Inventory and Marketplace

The American Mafia is a free to play mafia game and crime simulator, however we do offer Marketplace items that will save you time, or give you some advantage in the game. All the marketplace items have benefits that can be easily earned by working hard and investing more time into the game.  This is our only revenue source. We think this is fair to all players because and we don’t display any ads on the website to ensure a pleasant gaming experience.

You may purchase points with real-life money and use the points to acquire virtual items in the game Marketplace. You can purchase points with a Credit Card, or by using your PayPal account. We do not store your credit card numbers on our servers and we use secure third party payment processors. Your order is safe and secure. All credit card payments are processed via and all PayPal payments are processed via Please review our Terms of Purchase.

You can activate some of your purchased items. The attack and defense items do not require any activation.

The Marketplace items are tied to your unique Character until your character dies. The unused items (attack or defense) can be transferred to your new character by purchasing and activating the Will and Testament item. Items that have been already activated cannot be activated again (rank booster, no state jail, map timers and more).

The Marketplace includes items that fall into these categories:

  1. Attack Items (guns, vehicles, rockets, etc)
  2. Defense Items (real estate, art, animal, islands, apparel, protection, etc)
  3. Time Saving Items (rank booster, no jail time, etc)
  4. Administrative items (name change, relocate family, change state of birth, witness protection program, vacation, retirement, alert system, restore rank, demote rank, kidnapping or mugging protection, true age, coat of arms, will and testament and more).
  5. Map Items (read more info on all the MAP features)

Important Restriction: You may only use the Resurrection item 5 times per character.