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The Union – Striking Out

The Commission Compound, Nevada

“Find him, now. Khaos doesn’t leave here alive, and find those two traitorous bastards…do you understand LaRocca?

Her right hand nodded and she knew that it was time, Liliana was not going to stand by and allow this to happen. Her Sicilian mob would not be standing traitors and people who tried to push them out, with a snap of her fingers, they stormed the compound, and yet they were not prepared for what awaited them…

Dozens of guards fired at them and they were outnumbered, yet Liliana already knowing that there were plenty more guards around them decided to toss a grenade into the compound and she knew it would have killed a few people. She and her men stormed in, already firing upon the guards who remained, deciding that this battle was worth more than a simple few guards.

“Khaos! We can end this now! Come out and face me like a man or does Taiga have your balls in her purse as they say!?”

She tried goading him, she wanted him to lose it and only got more gunfire from his guards in response. She felt ready to die today but she knew that was not going to be happening, with LaRocca and his guys finding another way in, there would be a time for her to kill the Godfather in another moment. For right now, she wanted him dead….she wanted every single piece of him gone from existence.

And so she did it, she loosed a few more bombs and they would find their mark. It was carnage and yet the man she wanted was not out here, he was hiding inside this dump. Without another word, she motioned for her guys to fan out. Time to end this little farce of a regime, with a grin stretching out upon her lips…..

She shot a few more bullets and she heard the dying groans of the commission guards around her, the way she felt the power seep into her bones was something she would never get tired of. Her brother really needed to get his head out of his ass, ever since he finds out about his….puppy eyed crush of a woman, he had been something of a wreck. She hoped she could find something to give him, this life was it. Fanta or Sona or whatever the heck her name was, she did not need to be something he kept his love for.

She tore herself away from that memory, her brother was safe for right now. He would not be safe from that retaliation if Khaos survived, she stepped through and came upon the meeting room, at gunpoint was her favored LaRocca. His men had been killed as Khaos stood with his .44 in hand and she knew that he would not hesitate to fire that her way. She stood, silent and observing.

“I thought that we had an understanding, Liliana. Your family was once a dear friend to Insanity and Spaceman. They were our allies, yet here I stand and you wished for a fuckin’ war. You have no idea what you’ve done right now, I don’t have the means to even see you as a threat to me. I’m giving you one chance, release your control of the Sicilian Mob, now.”

A smirk twitched at the corners of her lips as soon enough, she herself raised her gun and shot LaRocca herself. He fell dead and before any one of them could even ask a question, she simply shrugged her shoulders.

“I know you Khaos, it’s going to be war and I know what happens next. Death or fleeing the country…let’s see what happens shall we?”

Khaos wasted no time, immediately firing at her as she dove for cover…her men finding her predicament had started covering for her exit. Little did they know that their boss was escaping, forgetting about them and focusing on herself only as she had plans to make…

FUCK! The Commission was going to be a thorn in her side before she could truly make plans to take over and bring the bastard Khaos to die with a bullet in his dome…

Liliana had arrived at her car, she met eyes with Khaos as he watched her from the window. He did not smirk, he simply nodded and that was when she knew…..

This was far from over.

The Union – The Things We’ve Done

The Commission Compound, Nevada

“Listen, K, we’ve all been through this. She’s not right for us or the chosen society, what she has planned is close to terrorism and that is not something I would want for you or your beautiful wife. We both know that Taiga and this life…don’t mix, she’s a lawyer, she donates to charity, real ones too. We want all parties safe and for this to happen, we need reassurance that our faction is left alone in the war to come.”

A smirk played on the lips of Khaos, his lover was one of the many things people tried to figure out. Whether she was a knowing figure within the world of organized crime or simply someone who stood behind their man. Yet he knew what she really did, she was his guidance, and sometimes when the time grew for a hand of violence, it came from her. He was peaceful to a limit, they both knew that.

There was a rumor in the underworld, one that he had heard in one of the former bars of an Irish gangster. Stating that: “That fuck Khaos, he’s too much of a pussy to face Corleone upfront. His wife is the one that planned Vito’s murder…”

And so it went on, of course with the business at hand and the way it seemed far-fetched coming from an Irish Gangster, people believed two tales about the Right Hand of Khaos. Whether she was someone who held the interests of the world or her family was one that many people wished to question, this was one that nobody could truly question, the way it shaped their society was a funny one, to say the least.

“My wife is someone that has no part in the Sicilian Mob and neither do I. To conquer and decimate it would not be in the interests of The Commission or the Rulings Panel. Liliana Pavanno is many things. She is a leader, a skilled tactician, and brave beyond her years. Yet she lacks one thing that my wife does, a guiding hand.”

The two bosses in the Sicilian Mob nodded as it came clear that they had the okay with being left alone in the coming war. Yet before they could truly say their cheers, wishing him well in what was to come, the sounds of screeching tires from outside brought their attention elsewhere.


And a whistle was all that was heard before agonizing screams came from outside echoing throughout the Commission compound. An attack on a boss was brave but someone of Khaos’ position? That was asking for the war of all ages, this was going to backfire upon the Sicilian Mob with nothing but the pure and unforgiving power of the Commission along with its allies in the current climate of the American Mafia, yet currently, if he died, it would end the war before it began.

Is the Commission about to end?

Find out…

The Union – A Plan

The Republic Social Club, Nevada.

“He didn’t go for it and I have a feeling that he would never go for it, ever. He believes in his world of being the one to bring the American Mafia back from the brink, he wants to save it from itself and what it could possibly become under a tyrannical leader. He doesn’t see himself in that way, he wishes to be someone that he is not. A leader, a Godfather and someone to bring the renaissance into the American Mafia. That is not going to be happening.”

That cruel smirk that lit up her features was something that many of the people surrounding her found cruel, unforgiving and very mean. It was something that most people would run in fear from, Liliana was ready to burn them to the ground if it meant getting rid of her opposition, that was the part that scared them and made her rise up in the form of the Boss of all Bosses.

She could and would take risks, she would desire the loyalty of all her associates if it meant that they would do anything to secure the assured destruction of their enemies. She was the leader that they needed in this time and age, it was not the moment where Barzini’s ruled with an Iron Fist or where Corleone’s rose from the ashes and became a truly dominant force. It was moments like this that reminded people where mobsters got their balls and their word from.

“The Ruling Panel or whatever High Council it is called will be brought in and destroyed. I do not care what it takes but when I say that this business is taking precedence, I mean that and it is not a simple word or a little meaning that takes no bearing on what we, the Sicilian Mob, wish for. The Ruling Panel will be brought down, they will be made to submit because they are not of the noble and true blood that I was brought into this life for, from this day, the Ruling Panel and its allies are our enemies.”

At the bold declaration, everyone looked at her, the way her bodyguards stood at her side. Many of them wished differently, many of them knew that leaving her alone would result in their own deaths at her hands. So they would do what they did best, they would plot and eventually rise up to take this bitch out, cause no way were they going to fight when peace and picking them apart from the inside was an option for all parties involved.

To say that Liliana was surprised when many of them didn’t rise up and leave would have been wrong. She was not, she knew the game and she knew that her name held much weight. She was the granddaughter of ‘Old Man’ Pavanno who governed the commission, she was ready for the threats to her reign as a leader, always.

The Union – The States

Michael’s Cafe, New York

“What you’re offering me is not a way of business that I would wish to move forward with. It would never be something that I could approach and do after everything that I have set up that is to come in the future. I was a made guy out of a nowhere town, I hail from Nevada and it is my place of birth, so no. I will not be leaving under any circumstances, I can tell you that, for free.”

Khaos sipped his mug of coffee, leaning back as he knew that Liliana Pavanno was a lawyer and a higher-up in the Sicilian Mob. She was someone that everyone answered to as Capo Di Tutti Capi. Of course, in the states, it would not be recognized and he would be damned if it was going to be happening here with him.

“My brother Salvatore never heard of you, it almost seemed like you were in two different places. So when we hear that someone has taken our interest in America and has risen up from many names, being known as a man of peace. It takes me by surprise that you had Vincent Valentine kill the DeMeo’s, it has me taken by surprise when Royce Gambino, hitman, and leader of Murder Inc, is your Enforcer and close personal advisor in your regime. You seemingly resemble that of Al Zapponi when he had Royce as an Enforcer of his will, the change.”

Khaos hummed, he had read over former journals from his bloodline and he knew that when things came down to it, Royce Gambino was a man who played many roles in destroying and bringing down a number of empires with his strategy and ‘dread’ alone. He was a feared man.

“Your brother is a man that lacks my way of remaining under the radar, while he was playing resident loudmouth. I played a game of observance and what I saw was horrendous, it was very much different then and when a sudden illness struck the land. Killing a good dozen and many associates of our life, I had to step in, I came back and rose up in the name of Khaos. Soon after, I was shot by Vito Corleone as you know. Here I am now, a powerful Godfather and leader of the new world. I think I did well.”

Humming to herself, she knew that catching Khaos is one of these true moments was something that she didn’t really expect. With a cautious hum, she didn’t do anything for a single moment, she just watched him and they both knew that this wasn’t going to be a peaceful time. a moment where all the businesses and organizations could come together. Form into one peaceful regime, no, it was time for an action plan, it just depended on who would launch first.

“Well, I see that this was a moment wasted Khaos. It seems that we could not agree…”

The Union – A Meeting of the Old Country

Unknown Location, late at night.

“We’ve sat by and allowed the man known as Khaos to gather his power and become something out of our control. From the times of the AMFU, Outfit, even the NCS. We had a hand, without them even knowing it and now we have them not following our advice or rules. It is time we change that, from this day forward, the Ruling Panel inside the states is our enemy and a threat to the chosen society and we must stamp it out before it grows out of our control.”

A random Mobster spoke, a cigar rolling between his fingers as he decided that this was going to be the best for all the parties involved. It was time to get out there and begin a reshuffling of their organization, starting with Khaos, Shadow, Royce, and Gunnz. Three of those people were enemies for a long time, only to now come together again!? That was bullshit on all their parts, it was not going to be good enough for them.

“I’ve spoken with Khaos, he’s in charge and does not seem to be a figurehead like former mob bosses for the American Mafia Regime. A council, a ruling panel, a high council, I don’t give a flying fucking rat’s ass what it wants to be called. This is not the chosen society and how we do things, my great-great-grandfather died for this business we call our livelihood. La Cosa Nostra is a secret, the way Khaos is out here in these suits and putting on a show, it isn’t right and one thing I will not support.”

Surprisingly, it was the well-known leader of this faction, Liliana Pavanno, who spoke. Her voice was heard by all the men as she leaned forward, her eyes boring into those he did not wish to listen to the opinion of a woman, one that they would all have to listen to soon enough, It was well known that the Pavanno’s were the toughest and out of every single mobster, were the ones who still kept to the code.

“What Khaos is proposing goes back to the days of the Gotti-Gambino regime, something that I will not allow. We have taken our businesses elsewhere, we have consolidated power within England, Ukraine, Russia, and Asia. We have influences everywhere and yet we have been pushed out by the likes of Benny Noodles, Michael Corleone, Royce Gambino, LeftyTwoGunz, Mickie Fratesi, Al Zapponi, and lastly, Khaos. These men took power by any means, intrigue, brute force, connections, and business. They consolidated that power by having the backing of their subsidiaries and took over the united states without another single body being dropped in their era.”

And no one could deny her words, they had taken and consolidated power elsewhere with plenty of means. They had done business, yet America was now out of their control. Perhaps the other factions were right, it was time…

The Day It Came Together – Vito’s Last Stand

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Buggz Hotel, Early Afternoon.

Sometime between August 11th and August 21st

It is often recalled that the moment where a Regime Leader, a boss of all bosses calls for the heads of all the major families that he is powerful, he is the one with the biggest gun, the one who could deal without blinking. Yet when Leo Spaceman did not, he was not that, he was simply, A Boss. Not The Boss, yet they came to him and they regarded him with some respect. It was like the calling of the Five Families, all of them came together as he sat in his chair, his advisor, Vincent Valentine standing behind him with Taiga sitting at his side.

From Rhode Island came the Lucchese Crime Family, Gunnz Luchesse sat there watching the other men with a modicum amount of respect and Spacey knew that was the best he could from the man, they had barely known each other. Regardless if he had been a relative of Jigzz Barzini, once the Street Boss and a Head Capo with the main Barzini Empire.

From New York came Murder Inc, Royce Gambino was a man of power and it was no doubt that a majority of the room knew the other. It was very clear that this was going to be a completely different kind of society, Royce seemed to have mellowed his age, yet he still had the same calm look on his face and you would think, he was not a killer. Simply a regular businessman, yet the look in his eyes, the age in them, it was clear that he had worked hard to get where he was.

From Illinois came La Stidda, Diabolik had heeded the call and decided to come in support of his friend, yet it was a rumor that he would drop his banner and decide work under Spacey as a Chairman. It was not decided yet but from the rumors of the Underworld, it seemed to be true and it was very clear that he was feeling a bit weary with all these men from all the cities coming forward.

A Maryland mobster had come in to represent Shadow, better known as Benny Noodles. It was okay with Spacey as he knew Benny and would be ready for the man to return to the honored society eventually and maybe that day would bring about a lasting peace between all the factions.

“You know why I called you here, all of us, every single one of us has felt the annoyance and somewhat powerful shove from the man calling himself Vito Corleone. We knew him as Bonnie at one point, a rogue who decided to become a once in a lifetime delusional bastard. Here we have seen his sheer fuckery, we have seen him have chance after chance, he fucked it up more times than Jiggz Barzini did once upon a time.”

Royce and Gunnz, along with Spacey shared a brief chuckle while the rest of the parties involved simply waited for him to continue as they knew that this was not a laughing matter but simply a brief pause to go into his reasoning behind calling them all here.

“We know that he has killed some of your best associates, we know that he has done heinous things to the pillars of the American Mafia. That is no longer going to be acceptable, Vito Corleone and his bloodline are no longer welcome to our society. They are going to be driven out for the damage and the violence that it has wrought on us over the years.”

To say that some of the parties here at the moment were surprised would be wrong, some of them were smiling that finally, someone did it, that they were truly and ready to drive Vito out. Chance after chance and he continued to be a nuisance, it was time that his actions had consequences.

“From this day forward, Vito Corleone, his associates, and allies, along with businesses will be ripped from the soil of our society. Wherever he may be hiding out, he will be killed and he will be given the worst punishment that the American Mafia can think of.”

He raised his glass in cheers to all of them, thanking many of them for coming out here today. It was the truth of the matter. It was finally time, Vito would no longer be welcomed onto these streets.

The DeMeo Meeting

What happens next?

Las Vegas, Nevada – The Commission Compound, late at night.

Sometime between the 11th of 21st of August

“So…Vince, you wanna tell me what happened?”

He was calm with his Left-Hand, the man that had been beside him for a while now and had become something of a Don in his own right. He was someone that earned that right, taking businesses left right and center. He was at the top of their crew currently, with everyone fighting a war, he and Dite had huddled together and mounted an offensive, it was a stroke of genius.

“My guys, they told me that it was the Pavanno’s, they set you up and so the DeMeo’s believing that they could become a bigger power. A threat to those like Diabolik, Vallo, and maybe, Royce Gambino that taking you out would strengthen the way there. Like one big domino effect…that’s what I was told and how I saw it, brother.”

Turning to his wife, he could see that she nodded the same, they thought it was the Pavanno’s and how Vito who was surprisingly out of The Bahamas was not even available. Someone who said he wished to see change had killed without remorse, it was laughable, he had been a fool and now it was time to change, everyone was going to be called and they were going to discuss the threat of Vito Corleone.

“Listen, Vito Corleone tried to kill me and I think succeeded in killing Ragnar, may he be dining in Valhalla as he wished. In other words, Vito Corleone is a threat to not only us but to any regime that may take over once I am truly done with this society. If that comes to a point, for right now, Vito believes he is in control…that he has something about his sleeve and that is the power of surprise.”

Without even knowing it, Dite had placed her hand on his forearm and he smiled at her as he scratched his stubble. Believing that this was a moment where he needed that comfort of his wife. She was right, he did, currently, he was in a world with bigger sharks than he was right now. Diabolik was someone who was vocal with his dislike of this, he should have listened at that moment.

“Phone our contacts, from here to New York to anywhere. We’ll be finding out where he is, what he is planning, and how we stop him. He is not going to be getting away with this.”

As for the recent conflicts, the battle with DeMeo was going to be cast aside for now. The Union would be dealt with on his terms and they would not be dictating his control over the American Mafia for the next few months.

Sighing, he stood from his seat, moving to get himself a glass of water as he raised it in cheers towards his associates. It was going to be a long day.

The Clean-Up and The Union

Las Vegas, Nevada – Tony’s Bistro

Sometime between the 11th and 21st of August

“The business at hand my friend, your guys have killed two leaders of the DeMeo faction. Hailing himself the Destroyer of the DeMeo family. It can’t be so public! We have rules and that means the feds, the Governors, and for fuck sake! The President of the United States doesn’t know of our existence. We are a society of the chosen and having him doing that, puts a bad name on who and what we do in this world. Do you understand that, Leo?”

The bossman dressed in his usual attire now which consisted of a blue jacket, jeans, and a Boonie hat. He didn’t even look a powerful Big Boss, he simply looked a nut off the street, like Vincent ‘The Chin’ Gigante. One of the idiots who actually led the way of life for a long time after the downfall of John Gotti and the then Gambino Family…

“I understand and the ways have changed, the feds are going to take one look at us and think, okay, they’re mobsters but we’re not out here announcing our intentions. When we do, they’ll know and it isn’t because we killed a mass group of fifteen mobsters in one go like Al Capone. There will be no massacres, the way of our life has changed many times over and the Union needs to stay where they are.”

Scoffing, the man now leaned forward, bringing one of the Commission guards to slowly inch his hand towards his pocket. Watching the man carefully, approaching a boss, regardless of position was not seen as something that people did with ease or allowed at times.

“Listen here, Leo. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than you, we’ve survived the Corleone’s, Barzini’s, Fratesi’s, and the odd little arse trying to make something of himself and his crew. The Union has dictated the rules in this life for over a century and we are not going to have you fucking that up! So, get Valentine to pull that off, otherwise…we’ll be having a different talk, the DeMeo’s are dead, we understand that. It can’t be public that an Organized group such as yourself was…involved.”

With a small sigh, Leo ‘Spacey’ Spaceman leaned forward and gave the man a small pat on his cheek. His eyes holding that ‘one more demand and you’re dead look’ and it was easy to see that he was making sure he got that through. Motioning for the waitress to bring the check as he stood from his seat.

“Ray, you and your boys got nothing to worry about, our keep my boys occupied for now, alright? Don’t think I don’t understand the way of life or how you’ve been holding it down for the past few years when a lot of our guys were out of the picture. Now we’re in control and we are looking to consolidate our power, if a few eggs need to be cracked for that to happen, then you know that is the way our life goes.”

Without another word, The Commission stepped out into the sunny state, they were in Vegas and it seemed like Vincent’s handy work had gotten their attention. He sighed, at least knowing the involvement of his other associate was kept hush, for now, no one was finding out about that for right now. With a small sigh, he stepped into the Cadillac and told his driver to head to his compound.

“We gotta handle this, you know that?”

A small nod was all it took for Spacey to know that The Union was going to be a problem for them in the future.

Corleone Commission War Part III

The AM Times:: Corleone-Commission War – Day One – Part III

Our Lady of Fringilla’s Hospital: Las Vegas, Nevada.

“It’s days like this brother that I wonder what the heck you’re doing….”

A smoke between his lips, his eyes cloudy as his body was aching, Ares found himself talking to Michael Lantegella, he was a made man for the former Philadelphia Mob, he was here on business and now seeing his friend in the hospital woke him up a little. This war had been raging a day, yet it seemed to be a lot of shit that had everyone on both sides ready for the blood to come out, Mikey had already informed him of the plans that Vincent had enacted, bringing hellfire onto the DeMeo organization who responded in kind, his empire was already fighting back in his name and he would need to do something.

“Trust me, I feel the same. Their good people, Philly, New York, Chicago, or whoever is running your little commission does not need to get involved. Trust me on that, we have the control here. Nevada is our piece here and we won’t let Leo or those other assholes take what we have worked for here. Ya get that Mikey?”

Shrugging, the made guy knew when he was beaten but he also knew when Ares needed a good smack up the head. His wife was in the islands probably enjoying a nice dip believing he was dead while Vincent waged war in his name…it was good for them to know he was alive, that his morale was going to be up at the very least.

“Your guys are terrifying I’ll say that they walked into some states and controlled it like bosses. Dite controls shit from here too…it’s scary I’ll give you that. Yet what I want to know, what the Union wants to know, what do you plan to do about our Vito problem? He’s bad business for all of us and he holds too much power, we would have contacted a few members from the Old Country but they’ve been hesitant in answering the call.”

They both knew what that meant and it was a shame, those guys had once been apart of this society, yet they would see it burn for nothing because Vito was a man who believed himself grand emperor or however he spelled Godfather in his autobiography. He seemed foolish and the opposite of what the honored society would require in a leader.

“He will be dealt with if the correct lines are followed then Dite will be discussing such a thing with Royce this very instance. This will not be something that the man himself takes easy, he wishes to return to the old ways as well…this is going to be something that I need Royce’s complete trust, I want him by my side, Murder Inc or not, the man has ruled his society over many regimes and has found himself being a trusted companion in many others…he is someone I wish to have on my side.”

Michael snorted, Royce was a man that everyone wished to have on the side, he was different, smarter even and that was something the Commission took notice with. Now it was just time to see if Royce was the man for the job, the doubt that he had in his mind was something but the smirk on his lips, the way Ares had that confidence was something different.

“He was a completely different beast….back then, still, with the look on your face. I think he’ll be able to handle the man the world has come to fear as a threat…”

A nod was all he got in response, maybe this was just the way it needed to be for right now, minimal involvement from the Union Families, maybe it would all be sorted by the members of a collected and unified American Mafia. As the days of The AMFU, It would be something brilliant and out of the blue but it would be truly a sight to witness and behold!

Little did either of them know, this little society of theirs was about to get rocked again as Vito would strikeout and the bells would soon toll for the DeMeo faction of this little war….things were falling into the place and it was a long way to go.

DeMeo Escalation

The AM Times: Corleone-Commission War – Day One: DeMeo Escalation – Part II

The Angel Social Club, San Diego, California

“BOSS! BOSS! He’s dead! Those bastard Pavanno’s set him the fuck up! Shit man, I think it was the DeMeo, fuck man! He’s dead!”

Vincent raised his brow and his eyes had the barest of worry in them, if anything, it seemed that he expected some retaliation. Joe DeMeo had been gaining on them in recent weeks, his push into California had been noticed, of course, Diabolik and Ares had a few talks. With Diabolik saying that the two were close with a few of the families in the old country, that a move like that would not be approved on their side of the Mafia, yet in theirs, it was free reign.

“With the boss dead, it goes to Dite to clean this shit up….anyone gotten ahold of her at the compound?”

Vincent’s voice held something that a lot of his men did not know him for, worry. It was Ares that held the worry, surprisingly, out of three of them, he was the reason within the group at a time, sure he had his ambition and plans but he still wished to preserve the American Mafia and bring it up to heights unseen in terms of power and membership, maybe it was possible but this was showing the opposite…

“No, we assume that she and her men have gone into hiding or the DeMeo’s went for her too, in the event of an attack…Ares did say to charter a private jet and head to the Bahamas as quick as possible. Dite would have transferred said funds via federal bank.”

Vincent shook his head, pulling out his piece from under his desk as he slammed it on the table…No, this was not the time for that. Those asses think they could come into their neighborhood!? KILL THEIR BOSS!? And get away with it, laughing as if they struck a nice clean blow at the regime that was trying to rebuild shit? No, this was not the way for them…it was time for a bye-bye for the DeMeo’s….it was over for them.

With a calming smile, Vince decided to gather his best men…a few others would go out, searching for the remaining stragglers in what was undoubtedly a moment where the American Mafia would have to stand on its feet again…..

“It’s time….what information do we have on the DeMeo’s?”

And soon it flowed, they all knew what his plan was and they were on board, in their minds, the DeMeo’s had done the deed and this was something that no one could truly see coming…A war with the clan that had controlled California with an Iron Fist, Diabolik was nowhere to be found either….for once, Vincent did hope the man was safe.

“They own Antonio’s on 5th and Saint, they have a Casino a way’s out of the city but from there, it’s all commercial property. He has a nice little compound in Los Angeles though, he makes sure to visit every now and then, so does his wife. From what I hear, they’re having a little get together with a few of their close associates, nothing big like getting made but a celebration of some kind…that’s all I got though.”

To attack all of their spots at once, it would surely bring a lot of heat onto them, something that would bring them a lot of heat but it would end the DeMeo’s before they even know what was coming their way, with a soft nod, Vincent gave the okay and his moniker of being the ‘Destroyer of the DeMeo Family’ would be earned…..

Little did he know, the plots of one Vito Corleone was just beginning…..

Corleone Commission War

The Commission Compound: Las Vegas, Nevada – 3:40 am

Sleeping in the joint rooms of her husband and herself, Aphrodite did find herself looking up at the ceiling. He had been gone for an unusual amount of time, he was on business, supposedly. She was worried, her guards were stationed around the place and would inform her of something. Yet all she would hear was the patrolling footsteps of her men walking back and forth around the compound.

And all too soon, her bedside phone rang and she calmly picked up the phone, noticing that it was Ares’ number calling, it was certainly something for her and what she said was terrifying, the pure and psychotic voice that came down the line was something out of a horror movie.

“Well Well! Goddess herself, Dite, it’s nice to hear you breathing again…I guess I’ll be changing that soon, you see, Ares is dead and soon enough, so will the remaining members of your bullshit regime. You think you can topple me!? ME!? I’m VITO BLOODY CORLEONE! I Make the rules and my rule is that you die with your husband this day, have a nice time….”

Aphrodite had little time to respond, Vito hung, leaving little time for her to even realize what he said, yet nothing else was needed as she soon noticed something….her curtains were open….what the fu-

And like a rainstorm, bullets fired upon the newest boss of the Commission, she ducked down, getting down quick enough to notice that her bed was already littered with holes and she found herself clutching at her pistol before crawling across the floor, opening the door and finding the guards, they each had ducked as well, she motioned for them to patrol, gather everything…it was time to evacuate for now.

She knew Vincent was somewhere, the man had been dealing with some business but with it only been them for a while, she would have to wait for some news on Ares, he was someone that was important to her but especially the future of the American Mafia and its control would/could not slip with what was happening here.

“Brutus! Hurry up and get here now!”

She was in a hurry and she knew whoever Vito had sent was not going to be coming back here, the men were on alert and they were on a war footing. Now was not the time for things to be kept on the down-low, now was the time for action.

Soon, her bodyguard rushed through, helping her up and getting her go-bag…The Cars were being pulled around, things like this were not something that had them running, no they understood their roles and it was too protect the new boss. They would think about Ares later, for right now, he was not the man that needed such protection, it was Dite.

“Call Valentine, get him updated, now is not the time for action….get a hold of him quickly, fuck knows what he might be doing right now…we need to make sure he’s protected as well…”

Little did Dite know, the Commander in Chief would begin his own bloodbath for that day, the slow and meaningful tearing down of the DeMeo Organization, the escalation had just begun!

The Wrap-Up

The AM Times: Wrap-Up

Ladies and Gentlemen, next time we will have for you the Commission-Corleone War and the after-effects of what it brought, along with how it affected the American Mafia and brought about the Vit Corleone, shoot on sight rule. Currently, it is said that Vito Corleone may have done some good, he may have actually brought something to the community yet, those words are usually said by the crazies in the insane asylums like Joker!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been Heather Polstern with the Vito Betrayal and I hope you come to enjoy this new format and the journals that we have received in a completely new way to establish the events and what led to the formation of the many things we see here today, keep your heads low and we will see you next!

– Heather Polstern, Special Reporter for the AM Times