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Raven Rock Mountain Membership

Raven Rock Mountain Membership

 Are you worried about a possible nuclear attack? You should be.

Here is your chance to purchase a membership for the Raven Rock Mountain Complex. Buy more  than one ticket to upgrade your membership.  The more you buy, the more protected you are against a nuclear attack.

In 1950, under the approval of President Truman, construction of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex, also called Site R, began. Located deep in the mountain, there are five three story buildings used as an emergency relocation site for the Pentagon. In an emergency, the complex can hold as many as 3,000 people and operate sealed for thirty days.

It has living quarters, a fitness center, a medical facility, the Granite Cove dining facility, a barbershop, a chapel, legal services, and a convenience store.


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VinnieBoombatz | Jun-15-2017

well if you are gonna have nukes better make sure you got a nuke resistant bunker lol

Negan | Nov-28-2016

Dude if you don't have one of these you're missing out (: They even have margaritas!

LeftyTwoGunz | Nov-22-2016

well if you're gonna have nukes might as well have nuke shelters lmao

Solomon | Nov-12-2016

The best place to reside in when the nuclear bomb drops.