Benedetto Aloi – A mobster who got involved in the infamous ‘Windows Case’

Benedetto Aloi also called Benny in short, was born to Sebastian Aloi, and popularly called ‘Buster’, who was associated with the Profaci Mafia family as a soldier. It was under his influence that Bendetto and his brother Vincenzo Aloi had been introduced to the La Cosa Nostra. He was born on 6th October 1935.

His early life

Like any other children, he had spent his early childhood days with friends and brother and studied in school. He also visited his father on several occassions at local Profaci hangout to help with some errands. It is here that he came to know about a goodfella’s life.

His entering the Mafia family

He got into the Colombo Mafia family, which became the Profaci Mafia family by his 20s. His father had rose to the ranks of a caporegime and guided his two sons and provided them with few enterprises to control. They found the garment trucking business to be the most profitable, therefore, providing the Colombo family with substantial income.

But he along with other Mafioso had come under the vigilance of the FBI for running numerous rackets. On 19th November 1974, he and more than La Cosa Nostra’s 150 members had been indicted with perjury charges. But Aloi never got tried.

He rose to the rank of a capo by the 1980’s, after which he again got tracked by the FBI for allegedly being involved in capital finance group, lending money at higher rate of interest. It was during the early 1990’s that his biggest threat came in the form of the most infamous ‘Windows Case’. In this case, about 4 New York Mafia Families out of the 5 had used their influence for fixing New York Housing Authorities bids over local contractors and construction unions.

Aloi had by May 1991 had risen within the Colombo Mafia Family to the position of a consigliere and was convicted of conspiracy and extortion. Receiving more than 5 times of the original expected time, he got sentenced to about 16 years 8 months. But in 18th May 1991, he got released and was 74 years of age. At this age, he found it difficult to get back into the Mafia Family and to gel well with the 21st century mafia members, was all the more difficult. He got retired officially as a caporegime to live the remaining part of his life in seclusion. Finally, on 7th April, 2011, he died.