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Rank Booster

Rank Booster

The Rank Booster will increase your Character rank once. Example: You can purchase the Rank Booster as many times as you want without any limits.

You can only purchase this item with your own purchased points. You can not buy the item with points obtained from other residents.

If your Character dies, then you can purchase this again and use it again.

This is a great item for if you died and you want to get back on track in no time.

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KILLA0311 | Nov-03-2017

im tryin to level up boss

KILLA0311 | Nov-03-2017


Roger_Gambino | Apr-26-2014

Its The Bomb diggity. a must have

Synite11 | Dec-27-2013

Best thing ever once u get up to Federal boss u need this