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Bruno - Special Bodyguard

Bruno - Special Bodyguard

 Hire Bruno to be your special Bodyguard. He will protect your life in a gunfight, especially when you won't see it coming.

Bruno comes with a one time purchase and he is highly effective.

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MR Vito Corelone | May-06-2018

Bruno is the best hes had my back more times Then i can count salute bruno

Gasie | Mar-12-2017

I love this man

Michdar | May-08-2015

great item

Paulie_Hainnario | Feb-16-2015

Respect this guy my loyal BG

-TECH_N9NE- | May-09-2014

Great item nobody will get you if you got this dude

HenryV6 | Feb-17-2014

GREAT Item to buy

-antz- | Feb-08-2014

Best, low cost defense item. Nothing gets past Bruno.

Talauliker | May-09-2013

Good defense