American Mafia Game features

Mobster mayhem, Wall Street money and White House power. Live the fantasy, play the American dream but plan your strategy carefully or you might just get whacked. Strategic play will move your character up the ranks. Choose to be legit and run for President or if you’re tough enough, try and be the next Mafia boss. Launder your mob money on the stock market simulator or trade to finance your campaign.


Need to make a name for yourself? Mug unsuspecting citizens, or mobsters.


Plan your kidnappings for massive gains. Kidnap other players and raid their wallets and bank accounts.


Somebody disrespected you? Revenge is sweet. Murder your opponents for power or money.

Stock Market

Real stocks, real-time prices with game money.

Capture the Flag

You can stir up some trouble real quick. Before you can claim a state you will need to capture the flag.

Conquer 50 States

After you capture the flag you can claim a state. You can earn a lot of money and power that way.


Not much of a criminal? Buy some businesses for steady profits. Plus these will come in handy if you plan on claiming the states on the map.

Get Married

You may find love in this cruel world. You can ask someone to marry you or accept a marriage proposal. Don't forget to go to Vegas first.


After working your way up through the ranks you may create your own Family. But be careful, you might get whacked by other families.


You will receive missions from different mob bosses. Start a few missions and you will receive instructions from Sal, Vinny, Carmine and Jackie.

Organized Crimes

Plan or join organized prison breaks to help mobsters escape from the Federal Prison.


Feeling patriotic or want to rub shoulders with politicians? Participate or run in weekly elections for the President, State Governors and State Cardinals.

Grave Robbing

Grab a shovel. So many graves, so little time. You can make a lot of money this way.

Drugs and Alcohol

The only way you should buy or sell drugs. Buy cheap drugs or alcohol in one state and sell them in another state for profit. Don't do it in real-life.

Prison Break

Organize the prison break of the century and earn rank points.




Mafia Families




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