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Space Rocket Saturn

Space Rocket Saturn

This rocket ship is the best item on the black market. Provides an amazing Respect boost and an unimaginable Attack boost!

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Paulie_Hainnario | Apr-03-2015

Right there is were Killing is your game in space gonna watch that Nuke Drop from space.

Don-Vindog | Mar-25-2015

its a rocket

Bane | Sep-25-2014

What else could ya ask for? I can watch mofos die from space (:

Benny__Noodles_Jr | May-31-2014

LMFA0 Your Right Lefty. It Goes Boom Shocka Locka!!!!!

MobCity | May-02-2014

Amazing! It really works!

LeftyTwoGunz | Mar-02-2014

.....its a rocket..nuff said