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Does anyone think that the AMFU’s power is not absolute? Take another look.  A few weeks ago, some high ranking members of the Noodles Crime Empire were killed without any reason.  Many speculated about the cause of this, however nothing was ever said aloud.  There apparently no witnesses to these crimes, causing even further confusion to the situation.  Nobody was coming forward, with any information, even at the request of the AMFU and its leaders.  Without any leads, police were worried that retaliation might ensue and there would be a trail of blood and bodies.  They were right.


Over the course of a couple of weeks, AMFU got together to come up with a way to find the killers of Benny’s boys.  Now there was alot of investigation involved and there were two suspects charged with there murder.  Patreek, boss of the Yakuza family, and JohnTX, boss of the Scarface Union.  Now both bosses were respected at the time, however there are certain rules that must be followed when dealing with family members, and those rules were broken.


Patreek, was first found in NY state, and after a quick shootout, fled to Texas where he was located. Patreeks bodyguards just kept appearing out of nowhere and the bullets kept flying. Finally Don Vito Jr, Ruthless, Rosnousky, Tolly, Ross, Assassino and Michael Corleone, were able to take down all his bodyguards. During the hail of gunfire, Patreek received numerous wounds to his body, but still would not surrender.  Finally Ross, approached Pat while he was lying on the ground, and said..”This is for Benny and the AMFU.”  to which Patreek replied. “I accept this situation!, long live Yakuza.”. Then with a quick pull of the trigger Patreek was killed.  I am told that he held his head high and died honorably and tough like a Yakuza should.


JohnTX however was one of the toughest Russians ever.  I am told that it took numerous attempts to finally get to him.  All of the AMFU top assassins were involved and it took all of there fire power to bring him down.  Finally after John was sent to the hospital after catching two shots to the chest, Michael Corleone snuck into the hospital after getting a tip for a corrupt officer on his where abouts.  Michael than took out an icepick from his back pocket, and with a pillow over Johns face pierced it through his temple.  Silent death is what the correct term should be.  The massive amount of time and energy to killed this tough boss was almost god like, but in reality god doesn’t die.


Other News

There seems to be a grudge brew between low-level mafioso and the Corleone Empire.  Gulledge, has seemingly called out Michael and his Corleone Empire, by going to the streets and bad mouthing him.  This probably stems from the dismissal of The O’brians, the Irish mafia, his former borgata.  This could be a big mistake in doing so, or it could be a show of balls to prove that he isn’t afraid of the big dogs.  Nothing has developed yet, but I’m sure that this won’t be the end of it.


Also recently there has been a new family created, The Corleone Vedova Sindicato, with Black Widow taking command there.  Be on the look out for an interview with the Spider herself shortly.


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The Body Count Grows

~The Body Count Grows~ 

Lately things have become ever violent in the underworld.  No one is quite sure how this all started or how this will play out in the end, but one thing is for sure, the cemetary keeps growing.  There have been alot of major players that have seen there rest.  Everyone from low-level goombas to family leaders all have seen there lives end.  The question remains, what is this all for?  FBI agents have been trying to find clues as to what caused all this, and who the next victem will be, but the code of Omerta has been used, and law enforcement officals are still scratching there head.  A couple of brutal slayings have been released to the public.
Tony_Montana Jr. was found with his cerebral punctured with an ice pick.  He was hog tied with both arms and legs bound together, and indictation, to some, of a swine.  There was also a note found and the scene of the murder, This Is For My Brother!!! Rot In Pieces.  While there is no suspects at this time, many wonder if this was a retaliation for some of the other murders found.
Venicii_II was also found murdered.  The Leader of the Illuminati has found with one gunshot wound to the temple.  This was a surprise killing that have left some just wondering what is going on.  With the departure of there fearless leader, The Illuminati has just gone to the wayside.  Without someone to lead, the mob group has all but vanished.  It is uncertain what the future will be, but rumblings around the city is that this killing will not go on without retaliation.
Prince of Persia was found dead without any real motive behind it.  This is a real shock as this was a murder of a Capo di tutti Capi.  There are questions as to why this took place, and it is evident that someone took some time to plan this one out.  This has got to have lower level mobsters uneasy.  If a CDTC can be whacked, than is anyone else really safe here.


~Other News~

Police reports out of the city indicate that there was an altercation between a low level thug and a family member.  Goog was seen attacking hitman_mike outside of a bar last week, when Joe King stepped in to stop it.  While Joe was calming down the situation, Goog pulled out a pistol and tried to shot Joe in the back.  One of Joe’s bodyguards seen this and proceeded to shoot Goog in the chest twice.  Goog was rushed to the hospital, but died on the way.  Police indicate that the body guard responsible will not be charged with murder, as it was self defence and the gun used in the shooting was registered.  It was an unfortunated situation, but alcohol plays apart in these situations sometimes.

~Recently I had a chance to sit down with Sonny Black, leader of the Coreleone House Painters, for a quick interview while waiting for lunch at Lorenzo’s~

Mr. Rizzuto
You are the leader of the Coreleone House Painters…how did that come about?
Sonny Black
well, i was in The Corleone Crime family and i reached the rank of Godfather, but I got shot because Raymond got drunk came to my house and shot me by mistake, luckily i got to the hospital in time and it was taken care of i ended up with $22 million of donations.
Mr. Rizzuto
So after that mistake and the donations, you founded the house painters..what are you asperations for the Corleone House Painters
Sonny Black
Well i would like it to become a large family and to have 5 casinos but thats going to take a long time
Mr. Rizzuto
Okay, I’ve noticed you become manager of the NY horse races, how did you end up in that position?
Sonny Black

Well, the first day it opened i was the first person who bet, and instead of the money i won i got a horse, Whiskey and i asked for a job and Benny gave me head of advertising then i got promoted to public relations and the i got to manager.
Mr. Rizzuto
How is the Race track coming along?
Sonny Black
Good thanks
Mr. Rizzuto
Thank you for letting me interview you for the AmericanMafia Times Newspaper.

Significant Deaths–Ranks higher than Gangster
HerroPrince of PersiaTony Montana JrMaster JrG-O-D-Venicii_IItessioInglorious BastardSerbian WizardGiovanni_AuditoreCinderella-Hot Jenny-capo regimehooliganTony_Montana_JrSalvator Rinnapeacefull_manMicheal CNomad

May your souls all rest in peace.