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President Shadow Wins His 2nd Term! Race For The White House Feb 2020

The race for the White House is finally officially over and the results are in! The February 2020 election was a long drawn out process, due to new technology. Instead of the old school paper ballots, the committee is trying a new voting app. Due to numerous errors with the tally and the app crashing constantly, they decided to do the paper ballets. Sometimes the old school ways are just easier and simpler.

The front runner for the republican party was none other than candidate Mr. Shadow, chairman of the RNC (Republican National Committee). His opposition was candidate Jimmy_Vallo.
It was a tight race with the two candidates being neck and neck in the latest polls. After the huge rally in Florida last week, it seemed that Shadow had gained more momentum by securing the popular vote and the majority vote of the electoral college. Florida became a red state, controlled by republicans once again.

Winning Florida is exactly what Mr. Shadow needed to win the February 2020 election. It was on the 14th day, also known as Valentine’s day that Shadow was officially sworn into office.

The inauguration of president Shadow was an exciting event and even more spectacular than his first inauguration, which took place in January 2020. Some of the biggest, most famous musicians and actors of our time were in attendance.

Following the spectacular inauguration event, there was a concert put on to celebrate the POTUS. The rock groups ACDC, Metallica, and The Who, were just some of the entertainers who put on one of the biggest events of 2020. It was truly a night to remember for our nation’s capital. inauguration-presidential

Before the music could start however the president spoke to the people and swore an oath to fight corruption on capital hill and drain the “swamp”. He also promised to keep AM great! Healthcare reform is one of the first things on his agenda. Under the Shadow Administration, the nation will be rejuvenated, with president Shadow focusing on our nation’s economy. We can also look forward to tax cuts that are planned to happen within the next few days.

With the stock market still in the gutter the American people have been experiencing a recession. We can only hope that Mr. Shadow is the right man for the job. He did say that it was on his to-do list along with many other things. We believe that if anyone can get the stock market back up and boom that it’s him. The economy will be booming again with the American people investing in stocks etc.

This president’s agenda is by far the biggest one we have ever seen. Shadow is definitely the right man for the job, and can get it done!

With the help of his cabinet (administration) advising him on certain affairs. President Shadow has appointed his former opponent and fellow republican Jimmy Vallo as his Vice President Of The United States.

《President Shadows Administration🏛》

P20170614JB-0303-2-1024x683 (1) (1)

The tradition of the Cabinet dates back to the beginnings of the Presidency itself. Established in Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, the Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.

The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Justice, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General.

In order of succession to the Presidency:

The Shadow Administration/Regime:

The President of the United States:

Shadow [®️Republican]

Vice President of the United States:
Jimmy Vallo [®️Republican]

Department of State:
Secretary : _______________

Department of the Treasury:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Defense:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Justice:
Attorney General : _______________

Department of the Interior:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Agriculture:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Commerce:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Labor:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Health and Human Services:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Housing and Urban Development:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Transportation:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Energy:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Education:
Secretary : _______________

Department of Veterans Affairs:
Secretary :

Department of Homeland Security:
Secretary : _______________

The following positions have the status of Cabinet-rank:

White House Chief of Staff:

Environmental Protection Agency:
Administrator : _______________

Office of Management & Budget:
Director : _______________

United States Trade Representative:
Ambassador :_______________

United States Mission to the United Nations:
Ambassador : ________________

Council of Economic Advisers:
Chairman : _________________

Small Business Administration:
Administrator : _______________

《Republican National Committee “RNC”》

Greetings everybody. The republican party on the right can feel proud that their candidate, and head chairman of the conservative party, Mr. Shadow, won the February 2020 presidential election. The Republican conservatives now have control of the Senate as well as Congress. Now they have the presidency.

Contact the chairman “Shadow” if you wish to join the right. The right is always accepting new members of their party. They do not discriminate in any way and have a true conservative attitude.

The RNC has become the biggest, most powerful political Party and considered as a political powerhouse. The United States is in good hands with the republicans in control.

Shadow had no competition from the left whatsoever and his only opponent was a fellow Republican, Jimmy_Vallo. Mr. Shadow made a comment at his last rally, saying that he would endorse his fellow republican in the next election for POTUS.

With the endorsement and support of the current president of AM, we believe that Mr. Jimmy Vallo will be one of the best candidates in the next election campaign.

《Democratic National Committee “DNC”》

Can the democrats somehow get back on their feet, and get a foothold in the Senate & Congress? Without the majority belonging to them anymore, it will be very complicated for the left to regain control of the government. If you wish to try and get the left-back on its feet, you can register to vote and join the DNC. Without a chairman or leader, the Democrats have no real chance at regaining the control they need and want.

The democratic donkey title is for democrats to show their affiliation with the political party. Players can receive the title by registering to vote and emailing the AM Admin Team, ask to receive the democratic donkey title.logo2>

Registering to vote officially means that a player must decide which political party they will be apart of and join. It’s not technically official until you receive the corresponding political title of your respected party. Only then you are officially a registered voter and therefore considered to be more legitimate then players who do NOT register.

Contact the AM Admin Team and ask to receive a political title. As of right now, there are only 2 political parties. The left party is known as the Democrat Party, and the right party, known as the Republican Party. Rumors are circulating regarding a 3rd political party on the rise known as the independent party. We can only be patient and wait to see if this becomes a reality.

《The National Crime Syndicate “NCS”》

The Syndicate has been established successfully as the ruling/governing body of American Mafia. With that being said, the 4 founding fathers of the NCS have gone on to establish the official American Mafia Commission (AMC).

The AMC is the overall ruling body of AM. The Commission controls the Syndicate more or less, with the Syndicate enforcing the will of the Commission. Between the two AM committees they govern American Mafia successfully, and very fair.

The Commission is super top secret. It has been the most difficult to infiltrate. The only thing we can tell you is that the commission is at the very top of the underworld hierarchy/ladder. The top faction leaders of AM are the members of this exclusive coalition.

The National Crime Syndicate is right behind it, or under it. The NCS helps the commission control and manage the entire country. From the Commissions base of operations (HQ) in New York, the AMC can manage everything through the NCS since the Syndicate is made up of all the state supervisors.

It’s the most sophisticated system that they have set up. They have developed a form of government basically, and have been governing the entire American Mafia Underworld. We have noticed this and so have the public. The crime rate and murder rates are at all-time lows.

Due to this new era of AM a lot has changed and is still in the process of changing. The public is beginning to wonder if the mob or Mafia even exists. There has been rumors circulating that the United States Government is planning a massive crackdown on the organized crime world.

It could very well be this so-called crackdown that everyone keeps talking about that has the mob on their toes. Almost overnight the Mafia has disappeared, going from a mysterious entity that everyone knew existed because of daily shootings, and killings happening on the streets, in the direct view of the public even.

The times are changing and with the government cracking down on organized crime, the feds are driving the mob into the darkness where they can hide and pretend to not exist. We believe the mob is wanting everyone to think that the feds have completely wiped out the Mafia underworld. This way they can continue to operate in secret and prosper.

With this new order calling the shots within the organized crime world, it is very obvious that they have a huge plan, or agenda to establish the most realistic mafia experience ever! They are bringing back the old school mafias methods such as omerta, and the tradition of blood in, blood out.

Blood in, blood out means that a person has to spill blood in order to join or leave a faction/family. Spilling blood means to kill somebody. If you wanna join you must kill. If you wanna leave “the life” which means leave a faction/family then blood needs to be spilled again. However, this usually means the blood of the person who is leaving. You leave, you die.

Swimming with the fishes is usually what gangsters and mobsters end up doing when they leave an organized crime family/faction. However, there are special occasions where this isn’t the case. They could actually want you to kill somebody else in order to be able to leave. Sometimes they will make you kill a certain number of people before being able to leave. Sometimes when you reach that number your then killed. They say it’s almost impossible to leave life with your life, but there has been a small few to actually achieve the impossible.

That’s all we have for this week ladies & gentlemen. Until next week, stay safe & have fun!

Rise Of The National Crime Syndicate

Rumor on the streets is that a new world order of AM known as “The Syndicate” has officially been established by 4 reputed crime lords. The Black Hand & AMUE has basically been reformed to form the National Crime Syndicate. The remaining crime lords that remained after the great war which took place during the holiday season has decided to make this move. The smoke has settled and the war appears to be over. Now it’s time to rebuild from the ashes. inCollage_20200203_182702637

The remaining crime lords that we know of that could possibly be members of this ruling commission are, Royce “The Raven” Gambino, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, Mr Gunnz “The Bull” Fratesi, and Don Tropiana. These bosses and their respected crime factions, Gambino, Noodles, Fratesi, and Tropiana, make up the New National Crime Syndicate of AM. These top factions and their leaders are known as the founding fathers/factions of the NCS (National Crime Syndicate)

It took us a very long time to finally infiltrate the Black Hand and AMUE. We can only assume that things are similar with this order and the last order, since it’s the same old order, its just changed and evolved with the new age/era of AM.



The National Crime Syndicate is now the new home of all the “SS” State Supervisors (state owners/rulers). A new title has been released for players who become a state supervisor. Players must hold ownership of a state without any interruptions for a total of 5 days, or 120 hours.20200201_135134

Once you meet this requirement you will be rewarded with the fancy “State Supervisor Title”. Once you receive this title, and achieve the rank of NCSVP (National Crime Syndicate Vice President) you are then eligible for membership we believe. There could possibly be other requirements that we haven’t uncovered yet. We can only keep digging and reporting everything we find out to be true facts.

With the ruling order of AM reforming and re-branding itself we can only hope this is a sign of good things to come! A more realistic approach has been wanted, and needed on AM for a very long time, it’s about time it’s finally going to become reality. The Syndicate vows to make AM great again.

We have already seen tremendous growth, progress, and change! So far it seems that everyone is liking what they have been seeing. We can only hope and pray that things continue on a positive path! It’s basically all up to American Mafia however and its community of players and supporters.

This order was established February 1st, 2020, with the intent to be the ruling commission of American Mafia for generations to come. It will become tradition to keep this order alive and in charge for decades to come. If all the members are killed, it will be tradition to become the new members of this commission and keeping the name the same. The history of this world order will be recorded in the pages of AM history.

《Mickie Fratesi Shot & In Critical Condition!》

Hello AM, we regret to Inform you that American Mafia Legend, Mickie Fratesi was shot last week in his Florida Mansion. The Mayor of Florida is outraged about the spike in fatalities due to the latest mob war. The Fratesi & Gambino Crime Organizations had unfinished business from the past, during the war that had recently began during the holiday season! We hoped it wouldn’t come down to this, but we feared that it might. Sure enough our fears and nightmares came to become reality, with The Legend, Mickie “The Dude” Fratesi being shot in his bed, in cold blood.

Mickie was due to have back surgery and he had undergone a quick and painless procedure that was ultimately a success. He was recovering at his florida estate, doing daily rehabilitation with in home health care, mickie was on track for a full recovery and no more back pain. In his old age his back has really been giving him problems. Those days was history as mickie was 2 weeks away from recovering fully.

An unknown man who claimed he was with dish network had pulled up to the main gate and pushed the buzzer. He showed some paperwork and ID and the gate opened. When the van made it’s way up to the mansion, 2 men got out of the van and walked to the back of it. Opening the doors to the back of the van the man on the left jumped in and began handing weapons to the other man.

The two men made their way upto the front doors of the mansion. When the doormen went to frisk them they made their move and silenced the two guards and sat them on each side of the double doors in the front of the mansion. The two gunmen split up, one going upstairs and the other one going downstairs. Eventually the one who went upstairs had found their target.

Mickie was laying in bed just watching the television. The five o’clock news was on and Mickie had dozed off unintentionally. With the war still technically raging between the Fratesi and Gambino factions, among others such as “The Asylum” it was not very smart for Mickie to go through with the back surgery and put himself in such a vulnerable state. He wasn’t being guarded very well for a mob boss involved in a mob war, and it showed when the gunmen shot him without running into anymore guards. The gunmen that took the downstairs was notified that gunmen one hit their mark. The two men rendezvous-ed back at the dish network van and made their escape, unopposed.

Police and medics made it to the scene just in time to save Mickie from fortunate death. He is currently in the hospital now undergoing more surgery to save his life from this shooting. We pray for him and his family that he pulls through. Doctors also informed mickie that the back surgery would need to be redone as well since the bullets that hit him in his torso traveled and hit his spine. He is currently in critical condition and paralyzed from the waist down. The professionals say he may never walk again! We pray that isnt true, and that he pulls through to walk the AM streets again.

“They” said the same thing about Mr. Benny Noodles in his last shooting. He managed to make a 100% full recovery and regained the ability to walk! He also went on to get back into the game by running for president of AM, January of 2020. He won by a landslide and during his first term he managed to “Make AM Great Again!”

He totally changed the entire political game and helped make it more interesting for others to get involved in. Rome wasnt built in a day and neither will AM. President Benny Noodles has done well at getting us started in the right direction. He has been one of the main driving factors behind the new era of AM.

With Mickie “The Dude” being taken out of action, his right hand man has taken over the leadership role of The Fratesi Crime Organization. His RHM is none other than Mr. Gunnz “The Bull” Fratesi. During his watch there has already been major changes take place in his bosses absence. The new commission has been reformed and the Fratesi Organization definitely deserves a seat at that table. Mr. Gunnz Fratesi, and Royce Gambino made peace between their two factions, Fratesi & Gambino. War is officially over on the streets of AM for now, and a time of peace has begun with top faction leaders reforming the governing body of American Mafia.

We received Intel from one of our sources that the feds are, and always have been watching the Fratesi. They plan to always keep an eye on them as they are usually a big player in the “AM Underworld”.

We are sure if the day comes when Mickie makes his return his seat will be there for him if he wants it. Gunnz Fratesi has made sure of that in this new day and age. The Fratesi faction is an old school faction with a long history. If your looking for work and need to join a family to call “home” feel free to get in contact with the boss, or any member of the Fratesi.

《Gambino Crime Family》

The Leader/Boss Of The Gambino Crime Organization, Royce “The Raven” Gambino is believed to be the man responsible for bringing the “NCS idea” to everyone’s attention. After having a sit down (meeting) with a few of the other faction leaders, he convinced them to reform the ruling order of AM. The department of justice has been trying to maintain a close eye and ear on any and all things happening these days on the streets. Mr. Benny Noodles, Gunnz Fratesi, and Don Tropiana listened to Royce and ultimatly liked his idea. Together they would become the founding fathers of the National Crime Syndicate. These top faction leaders have also become the US Government TOP 100s Most Wanted, as the federal bureau of investigation along with many of the other law enforcement agencies have started a nationwide manhunt. They are hunting for The Raven for several counts of 1st degree murder.

The Gambino Crime Family HQ is believed to be located in the great empire state, New York. It’s not sure which part of New York they are running these days but we would like to say it’s still the same place, Brooklyn, New York. We will make sure to find out more info regarding the Gambino HQ location. Any mobsters looking for a family to call “home” can contact the boss of the Gambino Faction, or any other member.

The Gambinos have been a highly respected and powerful organization over the years. It’s a crime faction with a very long history. It has had many great bosses and leaders over the years. It’s also the same exact family that Mr. Benny Noodles had once taken over and managed way back in the “AMFU Era” (Golden Age Of AM).

It would only be a few years later that a different player would claim the great Gambino name and reform the Gambino Crime Family. That players name is none other than Royce “Raven” Gambino. Ever since then the American Mafia Legend, Royce Gambino has been known, and regarded as the Gambinos true boss (leader). He has the rightful claim to the thrown. Royce’s bloodline is what’s known as or regarded as a royal bloodline. Until the day comes that he gives the rightful claim to somebody else it will be considered as his. As long as his bloodline is alive he reserves the right to own and run the Gambino Crime Family/Faction.

《La Famiglia Tropiana》

Another Faction at the new Commissions table is a fairly new faction, La Famiglia Tropiana, and its Leader/Boss Don Tropiana. Its believed that his bloodline runs all the way back to a very famous mobster, known by many as Ric_. He was the right hand man and underboss of the Barzini Crime Family, under LeftyTwoGuns.

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Barzini Empire ruled American Mafia. If we say, 1 year real time was, or is the equivalent to 10 years AM Time, then that would of been about 20 or 30 years ago. Alot of gangsters from that time are either dead, or in jail. So it’s only right that a few mobsters from that day and age are still alive to this day and apart of this newest ruling commission, The NCS, National Crime Syndicate.

Don Tropiana is a very fair and cool boss. Anyone looking to join this faction can do so by contacting the boss himself, or any other member you may see on the street.

《Noodles Crime Organization/Empire》

The Noodles Crime Organization also has a seat at the new commissions table, as one of its co-founding factions. Benny “Shadow” Noodles is the boss/leader of the Noodles Faction, and is another prime example of a royal bloodline. Benny’s bloodline has the rightful claim to many factions of the past and present. Of course the Noodles Crime Family that bares his name belongs to him, but he also has the rightful claim to other factions such as, Bad Company, Black Hand, “AMUE” AM Upper Echelon, “LOS” League Of Shadows, Dangerous Elite, Mad Angel’s, Wolfpack, and The Bloodline are all the different types of groups and societies that he has basically founded, or co-founded over the years.yuqdngD

Shadow (Mr. Benny), is a man of honor and respect, and he believes in the “old school ways”. He is a very traditional man, he believes in the mafias strict code of “Omerta” and he has sworn to uphold and protect the traditions and mafia code of conduct. Mr. Benny Noodles was entirely made up from nothing once upon a time. It’s mainly because of that is why he is known as and considered as an “OG” (Original Gangster) of AM.

inCollage_20200209_104302789It is said that “A Noodles member always tells the truth, even when they lie” and is the factions motto. It basically just means that they are very truthful and believe in honesty and loyalty above all else. Noodles members are expected to be loyal, honest, respectful, and honorable. This outfit actually has some morals even though they are a motley crew of misfits and psychos. Very dangerous and deadly these guys can be very nasty and we advise to tread lightly on their turf. One wrong step and they will rip your legs off!

The compound HQ of the Noodles Organization is located in the state of Maryland. They rule over this state as their home and will stop at nothing to maintain their control. Respect them and they will respect you. Anyone looking for work and interested in joining this faction can contact the boss, or any member of the Noodles outfit.

That’s all we have to report for this week AM. Until next week, stay safe & have fun!

The Beginning Of A New Year/Era

We are witnessing the beginning of not only a new year but a new era. The age of American Mafia being the most realistic mafia experience you can find on the world wide web is upon us. The streets of AM have been bustling lately, with new updates and changes taking place right before our own eyes. There have been rumors circulating the streets, and the public has a right to know the truth! We will continue to dig and comb through all the rumors to uncover the truth, then we will report it to you “the public”

This new age/era will be known as the age of making AM great again! Its the “Realistic Age” and it’s up to the AM community to work together in a sense to make AM as realistic as possible. 20200128_131704

The new world order that rules AM these days stand for the old mafia traditions and as long as they are in control of AM the underworld will be as realistic as possible.

Just recently there has been a brand new order created to supervise and advise American Mafia. It’s being referred to as The National Crime Syndicate “NCS”, and this is the new ruling commission of American Mafia. It is at the very top of the chain of command and is above The Black Hand Council & AM Upper Echelon.

In order to become a member/commissioner of this ruling order, a player must first have been a member/chairmen of the ruling committee of AM, “The AMUE” (American Mafia Upper Echelon). Then the player must have been promoted and earned their spot as Councilman of The Black Hand Council.

Players must also be at least “NCSVP” (National Crime Syndicate Vice President) Rank or higher, only then is a player truly eligible to become a member of the “NCS” (National Crime Syndicate). “The Syndicate” recruits its members from “The Black Hand Council”. The councilman becomes a commissioner of the National Crime Syndicate when they finally get picked for promotion. Usually, it’s traditional, or customary to throw a big party, a huge celebration happens when someone is promoted.

When you become a member of the Syndicate you get to pick one other person to join on your behalf to represent you when your not around, or present.
The chain of command (hierarchy), or “Order of AM” is finally complete, with the National Crime Syndicate at the very top of the chain, they ultimately call the shots.

The Black Hand receives its orders from The Syndicate, and “The Hand” enforces the Syndicates order/rule, they supervise and advise “The AMUE”. On “collection day” The Hand has to “kick up” weekly collections that have been kicked up to them by the A.M.U.E. The Upper Echelon Of AM consists of all the official state supervisors/rulers, and as the owner of the state, they are responsible for collecting the weekly taxes from all the various factions and crews residing in their state/territory.

Each week the state supervisor of each state collects the taxes from all the other bosses of the other factions residing and conducting business on their turf. Pay your taxes to ue to operate in that state where your criminal organization headquarters is located.

Basically the small-time factions and crews operate in their respected states, the money they make from all the money-making schemes they have such as extortion, racketeering, gambling, prostitution, and drugs, is then used to pay the taxes, kicked up to the higher-ups, after it’s been washed (laundered), which is the process of turning dirty money into clean money. The AMUE is responsible for collecting the taxes from each state. They are also the ones who launder the money. Because of this, they receive a cut of the revenue. A small percentage is given to the AMUE Committee its chairmen. They take their cut from the tax revenue collected, and then they kick it on up the ladder to the Black Hand Council.

Once the taxes are kicked up to the state supervisors it is then kicked up to The Black Hand, but only after the AMUE takes its share/percentage. The Hand then takes its “cut” percentage (%) and kicks it on up the ladder to The Syndicate, where then it is distributed among themselves. A percentage of the taxes go into the commission’s treasury.


《United States Government 🇺🇸》

One of the main sources that we receive information from is none other than the United States Federal Government. The various entities within the federal government are very important sources of information for the AM Times News Crew.

Information on important things happening in the AM community such as weekly police reports, informing the public about criminal activities taking place in their local neighborhoods. The feds are usually the first ones on the scene and they make for a great source to know about something as soon as it happens, or as it happens.

There are several different entities (groups) within the Federal Government. These groups are controlled by an official person. They are known as American Mafia Staff Members. A few of them are known as the joint chiefs of staff and are in a higher position than regular staff members. The Joint Chiefs are the following US Government officials, @IRS, @FBI, @CIA, @NSA, @DEA, @ATF, and @SEC.

Feel free to contact any of these officials if you need help or have any questions. You can also contact them if you have any valid information about illegal activities happening on the streets of American Mafia.

Please report any bugs, or glitches, exploiting glitches is an illegal activity, therefore it’s a crime and can result in harsh punishment. Becoming gagged or banned is usually the punishment so make sure, to be honest when reporting bugs & glitches.


《Interview With The F.B.I.》

The F.B.I. (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) also known as “The Feds” are responsible for giving us a good bit of our classified info. They are usually always very busy with investigations, and they will report their verdict on various investigations that they have finally finished to the AM Times Office to be published in the latest issue of the newspaper.

When you think your not being watched is when you are being watched the most. Remember this, the new era we are living in is one that is so advanced in technology, that it’s all around us in many different forms. Cameras are everywhere these days, it seems that you are always on camera no matter where you go. Microphones can be planted anywhere these days and your conversations can be recorded to be played at a later time, in the court of law.

The feds are always listening… Using tactics such as “The R.I.C.O Act” the feds (FBI) can wiretap our phones, listen in on all our phone calls, plant “bugs” in our homes while we are not there. They can use various technological gadgets such as the cameras on our smartphones, computers, TVs, and even the apps we use day to day like Google, it’s all designed by the government to ultimately do one thing, spy on us…

FBI agents like to blend in with the public, for example, that cable guy across the street, hooking up that satellite dish at your new neighbors house, the old man that walks his dog while he talks to the neighborhood, and the lady that jogs by your house every morning, can all be orchestrated by the feds. What appears to be the normal “average” everyday sequences and activities taking place in our neighborhood can all be fake and a set up for what the feds like to call a “sting operation”

We interviewed the director of the FBI and he gave us plenty of information. The NSA (National Security Agency) & CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) work in tandem with the FBI (Federal Bureau Of Investigation) gathering information and evidence that will ultimately help in the eradication of illegal activities that have been taking place on the streets of AM for a very long time. All of these entities of the US Federal Government are also known as American Mafia Staff Members and are considered as the “AM Admin Team 👥” (American Mafia Administration)

The IRS is yet another entity of the United States Government and with tax season right around the corner, we would like to take this time to remind everyone to file their taxes this year, the deadline creeps up on us quicker than you may think. The IRS is responsible for monitoring all bank accounts, and transactions. This helps them fight against counterfeiting, money laundering, fraud, and other illegal activities regarding the currency of the united states, known as United States Dollars or “USD”.

There is alot of information that was released to us from the US Governments DOJ (Department Of Justice). The whereabouts of various crime lords, new game features and updates coming soon, and a reminder about the upcoming election process which is coming very soon! We urge everyone to get out and vote to make a difference in the AM community.

《Classified Section》 
• Ad #1: New Jobs/Positions Available:
Author: NCS – National Crime Syndicate
1.) Chairman – Become A Chairman by Joining The A.M.U.E. Members of the AM Upper Echelon Are Known As Chairmen.
•Ad #2: New Updates & Changes
Author: @FBI




~New Updates & Changes~

The AM Admin Team has been hard at work, here are just a few new updates and changes that you, the players have been asking about for a while…

That’s right AM!…

We have been listening…

• Players can activate the Vacation item anytime without needing to contact

the staff.

• Many Island restrictions have been removed, giving people plenty of things

to do. (Vacation Mode)

• Additional Airplane routes have been added to all Islands, so while on

Vacation you can visit all the islands.

• We have made changes to the Murder algorithm to implement a bit more

Fairness to all players.

• New missions will be added soon

• Mugging and Kidnapping time Restrictions have been lowered (helps with missions)

• Missions can be reset by activating the marketplace item anytime without contacting Staff.

• OJBs will be available on the Islands (Vacation Mode)

• Players still can NOT kill anyone on an island (Vacation Mode)

• Crew Name Item Available: Players can now purchase the crew name item from the

marketplace. Activating this item let’s The player name his/hers Crew “Clan”

(Secret Society) (Roleplay Feature)

*Players with the same crew name in their profiles means they are members

of the same crew thats on their profiles. The same crew name links players

together just as if they was family*

• New Titles Available: The “SS Title” & “CC Title” are now


– The “SS” (State Supervisor) Title:

Can be achieved by becoming a State Ruler/Supervisor (Owner).

Must hold ownership of a state for a certain amount of time. Usually players

Must hold ownership of the state without any interruptions, for a minimum

of 5 days (120 Hours)

The title will be awarded to you automatically once you have met the

requirements, which is simply holding the ownership of a state For 5 days

(120 Hours)

– The “CC” (Commander & Chief) Title:

Can be achieved by becoming the head commissioner (Leader) of the

National Crime Syndicate.

This positionIs also is known as the Kingpin/SupervisorOf AM, or Overall Ruler of AM.

They are basically the President of the American Mafia Underworld

so they are referred to as the Commander & Chief Of American Mafia.

If you have ruled the whole entire game before then you qualify to receive this

cool new title.

• The Hitman feature has been removed.

• Politicians cannot be killed anymore.

However they can be bribed possibly If they are truly corrupt, this will mean

The political game will actually serve a real purpose.

• Political Mode: Activate political mode by purchasing a political item from the

marketplace. There are 3 items to choose from, State Cardinal, State Governor,

And President. Activate the items and become the position you desire.

More to come…

The First Official President in 2020

The country has officially decided it’s new P.O.T.U.S. (President Of The United States) Shadow, aka The Shadow Of Death & Mr. Benny “The Game” Noodles. The Shadow was at a Noodles Rally last the other night when the vote tally was finally counted. Shadow won the January 2020 election by a landslide.inCollage_20200129_090105728


Everything has been reset on American Mafia, that’s why we are referring to Shadow as the first president of AM. Technically he is the first president of the year 2020 which is the beginning of a new decade of AM.

A new decade means a new age/era of AM. This is a very important time in AM history. We are truly witnessing history this day as the very first President of the United States has been inaugurated at the nation’s capital in Washington DC, aka District of Columbia.

President Benny Noodles has made many promises to the AM Community. He Hope’s that he gets to serve a 2 term presidency so that he has plenty of time to “Make AM Great Again”. Campaigning on this message it appears that Benny had the best message to the people and was seen as somebody who has experience in the political world. Serving as state governor twice, once for the empire state, New York, and again for his hometown state, Maryland.

President Benny has guaranteed the people that he will never stop fighting for the working class citizen. He has promised that his presidential administration (Cabinet) will get his agenda accomplished 100%.

Benny has announced that he would be building a huge border wall at our nation’s southern border. The United States has been being flooded with illegal aliens lately and the US Government needs to end this problem or at least slow it down tremendously.

President Shadow needs the best of the best at his side and helping him finish his agenda for the United States Of AM. Anyone that thinks they would want to be a part of his administration can contact him or his campaign manager to schedule a meeting. Secretary of defense among many other positions are available. He will be holding a job fair from time to time on the streets of AM. Any players looking for work can check out the newspaper every week to see if there are any jobs or positions available within the American Mafia. It’s also all in who you know, ask around and talk to some cats about work. Ask if anyone has any work available. You will be surprised at what kind of day you may end up having by just doing that. Make sure you guys gets out and vote for the next election process. Make sure to elect president Shadow (Benny) for his second term as president! Let’s Keep American Mafia Great! We already made it great again by becoming the P.O.T.U.S. (President Of The United States). Now the time will come to “Keep it great!”. Thanks, American Mafia! This is your president, commander and chief of AM. Stay safe and have to fun everyone! Make sure you stop by and visit my home, at the White House, Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.


《Republican National Committee 🦅》
~ RNC🦅®️™️ ~ Republican Party Of AM

• The Republican “GOP” Image located in this section is known as the Political Party Title for Republican players to have added onto their profiles if they wish to represent their political party

Mr. Benny “Shadow” Noodles has been appointed as the head of the R.N.C. (Republican National Committee 🦅®️™️)gop
The Republican Party is a far-right party meaning that they are full-fledged conservatives. The Republican party stands for law, order, and justice, and they are the party of the American worker. Their rival is none other than the democratic party aka DNC (Democratic National Committee) the republicans like to say that the democratic party stands for crime, corruption, and chaos. They say that the Democrats are no more than power-hungry hypocrites.

Any player who wishes to get into politics can do so by registering to vote and joining a Political Party. There are several parties to choose from, however only one officially exists. These parties must first be established by somebody and have a chairman/leader. The head of a political party can then invite others to join their cause.

Players who belong to a political party can get into the wacky world of politics. They can decide to become a cardinal of the church, or they can serve as a public official such as a governor, or president.

Run a campaign and get the support of your party by getting your party to nominate you as a candidate to run for office. You might have to prove to your fellow Republicans or Democrats that you deserve the position to get their support. Once your nominated you just need to rally voters to vote for you.

Political titles are now available on AM. The republican and democratic parties both have titles available for their members. Contact the AM Admin Team and simply ask for your political title to be added to your profile. Just email the Admin Team, and ask for either the Democratic title or the Republican title.


《AM Times News Corporation 📰®️™️》

• Note/Message From The AM Times News Corporation📰®️™️

fitWelcome to the official “News Station” of the AM Times. We would like to take the time to personally thank you for all of your support. If it wasnt for our loyal readers supporting us we wouldnt be able to do what we do. It’s not a job to us, we love what we do and they say that “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” Thanks again AM, stay safe & have fun!

• Note/Message From 📝The Editor-In-Chief of the AM Times News Corporation 📰®️™️

Hello, and welcome to the official AM Times News Station (The AM Times News Corporation Office/Building).
I am your Editor-In-Chief, Shadow, The Shadow Of Death, also known as Benny “The Game” Noodles. I would like to take this time to officially announce two new sections of the AM Times Newspaper.

There will be an AM Times Notes section where the AM Times News Team can communicate with the AM community. The second section will be the classified section where the News Corporation will put the ads that various AM community members purchase and post in the newspaper. It doesn’t have to even be an ad posted by another player. Sometimes the news station will post ads in the paper, advertising various things for many different people and reasons.

Sometimes the news station likes to host an annual contest from time to time, so we will take out an ad in our own newspaper and advertise the contest to the entire AM community. So make sure that you check out every issue of the AM Times so that you don’t miss out on anything special going down on the streets of the AM organized crime world.

Every article/issue will now have these two sections in them, along with a few others that we hope to surprise the public with, such as the recent current events section, weekly police reports section, chamber of commerce section, and even the weather section.

Each issue will have this section at the very end of it, followed by the chamber of commerce on every other article. It’s our duty to make sure that the public knows what’s going on around them in the AM underworld. We will be announcing all kinds of things in this section.

Anyone looking to take out an ad in the newspaper can do so by contacting the editor in chief, or any AM Times staff member. Speak with someone regarding the cost or price of an ad. We do free estimates. Tell us what you want, what you’re looking for exactly. We will let you know how much money that will cost. You can then decide if you want the ad to be published or not and make your payment out to the editor in chief of the AM Times, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, aka “The Game”. Thank you American Mafia.


20200201_201741 (1)《CLASSIFIED SECTION 》

• Ad #1: New Jobs/Positions Available:
Author: Shadow

Presidential Administration/Cabinet Positions Available Now! Contact “Shadow” for further information. Thank you.

•Ad #2: Positions Available:
NRC, National Republican Committee 🦅
Author: Shadow

Register to vote officially by joining your national political committees. The Republican committee can be joined by contacting its Leader, The Head Chairmen, Shadow.


《Chamber Of Commerce》


Twas The War Before Christmas

Twas the war before Christmas and all through the streets, was the blasts of gunshots, and blood curdling screams. As the residents of American Mafia tucked themselves in, there was a lone gunmen, planning to sin. He had one man in his sights by the name of Pazzo Moretti, and he just finished smoking a cigarette to keep his gun hand steady. He took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger, and created more work for the local grave digger.20191224_003517

When the news of this spread all through the town, it caused the infamous Royce “The Raven” Gambino to frown. He immediately grabbed his guns, and loaded them with full metal jackets. Then he paid a visit to one of the Jokers rackets. When he arrived on the scene, he seen some asylum guys, Royce didn’t hesitate to shoot when he locked eyes.

It was late at night and everyone was sleeping, everyone except Royce who was to busy creeping. With his gun in hand and death on his mind, he would execute each asylum member, one at a time. He believed it was the joker who killed his brother, so he vowed to kill The Asylum all because of that motherf***er

One by one he dropped each member, it truly was a cold cold day in December. It was so cold that the blood on the streets froze, and it was so cold that the snot ran from Royces nose.

《The Aftermath》

After Royces Rampage 14 American Mafia Legends had been shot dead, or wounded. Some have survived the shooting, but some weren’t that lucky. Mobsters and crime lords such as Lelouch, Ducard, PYREXX, AnthonyK, Outlaw, Gunnz Lucchese, Scarface Camonte, Jax Teller, and the list continues. All of the victims can be viewed in the image we provided of the AM cemetery

Mickie Fratesi admitted to being the lone gunmen who shot Pazzo. It turns out that he shot Pazzo because its believed that he had shot Brookie aka Baddie B.
Because of the situation and with Pazzo out of the hospital, Mickie made it his responsibility and duty to defend the weak and innocent. Mickie made his stand against Royce & Pazzo.

Mickie caught Royce and Pazzo at the local pub, a day before Christmas eve. They was enjoying each others Company, and drinking to celebrate their recent killing spree. Using a sniper rifle, Mickie shot Pazzo from a half mile away. The bullet shattered the bay window in the front of the restaurant. Customers got up and began running and screaming. Chaos ensues as the people resort to exiting the building in a stampede fashion.

As the people run for the closest exit, Mickie makes his way into the restaurant, walking directly through the chaotic crowd. Pazzo laid on the floor with blood pouring from his neck. The bullet just missed his jugular. Royce held his brother in his arms and hollered for help. Just then he looks up to see Mickie standing over them both.

Mickie raises his gun and points it at Royce. Right on cue Machine Gun Kelly smashes into the building using a white ford van. Mickie is thrown backward into a bunch of chairs and tables. As mickie got back on his feet, his two targets escaped via the van. Royce Gambino, Pazzo Moretti, and Machine Gun Kelly all escaped with their lives.

We thought it was all over until The Joker finally heard about the situation. Upon hearing the bad news he made it his duty to hunt the three mobsters down. He did manage to find MGK. Kelly was at a gas station refueling the same white van he used to smash into the restaurant. The joker rigged an explosive to the bottom of Kelly’s van.

MGK started the van and began to drive away. The bomb was a dud and didnt explode. Joker pulled out his pistol and aimed for the bomb which was strapped underneath the van. He shot 3 rounds and the third bullet struck its mark, blowing the van sky high. The van landed on another vehicle and trapped an elderly lady in her car.

The elderly lady didn’t survive as she was burned to death before the jaws of life could cut her out. MGK survived however and was pulled from the wreckage. He is currently staying at the hospital. We have received word that he is in stable but critical condition.


What began as a war between the Gambino Crime Family and The Arkum Asylum Regime has turned into a war involving just about everyone who is still alive. The Fratesi Crime Family has joined the Frey, helping the Asylum fight the Gambinos. Our sources also informed us that the Bad Company Regime is currently being reformed by Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, along with all of the Bad Company factions such as, The Noodles Crime Empire, and The Mad Angel’s, just to name a few. Word is that the Gambino Crime Family has gone into hiding. Royce Gambino has fled to a private island, where he will enjoy a mini vacation and some time off the streets. He can leave and strike at any moment, so keep your heads on a swivel.

Say a prayer for MGK and all the others who lay in the hospital during this holiday season. and on that note we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Until next time AM, happy holidays! Stay safe & have fun!

Benny “The Shadow” Noodles Shot

We have just heard from our sources that the notorious crime lord, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles, aka Shadow Of Death was shot in the early morning hours of Thursday, December 19th, 2019.inCollage_20191219_043622349

Just a day before he escaped death by having his valet fetch his vehicle. When the young man started the Rolls Royce Phantom it exploded, bursting into flames and catching two other cars on fire. The valet didn’t survive the bombing. It was intended for Benny and it shocked the mobster to his core. That could of been him who died in flames.

Sources have informed us that the old crime lord was awakened by gunfire the very next morning. He usually starts his mornings off with a cup of hot java. This morning however he got more then he bargained for, a cup of hot lead was what he received instead. A second assassination attempt on his life within two days. It’s tough being the top dawg. Kill the top dawg and then become a top dawg in the process. He was simply in the way and needed to be dealt with in order to take over.

An unknown gunmen broke into the compound during the late night hours. After planting false evidence, the gunmen began searching the mansion for something, leaving it a mess in the process. He finally kicked in the bedroom door, as Shadow jumped up and reached for his gun, the mysterious gunmen opened fire. Struct 6 times by .40 caliber rounds the mobster fell back on his bed and rolled off of it to escape the hail of bullets.


While laying on the floor, the gunmen approached him. He reloaded his pistol, and as soon as he slapped the clip in and cocked back, the Shadow turned over with his gun pointed at the masked man. He opened fire but didn’t hit his target. It’s what saved his life, or else the killer would of double tapped him in the head execution style, the same exact way Shadow has finished off his targets in the past.

Shadow is currently in the hospital recovering from his gunshot wounds. Doctors informed us that he is currently paralyzed from the waist down and his chances of walking again are slim to none. He is prepared to be wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life.

When Shadow is released from the hospital he plans to take a long vacation on his secluded tropical island. He deserves a long vacation and early retirement, but he may return one day if he can regain the ability to walk again. Until then he plans to live out his life on his private island in the middle of the ocean.

As Benny was going into the hospital his ol pal, Brookie was getting out, they high fived each other in the hallway as they passed one another. The Shadow was fading fast and his heart stopped beating for 5 mins. After they shocked him 3 times his pulse came back. After getting stabilized they planned to undergo surgery to save his life.

A bullet fragment was lodged in his lungs and it punctured his lung. Shadow was medicated and cut open. The surgeon removed the small 1cm piece of metal that punctured the left lung. The surgeon then proceeded to swap out Shadows left lung and replaced it with a donor lung. They stitched him back up and that was that.

He has been healing at a great speed despite his age. This surprised the doctors and they said because of that there is a slim chance he may walk again, otherwise it would be a 0% chance for the average person. He is currently doing rehab to try and regain his ability to walk. He is scheduled to get out if the hospital in the next week.

The island he plans to live on is highly impenetrable with concrete walls surrounding the fortress that is in the middle. There are mine fields, guard dogs, snipers, and even a boat patrol that circles the island 24/7. You would think this man was the president of the united states with the entourage and bodyguards he keeps around at all times. He basically has his very own secret service.

As he leaves the life in the organized crime world he re-enters the civilian life like he did back when he ran and became he governor of New York, and Maryland. This time instead of being in the political world he is entering into the news media world. He has become the AM Times Editor-In-Chief, and is the head of the AM Times Staff Team that is officially known as, the FOX News Team/Crew🌐®️™️

《Pazzo Moretti Returns To AM》

In other news its believed that infamous crime lord Pazzo-Moretti is back on the filthy streets of American Mafia. Upon his arrival the Gambino Crime Family faction returns to grace the American Mafia again with their presence.

The Gambino Crime Family is a very old faction of the american mafia with deep roots. No time to give you a history lesson right now, but Pazzo & Royce are the perfect ones to run this criminal outfit. They have already begun spreading their influence state to state. They have a big presence now in AM and are a great faction to join if your looking for work. Contact Pazzo Moretti, or Royce Gambino to apply to join their ranks.


《Jax Teller & SOA Returns》

Ladies & Gentlemen of AM we are here to tell you that the American Mafia Legend, and boss of the Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller has gotten out of the hospital, ultimately surviving his near death experience as well. Upon his return another mobster was shot. We will tell you all about it in the upcoming section, on page 3.

When Jax returned he immediately remade his crew, the SOA. He started asking who it was that shot him. It wasn’t long before he learned the truth behind his shooting. We tried to speak with him and arrange a meeting, but he refused to speak with us.

We do know that Jax is being watched by the feds. They believe they have a case against him for drug distribution, arms smuggling, and racketeering. They also suspect Jax of being the one who has been organizing all of the car bombings lately.


《AM Legend Buzzy “The Wolf” Shotz

Not long after Jax’s return Buzzy “The Wolf” Noodles was shot in cold blood. He was having a family day with the wife and kids. They ate breakfast at the local IHOP (International House Of Pancakes)
After that the went and played paintball at a paintball arena. For lunch the went to Burger King. After lunch they spent the day at the go cart track. They had dinner at the outback steak house.

While out to dinner the family finished their meal in peace. Buzzy, The Wolf made his way to the vehicle outside. He got into his car and started the ignition. The car exploded as soon as it started. Everyone at the steak house was stunned just seeing a car explode for the first time in their life.

The infamous contract killer and crime lord, Buzzy “The Wolf” Noodles is the younger brother of infamous contract killer and crime lord, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles. The Wolf was thought to of been dead. There was no way somebody could survive an explosion of that magnitude. However he was pulled from the vehicle all in one piece. It was truly a miracle. Whoever made the device did a crappy job on it and obviously was in a hurry. The car bomb was very weak and just didn’t get the job done.

Buzzy will be in the hospital for several months. He was badly injured, and it’s a miracle hes even alive. Doctors say he will be in the hospital for 2-3 months. It could be longer, or sooner.


Well until next time AM, this is your Editor-In-Chief reminding you to stay safe & have fun!

The Asylum Regime & The Wolf Pack

We are reporting to you live from the scene of the massive riot that took place a month ago. Walking down the memory lane, we wanted to walk everybody through these horrific events that took place nearly a month ago. We are at the Arkum Asylum Federal Penitentiary where the inmates staged a take over on a grand scale, and ultimately won!

The – Arkum Asylum 🃏 – , also known as “The Asylum Regime” had taken over the island completely. All of the prison staff had been taken hostage and there was 4 men that was ultimately responsible for causing the riot. The ring leaders, and masterminds behind everything was none other than, Chapo “The Joker” Guzman, and his 2nd in command/underboss, Benny “The Shadow” Noodles.1575511559182 (1)

The next two regime members are known as the Generals, or Warlords, Gunnz “The Bull” Lucchese, and Royce “The Raven” Gambino. Before you can get to The Joker & The Shadow, you have to get through The Bull & The Raven. Its self explanatory what these two mobsters do. They are two “Heavy Hitters” you do NOT want to mess with. God have mercy on your soul if either of these two are after you, they kill without mercy.

These 4 inmates are the head honchos of the Asylum Regime, and a few of the top shot callers of the American Mafia. Pulling the strings on the streets from the seclusion of a maximum security prison, on an island makes the Asylum Regime almost untouchable.

The Asylum Regime is a member and 1/5 of The Black Hand. Being the biggest faction of the black hand makes them the top dawg. They call the shots and control the majority of what happens on the streets of AM. Nothing happens on the streets without it traveling all the way up the chain of command.

The inmates totally overran the complex that fateful day, declaring it their headquarters, and base of operations. The Joker made a phone call to the president of the united states. In exchange for the hostages, the Joker asked for a full pardon for him, and all of the other inmates. He also asked to be left alone to rule the prison, keeping it as their “Base/HQ”. He also warned the president that if he broke this deal in anyway, shape, or form, that they would eliminate him, and relieve him of his duties.

The president accepted the terms and conditions of the offer he couldn’t refuse. He saved the lives of many by accepting the deal. The Asylum regime held their end of the bargain and released all the hostages except one as they agreed upon. They kept the warden just in case the government didn’t honor their part of the deal.

The warden was scheduled to be released a month from that day, as long as the government doesn’t try and break the deal by going after the Asylum Regime. The Asylum announced that they would release the warden. This would bring the standoff situation to an end, making the asylum victorious in this standoff.

They released the warden almost two weeks ago, and the government and president hasn’t tried to make a move against the asylum. It appears that the authorities cannot contain these heathens. Are they truly unstoppable, or untouchable? Will they go on to defy the odds? Stay tuned ladies & gentlemen, and find out!

《The Wolf Pack: History/Back Story》

The clan known as “The Dangerous Elite” as everyone knows is also known as “The Wolf Pack”. It originally derived from a “tight knit” crew of 7 mobsters, The Shadow, aka Benny Noodles, The Joker, aka Chapo Guzman, The Raven, aka Royce Gambino, The Bull, aka Gunnz Lucchese, The Dude, aka Mickie Fratesi, The Wolf, aka Buzzy Noodles, & Scarface, aka Antonio Camonte.1576007660015

These seven mobsters have a long history together. They all either grew up together, or dealt with each other at one time or another. Their paths crossed several times and they have made their bones in the American Mafia Underworld along side each other. Some of them have even fought one another several times. So these men have definitely shed blood together, in one way or another.

They all have been locked up several times together, and have formed an unbreakable bond between them. While they was all locked up in prison, they formed their own prison gang to stand their ground and survive. This is where they really became tight and became the rock solid crew they are today. It wasn’t long after, the Arkum Asylum’s top crew/gang was the Wolfpack.

The Wolfpack was born in the prison system, and would eventually grow to become a notorious crew of killers. The 7 men we named are the original seven founders of the Wolfpack, and the forefathers who started it all.

This group would grow overtime with new members and going from a small crew, to a large clan. This clan contains the most dangerous and deadly contract killers of the american mafia. Becoming a member of this society of killers is very exclusive. Think of the military’s special forces group, and that is basically what you have with the Wolf Pack a.k.a. Dangerous Elite 🎖™️.1576007804735

After the prison riot/take over where the Wolfpack took over the Arkum Asylum, a couple of its members left the asylum and went back out on the streets of AM to reform their old families/factions. Those who stayed behind are still Wolfpack affiliated, but taking on the name “The Asylum Regime”, and ultimately running the prison island as their HQ.

Beware out there everybody! There’s some ruthless mobsters out and about. Until next time AM, this is your Editor-In-Chief reminding you to be safe & have fun!

The Noodles Crime Empire/Organization

The Noodles Crime Empire/Organization is back on the streets of American Mafia! This old school, and original crime family/faction has been through it’s fair share of ups & downs.

The Noodles Crime faction is no stranger to war, it has washed its hands in the blood of its enemies for generations. They emerged from the ashes of war, like a Phoenix rises from the ashes. Established on a foundation of blood, sweat, and tears, The Noodles Crime Family was founded by, Benny Noodles directly after his 3 day war for the control of New York. Noodles-1

After Benny’s victory against Constantine, he was crowned as the states ruling Godfather, The Gambino Crime Family that was being lead by, Benny Noodles changed its name in honor and dedication to its brave, and fearless leader. The Noodles Crime Family was born and would go on to make AM history.

Mr. Benny “The Shadow” Noodles has decided to get his old crime family back up and running. To do so he has called upon his wife, and his younger brother, Anthony Noodles.

This old school faction still reigns supreme to this day, a decade in the game and still going strong shows how the Noodles regime has earned, and deserves its place in American Mafia.
Perhaps this faction will continue to be around for another 10 years, from 2010 to 2020 Mark’s a decade in the game.

The year 2020 is only weeks away. Will the Noodles Crime Organization still be around in the year 2030? We can only wait and see…

《Sons Of Anarchy Vs Agents Of Anarchy》

In other news the word on the street is that the Sons Of Anarchy are no longer operating on the streets of AM. The faction has been destroyed due to its newest leader, Happy Lowman being killed.1574421528060

Not long after the SOA President, Jax Teller was gunned down in cold blood his successor, Happy was shot and killed in cold blood aswell. Without a successor being named, or arranged the faction has been declared dead, or gone.

The Agent Of Anarchy title is for mobsters who have destroyed a faction by eliminating it in this same fashion. Killing the boss/leader of a faction, followed by the successors until the faction is destroyed and no longer exists.

Our sources have heard from the FBI that they have discovered the identity of those responsible for this horrific attack. An undercover agent has informed the FBI that this hit was orchestrated by “The Shadow” a.k.a. Benny Noodles, and ultimately carried out by a single man, the infamous killer known as “The Raven” a.k.a. Royce Gambino. These 2 reputed crime lords have shown they are true “AOA” (Agents Of Anarchy) by eliminating a faction completely.

《The Heavy Hitter Title》


The AM crowns yet another mobster with the prestigious “Heavy Hitter” title. Royce “The Raven” Gambino was the hitman who shot down the rogue who left the SOA (Sons Of Anarchy)

Its Blood In, Blood Out. Now that _Nino has paid the price of blood for leaving a faction without its blessing or permission is an act of disloyalty and it’s highly dishonorable. If Nino survives this contract hit we hope he learns his lesson and starts a “New Life” in “The Life”.

Since _Nino was a VIP, American Mafia Legend, Royce Gambino has rightfully earned the prestigious “Heavy Hitter” title. We salute Mr. Royce Gambino for keeping the AM streets clean. Benny has dubbed Royce as AMs “Street Sweeper” for keeping the streets clean, and trash free of mobsters who disobey, or break the mafia code, and the 10 commandments of the American Mafia.

It has been a pleasure reporting the recent current events of the American Mafia. Informing the public on what’s been going on in the AM underworld. Until next time AM, this is your AM Times Editor-In-Chief reminding you to stay safe & have fun!

The Dangerous Elite Of The American Mafia

Known as the Royal Elite Guard of AM. This tradition started back during the Golden Era Of AM. This secret society is known as the “Dangerous Elite 🎖” and it protects & supervises the American Mafia, making sure that the old ways, and old traditions of AM remain intact, and apart of the mafia society for generations to come. They also protect, and fight to preserve AMs history and the legacies of those who came before them, and of those who will come long after they are gone.


These honorable few believe that a man inst truly dead until he is forgotten. This is why they fight to preserve AM’s history so that younger generations will know who came before them.

Everyone knows there is a secret mafia code of conduct. It’s about how a man or woman is supposed to carry themselves, and how they are expected to act in this thing of ours. The “Old Ways” are that of duty, loyalty, honor, and respect. Mafiosi go far who follow this simple code.

Nobody truly knows who the dangerous elite are exactly. Its membership is highly classified. Apparently if you see them, you will be able to tell if they are a guardsman or not. Apparently members will have a coat of arms, or title tattooed on them. Some do not get the tattoo just so they cannot be traced back to the clan.

The Dangerous Elite are also referred to as The Killer Elite, due to the fact that all of its members are known as elite killers of the american mafia. Another name that this clan goes by is, “The Wolfpack”. A clan founded by Benny Noodles that’s similar to the legendary Bad Company. Membership to this elite clan is highly exclusive, reserved for only the “best of the best” that the american mafia has to offer.

The dangerous elite should be treated with the upmost respect. When you see a member you should salute him, or her. Salute them for making crime pay again, and for fighting to preserve AMs history and ways of life.

“Kings/Legends never die” can be a true quote now that these elite guardsmen are on duty, patrolling the american mafia. God have mercy on your soul if your goal is to ruin the old traditions of the american mafia way of life, and destroy the history/legacies that have went into building the game we have all grown to love and enjoy (


《Royce “The Raven” Gambino Returns》

3f6baba1e63148b611e70e417439ca59We have just heard from our sources that the infamous contract killer known as The Raven has returned to the cold streets of AM. He has returned by being captured by FBI and locked up in the A.A. (Arkum Asylum). He was on the run for awhile, jumping from country to country. He was finally caught in Asia. Thailand to be exact. He was extradited back to the United States to receive his punishment for all of his horrendous crimes. He has been arrested on 250 counts of murder. These are the only ones that police have proof of. We believe there’s hundreds more that they do not even know about.

Royce Gambino got 2 life sentences and wont be getting out of prison anytime soon. He has been locked up in the same cell block as The Shadow, Benny Noodles, The Joker, Chapo Guzman, and Baddie B, Brookie. These 4 inmates have the entire cell block on lock-down.


《Late Night Motor Vehicle Accident》

Breaking News!!! The boss and leader of the SOA (Sons Of Anarchy) was rushed to the hospital the other night. He suffered gunshot wounds and an accident on his motorcycle. Authorities say Jax was traveling at a high rate of speed on the highway. Somebody pulled up beside his and began shooting. Jax was hit multiple times in the upper body and lower body. resized_99261-sons-of-anarchy_96-18750_t800

He crashed his motorcycle after the shooting, running off the road, he smashed a huge oak tree that was located in a forest on the side of the interstate. He is currently in the hospital in Florida where he was hanging out for the annual “Bike Week”.

He was riding his new motorcycle around, showing off. Somebody must of been watching him and stalking him. They waited until he was in the open and by himself on the highway. Police beleive he was the only vehicle traveling that night and that their was no witnesses to the incident. Police detectives and FBI are investigating and will let us know what they find out.


《Death In D.C.》

Another mobster was gunned down the same night that Jax Teller was gunned down. It was a few hours north in Washington D.C., “District Of Columbia”.
The nation’s capital is also known as the murder capital since the crime rate and murder rate has skyrocketed this year.

This killing of Scarface_Ricky is just another one to add to the hundreds of other people killed on capital hill. It doesn’t surprise us with how much corruption and crime there is going on in DC. Apparently this mobster was killed because the Black Hand and AMUE thought that he was an undercover FBI agent. Word on the street is he was asking alot of questions about other gangsters who was marked for death, and who’s deaths was organized by The Hand & AMUE.

The politics are causing residents to protest the president and White House in DC. With elections coming up soon, tensions between the Democrats and Republicans rise. Make sure you get out and vote this upcoming election day folks. Until next time America, stay safe and have fun!


BANG! Brookie a.k.a. Baddie B Shot!!!

It was a cold, dark, rainy, Sunday night in the heart of New Jersey, residents of Jersey was awakened by gunshots. Baddie B was having a night out on the city and hitting all the famous night clubs that we can only dream about getting into. She was with a friend of hers, Jenny Noodles. It was “girls night” and the two ladies partied their butts off!

After hours of dancing non stop they decided to go get some party favors. They met a man inside one of the clubs that said he could get them some cocaine. They made their way to a warehouse deep in the heart of the city. The man getting them their product came back to the vehicle and was acting very weird.
20191130_023643 (1)

All of a sudden the windows was smashed out of the vehicles as bullets began flying past their heads. Apparently the strange man had ripped off the drug man and he was shooting to kill the man that ripped him off. They floored the pedal and got out of their with their lives. “I’m hit” brookie was grabbing her side and showing the others that she had blood on her hand.

Jenny Noodles pulled a chrome .38 special from her purse and pointed it at the man in the passenger seat as she drove the vehicle. Before the man could say anything she squeezed the trigger, ultimately shooting the man in the forehead. Jenny opened the passenger side door, and pushed the man out of the car. She then swurved to shut the car door as they gassed it to the hospital.

Brookie was in the backseat, losing alot of blood, and she was fading in and out of consciousness. They arrived at the hospital and brookie was admitted right away. Our sources tell us that Brookie is in critical but stable condition. Doctors thought for sure she wouldnt make it, but after the first night her vitals came back to life and so did she morenor less. Doctors now say that she should be fine. Brookie will need to stay in the hospital for about 3 weeks to a month. She will have to undergo surgeries and rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. We ask that everyone keep her in your prayers during this holiday season, and hope she indeed learns how to walk again. There is no better Christmas gift in the world then “Life” and getting the ability to walk again. God bless you Brookie, we hope to see you back in action and on the streets soon.






The weather will be taking a turn for the worst. We have an arctic storm pushing cold air from the north west down to the south east. We are a trend of lower then normal temperatures and can say confidently that we will be seeing snow alot sooner then we normally do this winter.


Make sure you dress warm and keep plenty of wood for the fire, we will be experiencing record lows a few days this upcoming week. Dress warm and stay safe outside America! Stay safe and have fun!


Infamous, Reputed Crime Lord Indicted & Arrested

The reputed crime lord, Mr. Benny “The Shadow” Noodles escaped from jail a few days ago. He was awaiting his court date when its believed a couple of his henchmen snuck into the jail and sprung him loose without ever alerting anyone. The jails staff didn’t know he was even missing until it was time for all the prisoners to wake up.

It was a joint task force who ultimately was responsible for recapturing the escaped convict. Agents from the FBI, NSA, CIA, and ATF managed to track him down using a sophisticated camera system through the country. With two days they had him back in custody.

The court processes his paperwork ahead of time and wanted to get him sentenced and put away as quickly as they could, so his court date was bumped up. However the Shadow would vanish again! This time his henchmen tunneled their way into the jail and helped their boss escape through a sophisticated maze of tunnels. Police found gas cans and a broke down motorcycle when they entered the tunnel system that Benny used to escape. They think he made his way into the tunnel where a Kawasaki sport-bike was waiting for him. He started it up after filling it up with fuel and made his grand escape.

Unfortunately just like the first time the FBI tracked him down again using the same camera system, known as “The Eye”. Benny Noodles was recaptured and this time he was taken to court the very next day.

His court date was only yesterday, and as promised we said we would keep you updated on this story as we received info and updates. Our reporters stood outside of the court, waiting for the Teflon don to make his way out the double doors of the courthouse. After a few hours a man exited the building. It was Benny’s attorney. “We lost” the attorney said as he count help but stare down at the ground in shame and embarrassment.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Benny Noodles has been incarcerated for 25-50 years, without the possibility of parole. Instead of Roxbury Penitentiary the judge sent him upstate, far out in the Atlantic ocean on an island known as “Arkum”. This island is home to the most dangerous, ruthless, and psychotic criminals/convicts in the world. It gets no worst then Arkum.

The island is surrounded by concrete walls that are super thick. They have barbed wire spanning the entire wall, with watch towers every 100 feet. After the concrete walls there is approximately 100 yards of open ground that is riddled with landmines. After that is 50 yards of multiple fences. In the fences you have armed guards and dogs that patrol the perimeter of the complex. There is 4 fences with barbed wire that creates 2 complete tracks that surround the prison system. Dogs and guards patrolled these tracks day & night in a series of shifts.

There are more towers within the one track that surrounds the prison. These towers house snipers that are trained to be able to hit a nickle at 400 yards. Benny will be spending the majority of his days at the Arkum Asylum.

But it’s not likes it all that bad really. He has alot of buddies at the Penitentiary. The Shadows P.I.C. (Partner In Crime) The Joker has been locked up here for awhile and has the whole prison under his control. These two men have been making things happen on the outside from inside the prison somehow. The prison officials are bewildered and do not know how they are able to run things going on outside of the prison. They are working hard to try and answer that question. It’s just a rumor but our sources tell us that while they was visiting the Arkum Asylum that they was told The Joker runs the entire prison. His clique “The Asylum Regime” calls the shots on the inside and outside. Which means the orders flow down the totem pole so to speak. The Asylum gives its orders to the Black Hand, and then the hand gives the orders, or Info to the AMUE. This is just a rumor we remind you and hasn’t been confirmed. We are working to find out how true this statement is.

Until then AM, have fun and stay safe!

The 10 Commandments Of American Mafia

Hello American Mafia! The FOX News network is proud to bring you the 7th installment of the Fox News Edition of the AM times. We stay super busy working around the clock to be your #1 news team. We are worldwide now since we have stations in 20 different countries around the world. But this is American Mafia, and we would be just as satisfied just covering the news here locally in the US.

We have just received some highly classified information about the mafia. The mob doesn’t want us to be in possession of this Intel of course, and having it could put us in danger. Publishing it will definitely put us in danger, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Like our motto says, we are the only news station these days that is truly fair, balanced, and unafraid. Did you catch the last part?We are unafraid, we have no fear when it comes to reporting the most dangerous and deadly events.

The FBI discovered some things at the kingpins compound in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Benny Noodles, reputed crime lord, and leader of several factions of the american mafia was indicted last week on several charges. While the authorities were conducting their search and seize, they unearthed some highly classified Intel from the mansion. Benny had in his possession, a copy of the Mafias 10 Commandments. He also had books, and other paperwork that would ultimately give the prosecutors all the proof they needed to convict the reputed crime lord. We have decided to publish these commandments, and give those of you who are not in the life a glimpse into “the life”

“A Quorum of the top faction leaders met and agreed on rules and laws for the underworld of American Mafia. The Black Hand & AM Upper Echelon are responsible for being the judge, jury, and executioners of the American Mafia. They will enforce all the rules and laws of AM”

(10 Commandments Of AM)

⚠️•General Rules & Laws•⚠️

Permission/Blessings are needed in order to leave a family/faction. Without the bosses blessing, members who leave will be known as rogues, and they will be green-lighted and marked for death.

Destroying the ownership, taking the flag, and or claiming a state that is already owned and being ruled by an ultimate underworld kingpin is seen as an act of war. Perpetrators who break this policy will be green-lighted and marked for death. Permission is needed in order to become a kingpin of a state.

Obtaining the blessing/permission of a kingpin is needed before you can set up a faction HQ in that kingpins state. Follow the rules and laws of that kingpins state. If taxes are due to the kingpin weekly for example in order to operate in that state then its required to pay that kingpin a tax/cut.

When you first hit the streets of AM, and rank to a thug, you have only 24 hours to join a faction. After 24 hours you become fair game and will most likely get tested and shot at regularly until you find yourself a family for protection.

The code of silence and strict mafia code of giving respect to receive respect, honor, loyalty, and honesty are examples of the code. These things are our old ways and traditions. These things are very important in order to make it far in this thing of ours.

Just like in real life the real mafia try and avoid murder at all costs. They will have dozens of sit downs first before coming to their final option of killing someone. Killing is bad for business and they truly want to prosper and grow more powerful. This cannot be done if everyone is dead. Permission is a must before killing a “Mademan”. A sit down will happen and the “okay” will be given if it is absolutely necessary. Failure to comply will result in the perpetrators being green-lighted and marked for death.

Mugging and kidnapping are seen as acts of war and will result in war if necessary. If you are mugged or kidnapped you have the right to mug and kidnap them back immediately. However you do not have the right to shoot somebody for it unless you ask permission first from your boss/leader.

Forum threads and posts MUST be in character (Roleplay) any OOC (Out Of Character) forum threads/posts will be immediately removed/deleted by the AM Admin Team. We hope you keep things respectful and clean of extreme profanities. The AM community thanks you.

Do not break any game rules that will result in you getting banned or gagged.


Thank you residents of American Mafia.


The Black Hand 🖐 & The A.M.U.E. 👑