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Resurrect Account

Resurrect Account

Buy this item to Resurrect your recently killed account.

It is like having a second chance. You also have the option to change your name. You will get to keep your previously purchased items from the Marketplace and the money on hand, but you will not receive the money in the banks, or your businesses back. You may also need to re-join your family.

Purchase the item, then please use the Contact button in the upper right corner when you are ready to use it.

Note: This item can ONLY be used if you purchased points with real cash. You can not use this item if you have obtained the points from another player.

No time limit. One item = One resurrection.

Usage limit: You can only use this item up to 5 times per Character. If you die the fifth time, you will need to start with a new Character from scratch.

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Mickie-Fratesi | Aug-11-2015

Think of this as the reset button only you go back to before you screwed up....Best item ever

Mickie-Fratesi | Aug-08-2015

Nothing better....

Francesco-Barbaro | Oct-29-2014

Well, this item is just swell.

Real-Corleone | Jul-30-2014

Well, You Gotta love this.

TheKillerPanda | Jul-10-2014

great item gets you back in the game to take revenge on the enemies who killed you before

Roger_Gambino | Apr-26-2014

Winning!!! Hahaha

_Dubliner- | Dec-29-2013

Great Item! :)

Relentless | Dec-23-2013

When you just wanna come back with a second bang

The-Raven | Aug-31-2013

Love this item, gave me another chance.

Mr-V | Sep-15-2012

i love this,very useful and awesome to have,everyone needs this in there inventory =)

Internal Revenue Service© | Sep-15-2012

Great option. Enables the players to revive their beloved account.