crime Organization, and its leader “Scarface” Camonte. The blueish grey states such as California is under the control of the Sons Of Anarchy, and its leader Jax Teller.

The state rulers are known as the states Godfather/Kingpin 👑, and they have absolute control over their states. Its best to respect and obey these state kingpins if you expect to go far in this thing of ours.


The Return Of Mr. Gunnz Barzini:

The infamous crime lord, Gunnz Barzini, formerly known as Gunnz Luchese has returns to the cold streets of AM. Upon his return he joined up with the Arkum Asylum Regime, and has become Godfather/Kingpin of a handful of states. He is a member of the Asylums Caporegime, therefore he is a crew boss of the organization. Anyone wishing to join him can do so by contacting him.

The Cartel Catastrophe :

Breaking News!!! Boarder patrol has managed to find a shipment of liquid cocaine headed for the states. It was in a tractor trailer that just so happened to be crossing the Mexican/U.S. boarder. The drug sniffing dog barked at the truck and jumped up on its driver side door scratching at the driver. The dog was “hitting” on the truck and alerting boarder patrol that he smelled illegal drugs.

Agents opened the trailer up and what they found was boxes of shampoo. They searched and searched, tearing the truck to pieces and they didn’t find any drugs. The dog began to bark at a bottle that had fallen from a box and rolled its way toward him. The dog bit the bottle leaving teeth holes. 5 mins later the dog died from a heart attack. Agents tested the shampoo and when it returned from the lab is was blue, which is positive for cocaine. The truck driver was arrested and booked on cocaine trafficking charges. Police plan to try and gather any information they can from him. However he wouldn’t talk. Police believe it was non other then the Sinaloa cartel. This was a great way to smuggle drugs, now that law enforcement is catching on they will be keeping their eyes pealed for this trick. This drug bust was a catastrophic for the cartel. Police said they estimated the shipment to cost a minimum of 100 Billion US Dollars.

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